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This article is from 2014...

Often anything can kick you into the horizontal plane 1 . I got kicked into it... the horizontal plane, and now I am working my way off... it is not that easy. I can't even connect to muscle test... the horizontal plane is sticky. It wants you, all of you. It eats your life for breakfast.

Let me explain: Humanity (you!) lives on the horizontal plane at this stage of evolution. It is both the starting point and the end state...

On the horizontal plane everything is about comparison. More, better, different...

The good old days...
I want what they have, because I don't have it... and I want it.

I want to be X because what I am now is is wrong.

The horizontal plane is the plane of competition. The place where in the pit of your stomach you feel that you are slighted, that you are not good enough, that you can never really have peace, peace of mind, security, because someone always has more, because there is always more to compare yourself with, or compare what you have...

The horizontal plane is the plane of frustration, anger, jealousy, and fighting.

Because you must grab for more and hold onto what you already have... and the whole world seems to be against you.

The horizontal plane is the plane for dissatisfaction.

The foundation, the invisible part of the iceberg that runs the show on the horizontal plane is "should and should not". That there is a right way and there is a wrong way. It is deserve... as in "I deserve as much as the next person"

Where parents should love their children, where children should love their parents, behave, and give back.

It is an artificial plane, created by humans that were the enemy of humanity. Unsuspecting humanity, innocent and suffering.

It is hard, if not impossible, to see the floor you live on. The foundation. It is invisible.

The fish doesn't know about water, and the bird doesn't know about air.

The proverb goes like this: The Three Great Mysteries: air to a bird, water to a fish, mankind to himself
~ Hindu Proverb

But the proverb is not consistent: what mankind doesn't know about is the floor they live on, that doesn't have to be what it is.

The invisible floor of man

Fall from grace, original sin, all mark the moment in history where comparison, where should, where the have and have not were born.

Where unreality invaded the consciousness of humanity, invaded it like a virus, a mind virus.

The floor is a persistent meme, probably here to stay.

The 1980 South African comedy tried to make sense of its birth: in a society living on the vertical plane (I'll explain that later) an unexpected gift falls: a coke bottle. One coke bottle, and many people. One hard tool... and many many tasks it would make easier.

Scarcity. The haves and the have nots. Competition and fighting.

Very good movie, telling.

So, returning to what triggered this article:

I watched a sales video yesterday for a program. It showed how the presenter is able to get millions of click, millions of visitors on youtube, and make a lot of money with it, and get his word out.

The guy, Brendon Burchard, is a fantastic guy, but in order to sell, you need to create scarcity. You can only sell effectively on the horizontal plane, because you need to awaken greed, me too, comparison, competition, wanting, yearning, greed.

The course cost 10 grands, and it is totally out of my budget. But I want what he is teaching. I want to be able to get the word out (although I am not sure I am willing to work for it as hard as he does, but this is just an afterthought.)

I woke up this morning, still thinking about it.

I do want to get my work out there, to more people... after all making a difference is noble, right?

Then I caught myself in clicking every money making opportunity in my email... and obsessing about it. I was, by now, completely on the scarcity plane... I wanted and I wanted and I wanted.

OK, I'll take a break here... to return to the vertical plane, where I spend 99% of my time... I'll be back.

OK, I am back. It's taken me almost two hours to return... to completely return.

So, what is the vertical plane?

Well, on the vertical plane the floor, the invisible floor is that all is well. That there is nothing wrong, and nothing to do, or change, or complain about.

On the vertical plane the motivation comes from the spirit's desire to fly. From the ego's subtle nudgings to go higher and higher... to do more, feel more, experience more. To be more.

No wanting though... it is more like you are lighter than the air, and you float and you can fly wherever you want to.

So, how did I return to the vertical plane? Or you do you even get there?

First I zoomed in on the Harmonizer that plays in the background, and allowed it to wash through me... to allow me to have the strength to look and not make anything wrong.

Then I zoomed in on the HOE long range... and allowed my breath to return to normal.

I looked at all the internal turmoil that was consuming me, and I said no to it. I could see that it was doing its own thing, and that it had nothing to do with me...

I let go of wanting, even wanting to have enough people to teach... all wanting. Wanting to have, to be, to do...I let go of all of that.

I pulled back my energies from all the "stuff" that had it... concerns, desires, wants, goals, and deprived those of my energy.

It did take almost two hours, but I am back.

I am now free. Free to do what I feel like doing... and have no shoulds or ought tos...

That is the vertical plane. You are in your own energy, and nothing and no one has any pull on you.

Heaven. Heaven on Earth.

PS: When you look at the words scarcity and abundance, on the horizontal plane they mean lack and much respectively. On the vertical plane there is no lack and there is no much... There is only what is: without comparison.

So if you are looking at lack and want abundance, you are definitely on the horizontal plane.

My abundance programs all work on your energetics: all attempt to remove the want, so you can easily move to the vertical plane. I call that want greed... because that is what it is.


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  1. The term, horizontal plane, was coined by Wallace D. Wattles some 110 years ago, in The Science of Getting Rich. Of course the title is, maybe, FROM the horizontal plane, but the book, between the covers, is pure gold.

    You can download it on my subscriber gifts site https://www.yourvibration.com/subscribers if you don't have it. You need to register, and it will put you on my mailing list.

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2 thoughts on “Abundance Or Scarcity? Choose… Updated”

  1. “You can only sell effectively on the horizontal plane, because you need to awaken greed, me too, comparison, competition, wanting, yearning, greed.”

    This is a really interesting statement Sophie. I have been musing about this for a while now … It cuts to the question of what selling really is, on the deepest level … Perhaps selling is really no more than an exchange of goods/energy … I have never been able to wilfully engage in selling, and have let it happen at its own pace. I don’t want to sell to people who will regret buying, and would rather let them make their own decision. I am neither proud of or disgusted by this. It’s just the natural way things have gone in this arena, for now anyway. What do you think Sophie, is this a sloppy attitude?

  2. sloppy? don’t see how the word could fit here…

    but to clarify, selling is not the activity when you allow the other person to see what you have, where you allow them to buy.

    Selling is the activity where you are actively pitching your product matching it with your client need, desire, want. etc.

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