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soul correction fearlessFear is an issue. It’s universal. You have it, I have it. You have to have it. It is the 200,000 year old hardware… where your life was lived out in an environment where everything was a threat to your survival.

Today’s fears are the same, except today the threats to your survival are missing… and yet, the fears continue.

Your path to the next level of evolution, Human Being, is the beingness of fearless… where you consider fear a necessary evil, and you take it with you wherever you go, big and small, safe or dangerous, like you would take a child with you who needs your support.

If you think you need to deal with the fear, you need to silence the fear, stop the fear, fix the fear BEFORE you can do anything, then you’ll never go anywhere… And that is the predictable place where you are, if this is your soul correction.

Here starts the original article:

The issue of fear is coming up with students more and more often.

Vague fears, like anxiety, and concrete fears like fear of doing something incorrectly, fear of being admonished, fear of being sent home, fear of being found out.

The weird thing is: small stuff and big stuff bring up exactly the same size of fear. Not very intelligent, is it?

After all fear has its usefulness: if you are standing on the railroad tracks and a train is coming: being afraid is very very useful, it makes you jump of the tracks. Only a very stupid person would stay there, fearless.

On the other hand, when you learn something new, like a new skill, being afraid that you won’t do well is the stupid thing: I promise you you won’t do well. Learning is a process, it is not a “paradigm jump”, no matter what the gurus tell you. First you won’t do well.

The other thing I noticed is this: when you are afraid, your attention gets impaired, your cone of vision narrows, and you can only see what you are afraid of… a small dot in a big world.

The other day a friend was parking illegally in my driveway and the cop stopped by his car and was deciding to ticket him or not. I called out to him: the cop is looking at your car… but he could not hear. He was too busy fretting about some puny inconsequential stuff, too busy to hear me potentially save him fifty bucks.

I had to grab him, wake him up from his narrowed state, to get his attention.

fear causes incoherence Another way fear reduces your intelligence is that it scrambles your electric currents, and you become incoherent. It can reduce your intelligence by as much as 70%.

Coherence is when all your faculties fire in sync, like a well-rehearsed, well directed symphonic orchestra. Your heart, your brain… expansive, intelligent, that is what you want.

And these is a typical states for people when fear takes over. Frozen… or any of the examples I gave in another of my articles on how you react to fear arising.

This past Saturday I meditated to ask Source what was the Seat of Courage. So far we have identified the Seat of the Will, the Seat of the Soul, the Seat of the Ego, the Seat of the Subconscious, but where the heck is the Seat of Courage?

I fully expected it in the gonads… after all the expression “she has big balls” indicates a connection. To my surprise I found out that the Seat of Courage is in the heart. Wow.

I have discounted that area… but it is starting to make sense.

Osho says you can have fear or you can have love. Hm. I don’t know about real love, but I know that the love that you can feel does seem to emanate from the heart… wow, great discovery.

So I started to work with students to develop a meditation to strengthen the heart and strengthen or awaken courage.

fear of rejection: awakening courage If you are interested in participating in three heart connection meditations, live, please click on this link: heart connection meditation.

I’ll pick the best suited people for the live calls.

Life is not about coping with fears, it is not about surviving bouts of anxiety or just working our way through panic attacks. Life is about achieving absolute happiness, complete freedom, and true fulfillment.

Don’t settle for less.

Before we reach “paradise and plenitude” we must first journey through a barren desert. Before there is Light, there is darkness.

Our personal effort to create Light out of darkness expresses humanity’s most profound longing and deepest desire: to be the actual cause of our own happiness.

Our fears are often the greatest obstacles that confront us. They can burden and encumber our existence to the point where we are preoccupied simply with coping with them. Well, forget about coping. This Soul Correction is about curing!

Incapacitating fear is a response to an illusion. Fear is a bluff, and we must call the bluff – on the other side of fear lies what we could have, what we are destined to have! When we run away from our fears, or when we consider fear a valid indication that we should not continue, we are fleeing the fulfillment of our own deepest desires.

What can you do?

Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of? What is the worst thing that can happen? Can I deal with that?”

These questions don’t go to your mind. These question actually awaken your intelligence, (as opposed to the mind that is dumb) and you will see that there is nothing you can’t deal with.

Of course, the mind would say that you are afraid of death. But how many opportunities do you have where the worst thing that can happen to you is death? I personally don’t have many… and the ones don’t seem to scare me, like traveling with any vehicle, crossing the street, etc…

If you are interested in participating in banishing fear on three heart connection meditations, live, please click on this link: heart connection meditation.

I’ll pick the best suited people for the live calls. Fear is mandatory…

For other soul corrections, visit this page. If you want to know your own soul correction (great guidance!) follow the instructions on that page.

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