What are OUR tools in raising your vibration… Updated

transformation is like picking a lock. here are our tools to raise your vibrationTransformation is like picking a lock. You need tools, you need patience, you need immense awareness, and the results need to be valuable, or you’ll quit before you are done. Partial transformation gives you bragging rights, but no results.

This is going to be an article that, I predict, will grow as we discover or invent (with Source) new tools to bring about the 1,000 Years of Peace, the restoration of the Original Design.

I will not give details of the tools in this article. The details you can find in other articles, or in the glossary. I will link the tools to where you can read more about them as time allows.

Patience, my friend, patience is a virtue. I’ll get to it when I can. Start at the beginning… do you know how to connect, yet? I don’t mean know about it. I don’t mean “I think so” I mean, have I said that you are connected? If not, then please come to a connection call or stop feeding your mind. All this information is worthless there.

I will list the tools in the order I received them, not in the order of importance. This is where the good guys finish first, even if they started last…

  • Tool #1: The Tangerine Method of Connecting to Source, connection call
  • Tool #2: Activation, downloading an activator, activating, phase 2 and 3 major activators, Unconditional Love Activator
  • Tool #3: Healing meditation: directing the energy, connecting to Soul, establishing the Trinity, putting the ego at peace. “Bi-location,” training the attention, easing the healing reaction
  • Tool #4: Soul’s purpose/soul correction loosely tied to numerology…
  • Tool #5: Bach Flower Energies, Bach Flower Remedies, Bach Profile 1You can get your Bach Profile, now on special
  • Tool #6: Heaven on Earth Energy Bundle
  • Tool #7: Delivery of energies: infusion, entrainment, meditation, self-download
  • Tool #8: find out where you are. what is your vibration? what is your soul’s purpose/soul correction? Your starting point measurements
  • Tool #9: Muscle testing while connecting to Source (video product is released)
  • Tool #10: Energizer infuser: it’s an energy that effects the cells of you body. Can only get it on the Healing Meditation. I am working on “bottling” it, and doing plant, live water, and human experiments on the methodology. Very powerful restorative energy (2/20/2012).You can infuse it in your water… unfortunately not all water is energizable… but if you have the right water, the energized/coherent water raises your cell hydration, and elevates this tool to position #1 on the “raise your vibration” effectiveness scale: you get magically more coherent, and smarter. A lot smarter. A lot less lost.
  • Tool #11: Avatar State Audios: The Harmonize Your Vibration is best for you if your vibration is under 200.
    The Cure Procrastination
    The Abundance Activator
    The Winning and Keeping Love Activator
    and the newest one: Brilliance at Will 2 are specifically focusing on the area that their name suggest, while they raise your vibration, and work on your whole self as well.
  • Tool #12: the Self Healing Course
  • Tool #13: The Soaring Method a.k.a. What’s The Truth About You?
  • Tool #14: Heart Connection: Paint With Your Words
  • Tool #15: Brilliance at Will course
  • Tool #16: Second Phase Activators Marathon course
  • Tool #17: the big Kahuna: The Playground. It’s a year long course, chock full of nuts, it’s a live course. I am working on “bottling” it, like I did with the Bach Energies…



  1. if you are looking and searching the internet for “Bach Flower Energy” you will come up empty handed. There is no such a thing. There are Bach Flowers, there are Bach Remedies, and there Bach Flower Energies. No Bach Flower Energy… why? Because you need to know English to know that it’s impossible. On the other hand there is Bach Flower Energy bundle, Heaven on Earth energy bundle… even that is NOT a Heaven on Earth energy, that would be inaccurate: it has 38 individual energies in it. If you can’t get this, if you can’t understand this, then either your English is not your native language or your vibration is too low to see nuances. I am sorry, I don’t mean to insult you, I am just stating facts.
  2. I don’t have a sales letter for the Brilliance at Will audio, because it is self-explanatory: you’ll get smarter, more intelligent from using it!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

7 thoughts on “What are OUR tools in raising your vibration… Updated”

  1. Yes, I can say that without a doubt these tools are working for me!…I am still learning how to incorporate them into my daily routine and can feel myself growing, expanding… I am interested in sharing this with others and being rewarded

  2. no, I just haven't had time. I'll send you a link by 6 pm.

    Oh, Aaron, I just discovered an oops, the first two third of the video doesn't show us, only my desktop…

    well, I'll send it anyway. I can't believe that I screwed up

  3. yes! no more bs. i feel the activators have very high vibrations, i feel more centered. btw Sophie, any reasons why the ‘heaven on earth’ energy bundle is more expensive to canadians? even more than the non students from other countries. thanks

  4. the reason is because Canada destroys my energies, but can’t enjoy the original Bach remedies, and that is what I have to send to Canada. According to my experience, Canada is the home of the Dark Side, whatever that is… people… a handful.

  5. sounds like i need to migrate, its true i sense it, because whenever i go to countries in south america or south east asia, i feel ‘better’, lighter.. no wonder…

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