Activators? De-activators? What the heck are you talking about, Sophie?! Tell me what it will do for me!

heat seeking missile In this article, I am going to talk about activators, what they are and what they can do for you.

Let me start with what they are. Just be sure that I would not recommend them if I weren’t sure that having them is causing Heaven on Earth, both for you and for everyone.

Imagine that some magical hand has reached inside you and has taken away your bad temper, your anger, your worry, your incessant thinking, your waffling, your confusion, your uncertainty, all the stuff that used to torment you. Imagine going to bed and gently fall asleep, no thoughts, no worries, nothing. Just nice, restful sleep.

And imagine getting up in the morning rested, full of life. Looking forward to the day. Bursting of energy. Maybe a little excited to go to work.

At work your concentration is pristine, you find the work challenging and interesting. Your colleagues: friendly and supportive. You are liked and you like them.

Your body is well. It is serving you. You like to look in the mirror. Doctors? You haven’t thought of them in years: no need, you are well. You are vital, you are strong, you are healthy.

You know what you want in life, and you pursue it with impunity: no one can stop you. You ask and get support, and you are unstoppable. You achieve and you want to achieve more. It’s not so much about the reward, it is the sense you get from reaching for what you can want, stretching yourself: it feels good.

Your family respects you, your friends love you, and you love your life…

And this is not some fairy tale: this is normal for a person like you, once your blockages get removed by the “activators”, once you get in touch and stay in touch with your soul’s purpose through the meditations and the activators…

OK, now, continue reading. What the heck are these, so called activators?

Activator is of course a made-up name. It’s neither clever, nor precise.

In light of the recent discoveries around the new activator, Heaven On Earth, I am going to attempt to rebuild the distinctions around activators, so that you know what is true, and what is not.

  1. The original activator series has four major activators: Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and Unconditional Love. These activators are positive: they attempt to strengthen the higher self qualities in a human being.Every time a person downloads them, (or gets them from me on a connection call) the good in them strengthens.
  2. Bach Flower Energies (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) and the Heaven on Earth activator

    These activators should be called demolishers or de-activators, because, like heat seeking missiles, they each attack a specific negative character trait, like cowardice, like pretense, like lying, cheating, stealing, forcefulness, nagging, controlling… There are 38 of them.Each negative characteristic hides a good one, and every time you demolish the negative, either with a personal choice, or with an activator, you become a better person, and you earn your Light… and consequently your vibration rises.I have noticed that when people get their activators in a remedy, they take it like a pill… and the negative feeling goes away, but no vibrational rise happens.What opened my eyes to that fact is the Heaven on Earth activator,which is barely five days old.

    When you activate the energy of the Heaven on Earth energy bundle, every component energy downloads, one after the other.

    Each character-flaw-antagonist component attacks a specific character flaw and demolishes it. Beware: it takes time, 5-20 seconds per character flaw. It will get to all of them, all 38 character flaws: if you are willing, patient, and stay put for long enough time.

    Some of them you will feel, some of them you won’t: I feel them all. Hardest thing I have ever dealt with, including a surgery without anesthesia I had some 43 years ago. It was a one-time thing, this is a 4 times a day thing… lol.

    These destroyer energies download in the order I have put them in the bundle… It always starts at the shoulders… always ends in the belly.

    chess game Its action is much like a chess game: you can’t win unless you beat out the enemy’s players. The victory is short lived: the players are there, ready for the next game.

    If you play THIS chess game four times a day, you will become happy, prosperous, vital, vibrant, healthy, and attractive…

    No pain, no gain. Just like your mother said it, just like your soccer coach said… I say it too. It is how it works.

    If you are willing to pay for heaven with some pain, you’ll get it, right here on Earth…

    It will get easier after a few days, 1 of intense re-experiencing the negative emotions of those negative character traits, and you will experience Heaven on Earth.

    People who also buy their Bach Flower profile, can bring consciousness to the experience and will know what the strongholds of the enemy are, which negative traits they are fighting, and consciously bring about change.

    Change, by the way, will come about, whether you are conscious of what’s happening or not. Whether you feel anything.

