Are you addicted to learning more and more and more? Do you use what you learn?

simply-buying-online-red-300x153Do you ever wonder why you are sometimes filled with energy and ambition, at other times you don’t want to do anything new?

I am not talking about an emotional cyclicity here, like you have in bipolar, I mean your activity level is fluctuating…

One of the reason can be what I call accumulation and consolidation.

seminarjunkieIn today’s information bombardment very few ever follow the natural rhythm of life, the rhythm of people who achieve, the people who accomplish.

We want to be on high all the time, and all we get to have is dullness and burning out.

I used to be a seminar junky. I went to seminars, workshops, events, and then went to some more.

In between, at best, I physically recovered, but barely, because each event was demanding my attention: the organizers wanted to sell more, more and more.

Underneath all that excitement I knew that I wasn’t doing anything with all that knowledge, that my life wasn’t changing, and I was ashamed of myself.

Then I heard someone say that unless you consolidate what you got, it is going to be useless to you.

Much like eating and eating and eating and not allowing the body time to digest… you just get fat… but not healthy, not vibrant, not alive.

I have noticed on my readers that they “consume” my articles the way you eat a hamburger: you don’t even chew, you swallow it… ready for the next hamburger, or the ice cream or whatever… nobody home.

Your benefits from what you “swallowed” is nil.

You are better reading one article a week, coming to one class a week, than spending all your time reading and coming to class. A fully consumed, consolidated, digested article is potentially the building block of a better life, of a 100 point vibrational reading increase… whereas the swallowed article, mass produced videos and coaching sessions will cause indigestion and no results.

I was on an information diet myself until this week… meaning: I read the same books over and over, and pretty much didn’t get any new input into me for quite a few months…

And today I spent a few hours getting a ton of new information: dizzying.

I found this Hungarian-Canadian doctor, Dr. Gabor Mate, born just three hears before me, in the same hospital, in Budapest, and watched and listened to him flash out his theory of disease, upbringing, memories, stress… fascinating.

I have posted five of these videos on the subscribers site, and you can watch them if you have time, and if you are in the collection phase.

Watch them if you

1. have physical issues
2. have issues saying no
3. have children
4. have issues in your marriage or partnership

I am looking at my chronic leg pain… and wonder what my body wants me to say no to… I’ll let you know when I find out.

Here is the link to register

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Are you addicted to learning more and more and more? Do you use what you learn?”

  1. For once I can confidently say I know exactly what you are talking about. In fact I was going to bring this very issue to Wednesday’s call.

    Here’s the thing: when I took a week off coming to the call, I saw more than I usually do; it just came to me. I noticed that, and wondered what it meant.

    Before that, I noticed that I was sometimes feeling stressed before the call, because I would look through my journal, at all the relevant questions that had come up the week before, that I hadn’t explored. Questions that felt really important to spend some time with. Writing about even one of these questions can take an hour, and there are only so many hours in a day … I feel like I am racing; it’s all moving too fast, and I need to slow down with this process, to get some depth as well as breadth (sorry Sophie, maybe this is abstract and not concrete? but hopefully it’s clear enough for the purposes of my comment).

    So my question is: Can you help me look at what I’m bringing that is making me feel so pressured, and like I am not consolidating what we are exploring, and what is a good way to meaningfully engage/get the most out of what we do together?

  2. I normally pick one issue to pick. One only. And I chew that to the bone. I pound it to powder. It may take me a week, a month, months. When I look at everything through that issue, things start showing up fitting into that one issue.

    And when I am clear, I am clear for life.

    So instead of dealing with the many avenues of investigation that come up in a call, just pick one… and explore that. If it is deep enough, it will carry you through several weeks.

  3. Thanks. Your anwer reminds of the Zen question: To find water, is it better to dig 100 holes, 1 foot deep, or 1 hole, 100 feet deep?

    Here’s to no more flailing 🙂

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