How to Improve Your Perspective? Perspective Series Part 2

changing_lanes1Imagine yourself driving down the road and you want to change lanes to the right. You look in the rear view mirror and you look in your side mirrors to make sure there are no cars. Yet there is a blind spot and you aren’t 100% sure it’s safe to move over. So you lean a bit forward – you lean a little to the right and it looks good. You check out the lane next to you from both angles. Then, signal flashing you speed up and start to steer right and just as you do – HONK!!!!

There, in your blind spot, is a car that you were about to roll right into. WHEW!

Heart racing you slow down a bit, steer back to your lane and let the car pass. Then going through the check again – check the mirrors, lean forward, lean to the right, This Time throwing a glance over your shoulder and when you are certain you’ve seen the road clearly, you switch lanes so you can arrive at your destination.

WHAT IF – you are going through your life and not seeing all the perspectives? What if?

A little shift in your perspective can make a big impact. What if your perspective is limited? Or your perspective is blurry? Or your perspective could be viewed from a better angle? Or you are checking out perspectives but not all of them? Well then, perhaps, you’re not getting all the results you want.

Let’s just walk through this with an example:

It’s Monday morning and you have a list of things you want to accomplish, for your family, for your work and for your health. The day gets off to a good start and you do the things you said you were going to do. About 2 pm rolls around and you have completed more tasks on your list. You’re making good decisions and feeling good about it! Day rolls on and dinner is done; you’re wrapping up your day and setting the alarm for Tuesday. Looking back on the day you can agree that you achieved most of what you wanted to, handled curve balls well and even if you perhaps did not do everything you wanted to do, you did well. That sounds like a great day, agreed?

Now let’s take a look at that from a perspective of “I could simplify my life a bit, be even more effective in my decisions, and find more time for V.I.P’s. (very important pleasures) in my life. That would be EVEN BETTER, agreed? So how do you do that? How do you change your perspective so you can live your life at an even higher level?

Suddenly you have an Organizing Principle added to your list of things to do… and it changes everything. It adds a context.

Your Organizing Principle adds a context, a new perspective and changes everything!

Whether you word it as VIP’s, or you word it meaning, something like “I deserve to enjoy my life because I am deserving” or something maybe more poetic than that… the point is that your life is organized now personally to fulfill on YOUR Organizing Principle, not just doing what you have to do to get to the next day without shame or incurring karmic debt. Now, the same things you’ve been doing are serving YOU and your fulfillment, in addition to doing what you have to do.

Let’s talk about it – find out what would be the perfect Organizing Principle for you, for now, or maybe for Life… And Organizing Principle that will make a difference, and cause a high level of coherence in your life. Remember, the higher your coherence the higher your vibration… the smarter you are, the happier you are, the clearer you are… You want that, don’t you?

Your perspective defines your actions

Our perceptions and perspectives determine what actions we will take in any area. Or more pointedly, our perspectives dictate our actions. There is no way around it – we are going to react or act based on what we see, feel and hear. Join me today for the Instant Coherence workshop to improve your perspectives, and greatly improve your life.

Date of workshop: Monday Aug 4 4 pm New York time. That is 6 am Tuesday in Australia.

To sign up

  1. click here if this is your first Coherence class
  2. Click here if you are a reviewer… i.e. you have done this class before and you want to continue working on your meaning

What do you need? An internet connection, a working headset with a microphone, an uninterrupted environment. And bring ALL OF YOU…

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