    The biggest difference between just getting the activators and knowing what’s happening is easiest to explain with a house cleaning analogy:

    There are several ways to clean house, as a result there are really only two:

    One way is to clean only where the people walk, but closets are cluttered; dirt, hair, and other disgusting stuff hide under the furniture, under the carpet, etc.

    The other way is to clean everything, however long it takes. You do that for yourself. You do that so you can breathe better, feel better, and life can live fuller through you.

    broom clean the areas where you walk Raw energies, like Tr.’s, will act like the birch broom, they will roughly clean your visible areas.

    On the other hand, the Bach Flower Energies (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) and the Heaven on Earth activator, will take out the tooth brush, the mop, the vacuum cleaner, the duster, the scraper, all the tools of the cleaning trade… maybe even the screw driver to get rid of unwanted structures in your heart.

I hope I am starting to make sense.

How do you start?

Easy: order your Bach Flower remedy 2… any version will do in the beginning.

Then sign up to the connection call: none of the activators work unless you are connected to Source. When you know how to connect, you can come to a live healing meditation, and you can also find a bunch of recordings in the members area. All calls are designed, energetically, to work for both the people present and anyone listening to them, who are connected while listening to the call or the recording. It’s just easier to stay connected when you are on a live call…

And then start to do the work of your soul. And living the life I described in the beginning: Heaven on Earth…

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  1. maybe a few weeks? not enough experience yet!
  2. in the sidebar to the right!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

15 thoughts on “Activators? De-activators? What the heck are you talking about, Sophie?! Tell me what it will do for me!”

  1. Wow, excellent post Sophie! Rereading this helps. The energy comes off the page. Truly. Reconnecting again, and again, and again. Who wouldn't want to have this activator??

  2. I agree with Matt

    Thank you Sophie for all your

    hard work and dedication to helping the rest of us

    So glad to have found you



  3. I can confirm that these tools are working for me, just as the article state I have fell gently asleep, with no racing thoughts/worries at all every night this week!…This is amazing for me as I have had a life long struggle sleeping, even as an infant my mom said I couldn't sleep, and then in early adulthood I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. I feel more balanced than ever, can't wait to see what happens next, instead of dreading life, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to it!

  4. Wow, that is a beautiful testimonial, Aaron, thank you for that. By the way: the difficulty sleeping is shared between you and me: and, now that you mention it, I have no more struggle either. Wow, talk about not even noticing the wonderful stuff… thank you for allowing me to celebrate.

    Yeah, insomnia, and even bipolar has run in my family, and though I always managed to avoid being medicated for my bipolar tendencies, as a threat it was always there. The depression phase of bipolar is so horrible, you go there once and you never want to go there again… lol.

    Am I allowed to use this on a sales page?

    BTW, I think I am going to use our muscle testing video to teach people… I think we did well. Thank you for that too. xoxo

  5. My pleasure to share and celebrate!…and of course you can use my testimony anywhere you please…glad the video turned out good, may I have a copy of the video for my own personal review?

  6. I was on my first healing meditation last night.

    There is a different feeling this morning. I have been waiting to get the Bach remedy as I would like to go thru the process at the same time as my wife, who hasn't yet gotten to a connection class, though she's gone thru the process of connecting to source (she has waaaaaay more natural ability to follow inner guidance than me, and I can connect lol)

    I am looking forward to regaining an ability to think clearly – been at a very low level.

    I've taken chemicals in the past that helped – but the chemicals, the mindset behind all of it, the drug pushers/companies/corps and just everything about it (almost) is wrong. Not “wrong” – but not Truth. If it worked, that would be the end of the search, right?

    My highest vibration experienced thus far has probably been falling in love, and everyone knows that – it doesn't fade per se, but the intensity lessens…biggest problem with remaining at a low level is – perpetuating the circumstances that keep you there by not being able to see “the forest for the trees” . It's a cycle, it can be ugly, it can be mind numbing, it can be joy-sucking, but it's always about being stuck.

