How can I help you grow? How can I help you raise your vibration?

You may be one of the many people that find it hard to pinpoint what would be the best use for your life… what direction your life’s purpose lies. This article dives into that, and also into how to get rid of wasting your life away.l

Grow-RelateMy business is to teach you and coach you to do what it takes to raise your vibration.

It is very difficult to explain to anyone how to raise their vibration… because your current vibration prevents you from hearing what I say. And yet, my job is to teach you how to raise your vibration.

A few weeks ago I asked all my subscribers to answer a question: “what do you want in your life?”

I intentionally made the question very generic and very general, because some of the subscribers have been my students, and some spent as many as one hour total on the site, so there is a whole range of people with a whole wide range of exposure to my work.

Most of the answers were predictable: people said what they wanted to get or to have or to experience…

A few of the answers were something that told me that the person is willing to work towards that…

And one person was specific enough and also asked for help so I’d like to answer his questions publicly:


Oh boy, here we go. I hope I don’t go off topic, but please bear with me.

This question has stirred up a lot in me. Had you asked this question “Pre-Sophie”, I would have given a long list of items – specific and abstract, maybe, even slightly poetic. Now, I struggle with this question.

Material things don’t hold their appeal the way they used to, happiness ( one of my abstract items) is not what I thought it was. I used to think if I just got to some place where I didn’t have to worry about anything, I would have happiness.

howtofindfulfillingworkOk, what do I want…? Honestly, I’m not completely sure.

Even though, finances have been my battle cry for as long as I can remember, I realize they are the byproduct of a life that works and works for me.

So, at this point, I want the constitution to push through challenges, in order that I may accomplish something worthwhile.

When you write of mastery, I think to myself “oh shit, what in the hell do I want to dedicate myself to?” I get glimpses of things, but nothing that jumps out and says ‘this is what you’ll go all in on.’

Roy Williams ( the Wizard) seems to believe, if I’m correct, that one should pick something, commit and the passion follows…. I don’t think I have the courage for that or whatever it takes to do that.

After thinking about this in writing this response, I want not only to have the constitution to push through challenges that present themselves, but the ability to find pursuits that I deem worthwhile based on the impact they have on others and the degree to which they are personally satisfying.

Great email, very clear, and gives me and the readers of this answer a sense of all the thinking that has gone into it. Congratulations.

Your email sets two goals,

  1. to get the attitude, the behavior to push through difficulties when they arise, because inevitably they will arise.There is nothing worth doing that isn’t hard, that won’t give you a hard time.First, because you won’t experience accomplishment, success, a sense of victory doing what takes no effort to do. And yet that is the area where most people spend their time… hoping to live a life worth living.
  2. find and pursue something that is satisfying, and makes a difference both for me and for others.

Having the right attitude and pursuing what will be satisfying


passionAnd pursuing something that will be satisfying and will make a difference must be something that needs the attitude to push through when things are hard… or it won’t be satisfying.

Now, your current attitude is probably the opposite of what you want: you don’t like things to be difficult, you get stopped and give up when something gets hard, you get uncertain, discouraged, and quit.

You want to go from minus 60 miles an hour to plush 60 miles an hour, so the first step will be to eliminate the actions, the attitude where hard equals hard, where quick beats slow hands down, where you want to succeed right away… yesterday, in fact, and have no tolerance for anything slower than that… where you won’t do anything you are not already good at.

  1. The first step is important: start gathering the attitudes you now have, and then try to match them with sayings. Do this in writing.It is easier to catch a saying that an attitude. It is easier to catch a saying that a feeling.The sayings may all begin the same way, but, like an iceberg, they have layers that you need to dig for.I can’t
    It’s not worth it
    It’s not working
    It’s not fast enough
    It is not the right way
    It’s too much workmay be some of the top sentences. Try to hear it in what others say, friends, family, something you overhear… It may be easier to hear it when someone else says it. Instead of judgment, bring gratitude to this: after all they are generously teaching you, demonstrating what you need to avoid.Then, when you are getting really good at catching it when someone else says it, start catching it when you say it.

    Make it a red flag that indicates that just the opposite may be true… Not everything is worth the effort, but if you blanket label everything worth doing, or not worth doing, you are not engaging your ability to discern.

  2. Make a list of your unproductive, effortless, gain-less activities that you do instead of doing something that will produce a result.For most people email is the number one offender. And then comes playing video games, watching youtube videos, commenting on facebook, browsing the internet.Dedicate a day when you write down exactly what you do and how long you do it.Then set some rules for yourself.In my business, answering emails in a timely manner is mandatory, so I start with email. But I only read the personal emails to me, none of the marketing emails, so I am done in a few minutes, and then I am ready to do what I normally do in the morning: write articles, make a video, grow my business.

But, without having a path that you deem worth walking, all these restrictions won’t make a difference: your time won’t be spent in a constructive way.

So the most important question is: what should you give your life to, and how to find that?

The most important question: what shall I give my life to?

I was an unhappy architect till I was 40 years old. Architecture wasn’t fulfilling to me as an occupation… except about five percent of the time.

Then, at 40, I did the skill exercises in the book “What color is your parachute?” and found out that all my skills can be translated to this:

Putting ink on paper and communicate.

What it could not show is that I love to teach… and that is what communication is for me.

So having that: physical expression of creating thoughts and teaching could be my base drive in life, that no matter what sub-path I take, must be there for me to be happy, fulfilled, an satisfied.

It’s taken me several wide turns to get to today: teaching how to raise your vibration and become an Expending Human Being… and every step was satisfying.

You need to know yourself… if you don’t, then you can just throw a dart… and start doing something…

There is a point where skills and pleasure meet… and that is the lucky area you are looking for

But in my humble opinion, knowing what you are good at and what activities you enjoy are the biggest help in finding your purpose.

If there is enough interest, I will start an email coaching program for identifying your strong skills that you enjoy using, so you can pick a purpose based on those.

It’s individual coaching in email.

The science of achievement is relatively easy… but most people have a difficult time to committing to what they want to achieve… This new coaching program will help with just that… finding the lucky area of purpose, based on your skills and what you enjoy doing.

This is how to raise your vibration. Guaranteed.

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  1. Thank you, immensely. I’m still digesting this article and I have some exercises to carry out. So, I’ll just do a follow-up where I can share what I ran into or broke through after making an honest effort with the tasks before me. Again, thank you so much

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