Become a match to your dreams

worth-itWhen I google this phrase, “become a match to your dreams” all the sites I find talk about the Law of Attraction or manifestation… so I have to suppress my distaste for the misdirection those sites and those teachers carry… and just relate to the sentence itself.

Most of the people, when I ask them what they want, talk about stuff that they have no business talking about. Most, I say, because I do have some, a few, exceptions.

When you consider that you have to work for everything… that the Law of Attraction, if there were anything valid like that, would say: when you are ready, when you have done your work, fully and without cutting corners, then the results will follow.

That is the REAL Law of Attraction. The law that tells you that you can earn what you want with work, that is complete, and thorough.

good-thingsI don’t get a lot of students and clients with this “law” because the current “culture”, the current delusion propagated by people that prey on your gullibility, your laziness, your magical thinking, has created a current humanity that thinks of work as a dirty word.

The current culture talks about imagining, visualizing, and getting. Not achieving, not earning, but GETTING… Bah, humbug.

This is why I have to write this article.

Because the culture needs to be disabused from their fast-food mentality, their wishful thinking, their delusions about what it takes to do something, what it takes to get someplace.

Even the idea of “becoming” has become a no-no, propagated by some gurus… you just are… from one moment to the next. Now you are stupid, ignorant, and lazy… next minute you are transfigured into an intelligent, knowledgeable, and industrious individual by virtue of having that idea… or attending an energy clearing session with this guru or another… or listening to one of my audio activators.

No such thing.

Although the Universe is not visibly linear, it seems to jump, and things seem to come out of the blue… the real nature of the Universe is quite linear… building up to a jump that seems to come out of nowhere.

Don’t let what you see mislead you: it takes a lot of work to become high vibration, intelligent, knowledgeable, coordinated, a good performer, a good listener, a good parent.

When someone, like a “guru” hasn’t done the work, they invent a story of divine origins, extraterrestrial origins, to explain how they have skills and knowledge that they don’t have any business to have, given their track record. Just check your favorite guru.

Also, check, if they use their extraordinary skills on themselves, successfully. I can tell you, they don’t, because they know it is B.S.

dream-jobI have a student who yesterday ordered a bottle of all my remedies. I didn’t ask, but I can tell you what she is thinking: she will mix them together, and then she will have heaven on earth, and brigh focus, and unconditional love, and effortless abundance. All at once.

As if they weren’t states to arrive to, through work, through determination, through stopping unproductive activities, through having something valuable to trade for money, for giving up yearning, wanting, desiring, and greed.

My first inkling of this culture being so incredibly different than what would allow people to have a life where they earn a lot of “light”, light being satisfaction, fulfillment, accomplishment, joy, lasting results, etc. was when I gave my study group a homework to learn how to use the “color exercise” to activate their Reticular Activator.

One person did every step once. Another person did some of the steps but not all. And most of them did a little bit of something misunderstood…

But ALL OF THEM stopped there.

The result is very similar to as if someone had stopped learning to ride the bike the moment they first fell, or the moment they got, for a moment, balance and then fell… We all know that the job in learning to ride a bike is to be able to ride it safely even in traffic, uphill, downhill, start and stop, turn, and whatever else one needs to learn to be a biker…

And that is your relationship to most things in life. You have scanned an article. You have read the first 50 pages of a book. You saw a video on it… and now you fancy yourself an expert.

You have no sense that it takes a lot of work to do anything well. Anything, even chopping onions, for crying out loud. Or formulating a question. Or understanding an article that is not your two-bit, magazine-style article, but with some thought in it.

So, all the things you want are not even in the realm of possibility for you… unless you buckle down and start doing the work, organized, in earnest.

I listened to a coaching session by MY coach this morning. He taught a blueprint of how to go from nothing to becoming an expert that can coach and sell a home study course online.

It takes a year, if you are bright, focused, uninterrupted, clear about what you want to do, and are willing to follow a regimen of about 2-4 hours a day, five days a week, for a year.

That is what it takes to go from near-zero to expert status.


Onion cryingBut all the things you said you want require you to be at least good at certain things… and I can promise, you want more and bigger things than just a business, you want to alter your being… because that is what it takes to become happy, higher vibration, having love, appreciation, gratitude, and maybe even money.

The problem is NOT that you don’t have time! I know it for sure, because no one has been interested in being able to gain two to four hours a day by streamlining their activities and sleeping better, deeper, and shorter.

No one. So it is not an issue of lack of time. It is an issue of “why should I change my habits, why can’t I get something without changing anything about myself and my habits…”.

The faster you tell the truth about it the faster you can just leave my site, and stop pretending that you want what you want…

Here I don’t promise miracles. here I promise results to those that are willing to pay the price in sweat, in concentration, in focus, in work.

you have to be careful to not judge your future success by today's failure...You need to become a match to your dreams for them to become reality… No kidding.

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