How Does Soul Guide You? Will you Heed The Guidance?

how soul guides you sometimes by pulling your hand making to touch or grab stuff A few months ago I was nudged to watch a Spanish movie… Totally outside of what could ever come up… though it was interesting… But why on Earth was I supposed to watch it? The question has haunted me for some time.

Sometimes it takes months before I realize why I was supposed to watch a certain movie. That movie came really handy today.

This afternoon, after I wrote some seething reviews about some money gurus, I felt a gentle nudge of something from the soul.

I went back to the site, and took off the personal opinions of mine (they weren’t pretty) and left on the objective measurements: vibration, etc. Who needs to antagonize people that may wield powerful and unfriendly energies… and be put out of commission on short or no notice… Not me, thank you very much.

This is pretty much how soul or Source influences you: often you get the guidance months before you can see that it is a life saver.

But, if I know you enough, you want everything to make sense, now, not later. Which means you won’t follow the guidance, you won’t heed the calling, and when you get to the sticky place you’ll see that it’s too late to dig a well when you are already thirsty.

You can’t move on, or you screw up, and that’s the story of your life. Aborted missions galore… not funny.

So, what are you supposed to do?

Well, when you commit to co-create with Source and Soul, you have committed. You didn’t commit to: when it makes sense to you, did you?

After all what makes sense to you is always from the past, and where you are creating is in the present and in the future.

So, what you need to do is recommit, but recommit with the words: “I commit to follow your guidance, Soul, no matter what. No matter whether it makes sense to me or my friends. If Soul says do it, I’ll do it. I may ask questions, but not to get out of it, only to make sure I understand clearly what I am supposed to do. Amen”

From your ground bound vantage point most things won’t make sense, I guarantee it. Or if they do, they they didn’t come from Soul… beware.

I promise, 99% of what I am guided to do don’t make sense.

Why on Earth was I supposed to read a book “The Great French Cat Massacre?” I read it. I knew it was going to come handy, and this afternoon it was clear to everyone, including myself, on a call I lead.

Why on Earth was I supposed to watch the whole 104 episodes of Medium? Simply to get all the ways the beyond the visible communicates… all of them. Some episodes I needed to re-watch 5 times. I got it… I got it in my bones.

Why on Earth am I supposed to watch the whole series of Lie to Me? I am getting it. Now that I do a lot of trainings through video conferencing, it is mandatory that I can connect and connect more than one way, two ways, now I need to be able to see… never needed that skill before. Now I do.

Why on Earth was I supposed to continue talking to people I didn’t want to talk to any more? Why on Earth was I supposed to…. endless questions, some already answered, some not.

Unless you are willing to commit to your own commitment, you will continue being who you’ve always have been. If you are happy, great. If you are less than blissful: please don’t expect different results from doing the same things you’ve been doing.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

12 thoughts on “How Does Soul Guide You? Will you Heed The Guidance?”

  1. For me going and immersing my self in Nature seems to satisfy my mind, soul, watching movies seems to be a waste of time to me, although I can see the benefit, if there is an underlying message that needs to be understood. Is there any value in the Nature thing?…for sure it is not “man-made”

  2. good question Aaron, let's explore that on the muscle testing class next, ok?

    One thing I know for sure, you can negotiate the medium in which you get the guidance through, even the modality. I am kinesthetic (Physical) and auditory, and I asked my guidance to come through books, movies, and other people.

    You can ask for yours through nature, but as soon as you ask that, you need to get present and notice the guidance.

    you may ask for the signs/guidance to be unmistakable… this is co-creation, baby, not a guessing game.

  3. ok, thought the muscle testing class was a no go?

    but I hope you do the class again, I seemed to be able to test well during the class, but still struggling when I practice alone.

  4. you said you did not want to do the class, that maybe you would make some videos to help teach us, maybe you meant you didn't want to do the class that day, I don't think you were feeling well that day you did not seem yourself.

  5. Oh, now I know what you were talking about. My purpose of teaching that class was to create videos that can be sold to teach the many many people that want to learn. I don't think that our videos work for that purpose. I need to regroup. Maybe just you and me? I did one video with Dr. Steve, MY chiropractor, and that works much better. Do you want to do it? Same format, webinar, but just you and me. Let me know. I like that you want to learn it. Eagerness was missing on those calls. It seemed it was just my good idea… lol

  6. Lol…I am an eager beaver for sure, I would be honored to work with you 1 on 1, for sure I want to learn how to test accurately and put an end to being deceived!

  7. ok Thursday is good for me earlier in the day the better, just let me know when!

  8. I was reading the article again, which I usually do, and I found your correspondence with Aaron wherein you mentioned that you would do a one on one with him etc. I guess that was the two classes I missed that I didn't have the web cam then; regardless, I don't remember you saying that you weren't going to teach muscle testing anymore, but instead you had videos that you were going to sell and then I got sort of confused.

    If you have a video or videos for sale, I need to know how much they are, etc. I would be interested.

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