    My wife uses the phrase “being in an eddy” like you're in this mini-whirlpool, sort of moving but really only swirling around and around and around. And actually more along the lines of being in a toilet bowl, there's the feeling of being flushed down sometimes … 🙂 then, pop back up into the same swirl ok, enough of that image lol

  7. Thanks Sophie, it was great to be there.

    I have to expound – for the past several weeks I had sunken down. now since last night I do feel different, there is a tingling in my body.. and I remember this – like this needs to be a revelation at the age of 42? but it is again, and has been in many previous cycles – when you come up out of the hole, you forget about being there. The hole. Like you were never there. Fuggedaboudit!

    Makes me think of the phrase, “Just get over it!” Just. “It's just that simple”. But if it really were – where would the multi-gazillion $dollar$ drug industry go? So then, while there in the hole, it's like any recollection of !spark! is totally, completely absent…what happens for me is it takes me to the Nth degree away from what you've identified and I totally concur with as what my soul correction is – to transform completely to desire for sharing – not getting – so for me, I am in place of being wholly/completely self absorbed. It's like a default and I feel completely unable to control it. numb. mental fog. can't think about others, barely able to form coherent thoughts for my own functioning.. resultant deep self loathing, continuance of the cycle etc. What I see happening here – and what I'm sure is happening for others – instead of getting along and making do using chemicals, which for me were – if I recall – “serotonin re-uptake inhibitors” – giving a kind of a net effect of “okay blah” feeling, with the real stuff/self delusions that's beneath ALL of this getting pushed back down and maybe NEVER gets looked at, continues to perpetuate, the stuff you “can't see” you can't catch because you pushed it back out of awareness and there it will remain while you are dull-ly existing hooked up and into the matrix of grand societal/humankind self delusion… ok, let's try to restrain the run-on's here – I can see, (and I so anxiously look forward to) the possibility of taking on this sh*t piece by piece (I say that sort of lovingly…

    I did create every last vestige of it from my God given infinite imagination) from the perspective/height level of the forest (at least!) and actually I have to say, I can see the possibility of just being at a level where the perspective necessary to work with/on this stuff is maintained, without retreating back into shut-down. It's always about fear – I don't think I'm much different than many – in that, instead of “feeling the fear” in order to expose it as what it is (nothing) because I started it as a little child and didn't know…over time I've sought to cram it down and just go numb. Numb. Numb in life = living dead. I see the possibility of truly being in a place of movement, expansion – rather than muddle…maintenance…3 steps out 5 steps back (so it feels). So, thank you again for being, Sophie. You are loved.

  8. tmi? Yeah, I was kind of frothing at the mouth there..

    Haven’t we all been to some funky places. I grew up in relative normalcy, child of the 70’s in the US of A. It doesn’t matter whether we have “external” challenges or not; if we need challenges, we create them!

    My correction? Empty my cup so that it may be filled. Give with no expectation of return. I think you also refer to it as circuitry. I already have known this for awhile, you just confirmed it for me.

  9. great. emptying your cup by frothing at the mouth is quite appropriate. I increases the size of your cup's available volume for receiving and passing it on.

    Good work Todd. Thank you

  10. we received the Bach remedies yesterday, thank you. I’ve noticed continued aching in my shoulders unrelated to anything I've done physically, probably since after coming on the meditation Tuesday. Also have noticed periods of “lifting of the veil” of feeling elevated to some degree, then a sort of return to the baseline, which has been pretty low, you measured me at 170 a few weeks ago, ugh…and I know I am still low…

    I have been using the water Heaven on Earth from the Tuesday meditation, along with Bach remedies since yesterday. I do want to add that I felt a distinctive lift immediately after coming to the first healing meditation, 2 Tuesdays ago, and then again following the most recent one. The feelings of optimism, confidence, excitement (not sure if I’ve ever felt invincible, but close) etc that I’ve had in the past still elude, but I have the faith in returning to, and exceeding, those levels. Thank you Sophie

  11. Todd, Amy,

    it will be a roller coaster for a while, before it will settle down at a much higher level of well-being.

    The energy infused in the remedy attacks the feeling that are present at the moment of taking it, and creates a new vista every time you take it… unusualness is the most typical experience.

    Just stay present.


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