What if two fairy tales could turn your life around, so you could love your life?

The two fairy tales that give you your life

I am running three developmental courses right now. Developmental courses and personal conversations are:
1. How I inform Source on what needs to get done and what’s in the way of humans being willing and able to be all they can be;
2. How I test ideas, theories, activators, methods and such;
3. How I find out what people can do, what they can’t do. What they can learn; and what they cannot learn because it is not a skill, it’s a talent, a gift.
4. How I get great ideas for articles, like the idea of the two fairy tales.

Most of these courses teach me the opposite of what I wanted to find out. But a ‘no’ is as valuable as a yes, especially if you consider a no the end of wasting my time, a big mistake avoided.

For example, I hoped that every empath would be able to do what I do, feel other people’s feelings on demand, and therefore they would be able to replace me with the Bach Flower remedies as practitioners. Found out that maybe not. This is why I created the energy version of all the remedies, and named it the Heaven on Earth when it is in a remedy, and HOE when it is infusible and is in an audio.

Empaths, for example, at this point are not able to connect and stay connected to a person they are testing long enough for the results to be reliable. At this point they are not even able to disconnect from the people whose feelings they are feeling… bummer.

No wonder the Bach Flower Remedy as a therapy has not gained the wide acceptance it deserves: it’s not easy to train practitioners.

The other thing I got from the empath course I ran is the topic of this article.

Your life can be expressed and turned around by your two favorite fairy tales.

Here are my two favorite fairy tales:

cottage of the old lady in the fairy tale Fairy tale #1: The fawn and the old lady (A Hungarian fairy tale)

Long long time ago, a little old lady lived in her little old cottage right at the edge of the forest. She had lived there all her life. She had everything. She grew her own vegetables, she had chickens, geese, and even a little piglet she bought at the market every year.

the fawn in the hungarian fairy tale oreg nene ozikeje One day some hunters came, and killed a doe that had a fawn, just a few days old. After the hunters left, the fawn was wondering alone and the old lady saw it and took it home. She fed her, she nurtured her, she cleaned her. The fawn grew into a beautiful doe.

They lived like that, love and peace, until the old lady thought it was time to give the fawn back to the forest and opened the gate for her. The now doe hesitated, and looked back several times before she finally disappeared in the forest, her beautiful big eyes misty with emotion.

The old lady thought of her fawn a lot, wondered how she fared in the forest. She didn’t have to wait long. About a year later the fawn, now a beautiful doe, came back to visit her with her own fawn to say thanks. They stood in a little distance, for a long time. That was their final good bye.

I wanted to listen to this story every single night. I cried every time I heard it. It touched me in ways I can’t explain. I am even crying now as I am writing this.

swan and ducklings in the ugly duckling fairy tale Fairy tale #2: The ugly duckling

There was this little duckling that everyone was picking on. She, somehow, didn’t fit in. She was, somehow, different. She had a longer neck than the other ducklings. Her feathers were all white, how ugly! She was… you know, ugly. All the ducklings picked on her, so she was always separated from the group… a little to the side, you know?

She had dreams of belonging, of being accepted, of being a beautiful duckling, but dreams, as you know, don’t help, they just make reality all the harsher, all the harder to accept. She was different, and that was that.

One day, as the flock of ducks was floating on the lake, a wedge of swans “landed” on the water. One of them looked over at our ugly duckling and exclaimed: what a beautiful little swan!

This is how our little ugly duckling found out that she was really a swan. Beautiful, graceful, elegant… a SWAN.

Now, it’s easy to think that you only need one story. But the two stories actually give you the WHOLE story.

The first story gives me the longing for a home, for love, for nurturing. The grieving for the lost mother.

The second story gives me the strength to be different and stay different, to know that I am different for a purpose. That I am not part of the crowd for a reason.

little fawn/ugly duckling = unencumbered, free to be a soaring swan, be alone, do alone and be well.

When I first approached Source and asked to be allowed to be an instrument for the Restoration of the Original Design, Source laughed. Not really, but really.

