What’s the difference between a lake and a person? Can you guess?

 What’s the difference between a lake and a person? Can you guess?

Harold and Maude (Hal Ashby; 1971) “It’s best not to be too moral. You cheat yourself out of too much life.

Aim above morality. If you apply that to life, then you’re bound to live life fully.”

As you may have read in another article, last Wednesday I visited beautiful Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, NY, where I live, and downloaded, or more precisely, infused it with the Heaven on Earth energy bundle, and the new Energizer energy that changes the spin of the water. What is spin? Beats me. Why that should work? I learned that from a guy in Florida. I asked Source to duplicate the energized water they sell… I don’t know what actually happens to the water on the atomic and subatomic level.

Do I want to know? Yeah, as mind candy, but really? Does it matter? Not to me. If it works, then I use it. If it doesn’t, then I first tweak it, and if it still won’t work, (I ask Source first!) then I chuck it. Simple as that.

There I was, did what I normally do when I download something: connected, made the request, and witnessed the download.

This time I made sure I connected, physically to the lake: I was holding a broom handle: one end in my hands, the other in the water. After I finished the download, I threw a golf ball into the water. From now on I will connect to that golf ball, it’s well defined, precise and Source will know how to find it.

How do you know if anything happened? And how do you know fast? How do you know if you need to repeat the treatment?

Great questions, right? I had no answers. But on a call someone suggested that I measure the lake’s vibration. Never thought about that. It was 150. Then I asked: what was it before the download? It was 120.

It is Sunday now, and it is 310. It can go up all the way to 500, and it probably will, if the speed of ascension so far is any indication.

Wow. Why is it that the lake’s vibration rises so fast and a human’s doesn’t?

Two reasons, as far as I can tell:

  1. The lake has no agreement with Source to earn its light… no requirement
  2. The lake has no vested interest in staying low, like a human being.

When I observe, as an empath, a human being, they work real hard at staying the same.

When I look at soul correction: each is about a pretense.

It seems that humans will pretend to cover up cowardice, complacency, hate, envy, greed, malevolence, and the pleasure all that bad stuff is buying on a moment to moment basis.

Looking from the balcony of a high rise, this doesn’t make sense. But if you are on the street level, it probably does.

  • ruth gordon harold and maude quote I used to be a “recovering victim” who felt entitled do get mad at people. “I earned the right” I felt. I was unfair, unjust, unkind, and it felt better than nothing. Getting nasty from the penthouse is a very different dynamic than from street level. no anger, no self-righteousness on the level of the penthouse, as far as I can report. Because whatever that is happening on the street level doesn’t feel personal on the penthouse level.I actually had this ‘transformation’ this past week. Last Sunday I complained that my new landlords cut off all the beautiful trees I planted on the property… and felt that I must move to be in integrity. When they cut out the last tree today, I saw that it has nothing to do with me… So somehow I manage to get up to the penthouse since last Sunday.
  • I used to gossip about teachers, sometimes even about boy-friends. It made me feel important and better than them. Better than nothing.
  • I used to give up on big dreams. It didn’t make me feel good about myself, but at least I avoided public humiliation of failure. Better than nothing, right? The idea that I could have succeeded never occurred to me.

Those are low vibration, pedestrian ways of being. I was nothing special, I was just a wretched human being. I was like most people. Precisely, I was like 99% of everybody.

It took for me someone using some clearing energy on me to lift me off the ground and put me on the second floor. I did the climbing from there myself.

By the way, there were people in that group that didn’t get transported to the second floor: I didn’t resist, I didn’t much like the person who lived on street level.

Just like I had a person to lift me up then, you can use the tools on this site to get yourself transported to the second floor. The view is vastly different, and the tools work better once you are there.

Will you become like the lake? No resistance? I don’t know. But suddenly the reward will be more important, the desire to rise and leave a mark in the world will get stronger, and before you know it, you will be on your way up.

PS: My favorite Harold and Maude scene is when Harold, after crashing the hearse, clambers up the hills… finally happy.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “What’s the difference between a lake and a person? Can you guess?”

  1. I will be more “lake-like”…LoL….It was I, in my comments that suggested you measure the vibration of the lake to gauge your progress with the downloads, I wonder if the lake is becoming less toxic as its vibration rises?…as for us I wonder the same?…less toxic more fertile!?

  2. Hi Sophie – thank you for this – it’s timely, because I am going to spend some time out in nature today (ocean), so the reference to the lake is appropriate. Thanks as well for the connection meditation last night. I have a question: Do you suggest a way of dealing with or releasing fears once identified?…to better get on with the soul’s mission…and related to this, how do we identify the soul’s mission?…or is this the same as the soul correction? If not, does working on the soul correction, free us to accomplish or work on our soul mission?

    Thank you in advance. I am excited about this growth – it has come to me coincidentally at a time, when I am very intent on raising my vibration and “being-ness.”

  3. Tony, if fear is an illusion, if it masquerades as a brick wall but in fact it's a painted canvas, then you can see that to conquer fear, any fear is through it.

    No necessity to identify it, only to identify that there is fear. For a man it's a major accomplishment.

    The Soul's purpose is to get to what is beyond fear… so soul correction and soul's purpose is the same.

    If it is about making movies for you, then it's making movies that scare you, that are not “in the bag” so to say.

    You strike me as a “Coen brothers” type director, but of course I haven't seen any of your movies yet, just your site.

    It takes courage to go through the fear, and the Coen brothers are lucky to have each other.

    Who is it for you that can hear that you are afraid but will do it anyway?

  4. Aaron, thank you for that suggestion: I didn't remember who it was, but it's a genius idea. Also free… thank you again.

    Less toxic: ok, the idea of the Energizer came from Sante Water. They claim and I haven't tested it, that the energizing changes the chemical composition of the poisons in the water. They tested it with chlorine in a swimming pool. I know it is not a good enough answer, but the experience was that the chlorine stopped stinging people's eyes, and it didn't even smell chlorine-like after the treatment.

    We shall see. That was the purpose. To neutralize the toxins. If it doesn't work, we'll create another gun, bitter, better, different: Source and I… lol.

    Imagine the possibilities!

  5. I would love to get what is beyond fear. What is beyond fear is unconditional confidence. And I can really use a dose just like most. So what it takes is the courage to accommodate our soul's purpose. The courage to know fear, and not be consumed by fear. And grow. What a task huh?

  6. Thank you for illustrating this. Am I correct in seeing fear as just an illusion?

    Could I observe fear as merely a thought-form – that I’ve created?… Yet I am not my thoughts. I can let the idea (thought) of fear go like a cloud passing in the sky. Would you say so?…

    As Michael said, I would also like to get to the place beyond fear…I love his description…”unconditional confidence.” Can it be as simple as deciding it is so?

    Thank you. Thank you.

  7. What a daring adventure! Incredible! Bravo!

    Back to the question: It’s maybe because the lake has no mind, no doubts and other rubbish of human’s mindset to hold it or to pull it back…

  8. …and I feel exciting shivering at the very thought of ‘what if it could be done for all the polluted lakes, rivers, forests… and OUR SOULS’; ‘what if all the people can be cured…’; ‘what if…’ IMAGINE… and welcome to the future.

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