Updated: Why are there so many fake gurus?

michael jordan taught with his behavior and his attitude. how many listened? not manyI had an interesting insight today.

Recently a man from Switzerland came to the site, bought some of my energy audios, and even came to a call. Although his vibration was very low, he had interesting ideas, and I was excited to work with him.

Today he wrote me  a “Dear John” email, saying

Sophie, …you probably wondered why I did not attend the seminar yesterday.

when trying to connect, my computer refused the connection. this expresses a change of mind I felt yesterday.

I knew, that this path is not for me. therefore I will sign off , thank you for accepting.

I also thank you for a life-changing week and wish you the very best

I felt grief, pain, sadness, and allowed it to just be there… I felt that this incident is going to take me to a place I hadn’t seen before.

And it did… here is what I saw:

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You want to be special. People want to feel special.

I have another student who is about the same age as this Switzerland guy, 50.

He wants to make it in the music business. He wants to attract limelight, he wants to be special.

This trend for instant fame and being special started with Reiki, an energy technique. Reiki claims that you can become a healer. That you can be attuned to heal with the energy of the Universe. All it takes is some money and an hour or so of your time to become a Reiki master. You even get a certificate!

Nothing to learn, no effort, just that: an hour and some money. And then you have it. You are a hands-on healer, like Jesus.

Many, as soon as they do a course, turn around and say: I want to teach this. I want to be a coach. It looks so easy, it looks so simple… and some of it is. You ask questions, you listen, you nod. Easy peasy.

You go to a theta healing seminar… you want to learn how to heal others.

People want to be healers. They want to be coaches and rock stars!

They want to be special without doing the work on themselves. They want to be diamonds without the pressure, without the time it takes to crystallize the coal, right away, preferably now. Yesterday.

It is the same in some other industries where the advertising is mainly “instant” knowledge, instant money, instant success. Press the big red button…

And although McDonald’s can turn out a hamburger in just a few minutes, it has taken years and years of building, testing, and more testing, until they can do it with workers that get no training…

In the beginning of my “work” I thought I can teach people to do what I do. I found out that they are not even willing to practice getting and staying connected. And one out of maybe 20 is willing to muscle test anything… Learning in theta mode? Fohgetaboutit!

Matt Schoener had is right: he won’t train someone to become a teacher unless they have gotten 10 degrees… takes years, and at least 10 grands… So thank goodness, not many Omega practitioners float around, and even less Omega teachers… maybe two, three? And they have earned their stripes. I lived with one, I know.

Reiki? You get the hour long “attunement” and you are now a Reiki Master… yeah, right.

But that is what people seem to want. When you are a master, a coach, a teacher, then you don’t have to do the work yourself, and the Ego loves that.

No need to change, no need to raise your vibration, no need to grow… just shine.

In Landmark you need to do a lot of work on yourself to become a seminar leader or an introduction leader.

Ultimately the reason people become a leader or a coach to make a difference.

Werner Erhard said: if you peel of the layers of denial and pretense and false self off a person, what you are always left with is the desire to make a difference. The desire to matter.

Somewhere, in the collective consciousness, there is a fallacy, and delusion, a notion, that you must be a leader to make a difference.

That you need to lead, teach, or work on someone to make a difference.

But is that really true? That making a difference needs another? Especially if and when the “doer” needs more help than the person they are trying to make a difference for! lol. not funny.

I teach a system where you make a difference by becoming truly who you are.

Where you shed the layers of protection, the layers of pretense, the layers of resistance, and become you.

That is the Original Design: your only job in life is to become an Expanding Human Being, and it beings by becoming you… It is enough work for several lifetimes, and it makes the most difference in the world.

If and when you are willing to do that, that you are special. Not on the horizontal plane, not in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of “god” whatever that may be.

Doing your job (not teaching it) is not attractive to the horizontal plane addicts. A job well done isn’t satisfying enough for them. They are flies always looking for the next pile of poop to plant their seeds…

And the world is becoming a lot of teachers, no doers, and the vibration is dropping like a rock.

I have a heavy heart, but I am still fulfilled.

I am doing my job of becoming an Expanding Human Being. And there is nothing as satisfying, as energizing, as joyful as that. I am happy. It is between me and Source. Whatever happens on the horizontal plane is none of my business.

Do I love working with you if and when you are willing to do the work? When you suspend your desire to get instantly, or to direct your attention to changing the world?

Absolutely. We are a tiny army of aspiring Humans. And the world’s future depends on us. I mean if there will be a future… that depends on us. But without an epigenetic shift… there will be no humans, guaranteed.

PS: by the way, this is the same reason I am against family… the parents teach their young to be just as clueless as they are… and they feel special because at least one hapless innocent must listen to them, so they must be special. Ugh. Ugly.

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  1. ‘Healing’ is about releasing resistance and resulting energy blockages, not about summoning MORE energy – and releasing resistance is an inside job. To me, this has always been the fallacy behind Reiki and other ‘energy healing’ – the resources of Source are free flowing and available to us all, if we would just get out of our own way and align to receive them… this is where teachers come in, to model the ‘how’ to us – but fundamentally, WE still have to do the work. I understand this much more profoundly through my learnings from you. Thank you.

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