The difference between activators and energies, and why is RESPECT my homework for the week

The difference between activators and energies, and why is respect my homework for the week


Energies are directly downloaded, transmitted, or infused.

  • I can put my hand on your head, and give you an energy download.
  • I can contact you energetically, and give you an energy transmission. I can do it for as many people as many can connect at any one time… even if it is a million people. They just need to become energetically one, by connecting to Source at the same time.

    That may be the method we’ll use for the potential calamities of 2012: mass energy transmission.

  • And energy can be transferred or infused into a physical object, namely into the water in the object. It can be water, alcohol, any food item, like chocolate, etc. Then, when you consume the item, it gets into your body.

Energies can be specific, or can be restorative.

At this point we are working with restorative energies.

The recordings of a transmission session do NOT start a transmission: that means, listening to a transmission session, even if you are connected, won’t get you the transmission.


Activators, on the other hand, are magical little sentences written in the language of the subconscious. They re-write the history of humans, humans’ relationships to themselves and others. Their relationship to Source, to Soul, to Humans.

They are called activators because they restore and activate what’s already part of the blueprint, the circuits.

They do not put in anything that’s not already there, even if you never suspected it being there.

They can be gotten even from the recordings of the calls, as long as you are connected on the second level to Source while you are listening to them.

We have a complete series of recordings of the activator downloads.

There is one missing, respect. How do I know it? I discovered that I don’t know what it feels like to be respected. It’s not that I am not, it is that I can’t recognize it. It’s like the face of the mother that you never knew. You look at the woman, and she looks like any other woman: no recognition.

But when you find out that she is your mother, you look at it differently. You start to memorize her features so you can recognize it everywhere.

This is how the activators work. I’ll create a download for respect: that is my homework for my empath class… thank you guys.

Oh, and if you wish to buy the activators, it’s $7 a pop, or $7 a week for all… one a week. You need a week to integrate one, don’t get greedy! Email me for the link to get them…

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