Soul Correction: Fertility. Fertility or infertility as a spiritual phenomenon

fertility or infertility as a spiritual phenomenon: get fertile! Soul Correction/Soul Purpose: FERTILITY: how to get fertile, body mind and spirit.

If we believe that WE are the ultimate source of our abundance, blessings, and miracles, then our lives inevitably become as barren as a desert. Souls become sterile due to inflated self-importance.

Giving birth to children, giving birth to new ideas, or giving birth to a business solution all require the divine force of fertility, directly from Source.

Giving birth is NOT recycling, it’s not rehashing, it is not making it up. A new human being is brand new, it is the birth of something special, unique, a never repeatable miracle. You can’t make another one, just like that.

This is how creation is in every area of life.

The source of creation is NEVER the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is the storehouse of recycled ideas, ideas that were probably wrong. Most of religion, most of spirituality is like that.

Fertile minds and fertile bodies bring forth the kinds of miracles and blessings that lead us to fulfillment in the deepest sense.

Fertility simply means being willing to become a conduit to the Source/Human/Soul trinity, to the Original Design. No decoration, no applique, no b.s.

Acknowledging, and appreciating, this profound truth kick-starts this process and launches it into action, and fruitfulness will fill your being. You are imbued with the power of procreation, in every sense of the word.

PS: if you are not fertile as a man or a woman, in the “ordinary” sense of the word, you can start cultivating this mindset, and to the degree that you are successful with that, to the same degree your fertility returns and you’ll have a baby.

Make sure you don’t do this from your head, though: learn to connect to Source. The concept of Source and the reality of Source are not the same. The concept won’t make you fertile, only the real connection will.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Soul Correction: Fertility. Fertility or infertility as a spiritual phenomenon”

  1. great article here…as the Trinity is starting to make sense to me, connecting to Source, Soul Correction, and expanding the mind/body…wow what a ride!

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