When I go to the third level of connection, like when I download the Days of Power energy on full moon and no moon days, there I am “face to face” with Source. I often get a sense of approval, disapproval, overwhelming tenderness, welcome, the kind of stuff you expect from your “home” whatever that means to you. I have never had a home I felt was “home” but I know how it feels from the Harry Potter books. I would say Dumbledore the Headmaster would receive me with those sentiments if I were Harry Potter.

harry and dumbledore... the only home harry potter ever knew Do you see the importance of reading? All the missing feelings that were lacking in your upbringing or in your current life are in some book and you can live fully, knowing feelings, even though you never had a chance to feel them yourself, directly. Feelings are important, good or bad. They give a depth and dimension to life.

If you don’t feel feelings: you are kind of dead. If you feel some feelings: you are asleep, you are sleepwalking. Lots of varied rich feelings: you are fully alive.

So here we are, I offer my services to source, and I get a smirk for an answer.

But I get energized by resistance. I redoubled my efforts to do the work needed to bring about that Heaven on Earth phase of humanity.

Just an aside: when I participated in Landmark, I assisted a lot. Assisting is Landmark’s version of volunteering. In the years I did a lot of work as an assistant, among others I recruited, trained and ran a team of phoners that called graduates about the upcoming seminars. I needed to get a team of phoners for every night of the week, and a captain for the night, for a whole year commitment.

I got fired from the job every week… But my response to firing was always: “You can’t fire me from MY JOB. You can fire me only from your job: this is my job, because I said so.” And stayed on, continued busting my a-s-s, being on the phone till I was horse, but in the end the team was formed, with enough phoners, and I succeeded.

So, this was my attitude with Source too, because this is who I am: I am here: put up with it. This is my job: get out of the way.  A tad obnoxious… but that is who I am.

I think Source was fed up with the hoards of people who had volunteered before over millenia: they quit before they even started, did their own thing instead of staying connected and guided by Source, or resorted to tricks that backfired like Jesus’s tricks did.

I “roll” this way: I will make your job my job. I’ll make sure nothing can take me off the task, no health issues, no emotional issues, no relationship issues, no “job” issues, no money issues. I am unencumbered.

OK, so let’s look at some other fairy tales:

gingerbread man once burned twice afraid We found in the group the tale of the Gingerbread Man who is “once burned, twice afraid”

chicken little fairy tale The tale of Little Chicken who had a single idea of the world: it is coming to an end, so he will raise panic. Chicken Little‘s only real purpose is to get attention… by the way.

The job is to find the second tale! The redeeming one. For me it was the ugly duckling story: of finding out that I was not an ugly ducking, I was a swan. For the gingerbread man person it could be maybe Hansel and Gretel, where Gretel, is outwitting the witch.

For the little chicken person a tale that shows the whole horizon with its magnificent calmness… I can’t think of a tale right now. But it is definitely not attention seeking.

Think about your two tales and put them in the comments box. Be ready to tell the tale if it is not well known, like my deer tale. OK? I can’t wait to hear from you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “What if two fairy tales could turn your life around, so you could love your life?”

  1. My favorite tale was always “Snow-White and Rose-Red” (not the Snow White with the dwarfs). They are two sisters who are very different, but both are good and live in harmony in a simple cottage with their mother. They are friends with the forest and the animals and a bear stays with them for the winter. There is also an ungrateful dwarf who gets saved by the girls several times and still wants to feed them to a bear. It turns out that it is “their” bear and he kills the dwarf instead, then turns into a prince.

    I think part of this tale tells me that I’m ok, because both sisters have their place in the world despite their differences. They also believe in the goodness of people when they invite the bear into the house. But it also makes me long for the connection to nature and for the wise and kind mother that guides them.

    The dwarf symbolizes anything that disregards the earth and life (he gets trapped by tree, fish and bird) and then blames the ones that save him – he really disgusts me. It’s hard to be with the fact that I have been doing the same thing: acting against life and blaming others for the results.

  2. I think it was the “Thumbling”. He is so tiny, but very smart and does great things despite (or because) of his size. Of course the best part for me is when he guides the horse by sitting in his ear.

  3. I think for English speakers it is Tom Thumb… and in Hungarian folklore it’s Thumb Matt…

    I have to look it up… I don’t remember the stories… thank you Sandra. Being influential and powerful despite the small size. Love it.

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