Can you complete your soul correction in a lifetime?

How do you do your soul correction aka soul’s purpose? How Do YOU earn the light, given what you came in with to this lifetime?

There are several ways to develop a body of knowledge, I think. The one that is a Tree of Life method  is how Dr. Edward Bach developed his Bach Flower Remedies, and how I develop the Soul Correction methods.

The other method is the Tree of Knowledge method, reading, and learning from others.

Dr. Bach was a medical doctor with patients. So his ideas, his challenges, his tests were naturally given by his profession. He tested and tested and tested and tested.

I am a “hermit.” So I needed to recruit test subjects for this work to be done, work done not form my head, but from real life.

  • One part is the issues that people deal with.
  • Another part is how they accept or resist the solutions.
  • And the third part is how they improve.

I started with friends. Of those friends two are still around. The rest of them? Gone with the wind.

Don’t forget that before I started I was a Landmark Education type coach: lots of talk, no results. 🙁 But lots of brain candy, lots of brilliance, lots and lots of talk.

Landmark Education attracts talkers. It also attracts some doers, about 3 percent of its participants are actually willing to change and grow. Higher than the population at large:  1%. Willingness is an attitude. It doesn’t guarantee any action though. Or intelligence. ugh.

One of the distinctions in this work of the Original Design is ‘soul correction aka soul purpose.’

The Original Soul, The Original Vessel said: I want to earn my Light.

What does that mean to us? That the soul that we carry (and can’t get rid of) wants to earn its light through our actions, our attitudes, our behavior. Through us growing from reactive to proactive.

Sounds simple, but it isn’t.

There are major issues:

  1. We don’t know how to become proactive. Because of that we only notice that we are reactive from the bad feelings or the bad results we get.
  2. We have absolutely no distinctions in the area of our behavior. We have some vague concepts through psychology, or even Landmark Education, the ‘father’ of distinctions. But those distinctions are useless to us… unless they are distinguished by us.

What is a distinction? Simply put, each distinction gives us more clarity and more power about us, about life, about all-of-it.

But distinctions learned are Tree of Knowledge type of knowledge… not useful.

Distinctions, when we distinguish them for ourselves, use us, instead of us having to remember using them.

One of these distinctions is clarity.

The best analogy I have ever been able to come up comes from my previous business, the print magazine business.

We printed on newsprint. The word newsprint means that the paper we used was porous, cheap paper with no coating. Much like the paper we use for toilet paper, paper towels, napkins: not very good for the purpose of printing.

The printing equipment had to be managed every second, so the ink doesn’t get too thick on the printer rolls, or you got smudge instead of printing.

If you wanted to print a photograph, you needed to rasterize it i.e. break up the picture to tiny dots. Precisely 65 dots per inch. If you put 65 dots on an inch long line, supposedly each dot would print and not flow together with the next dot. Supposedly.

On the other hand, if you were a Playboy magazine, you could print as many as 150-160 dots on that same inch line, and each dot would be perfectly round, and not smudged.

And in a square inch the difference is geometric: 65 time 65 for the newsprint, 165 times 165 for Playboy Magazine.

This is why, when you look at a picture in Playboy magazine, you can count the hairs on the model’s skin. The same picture in newsprint makes the person look like she has chicken pox… lol.

The distinctions are the dots.

The more dots you have, the more precise those dots are, the clearer the picture becomes, and the more power you have in life. Your clarity is high.

So getting precise distinctions is in your best interest.

Most people have very low clarity score… 1% or below.

Your astuteness, the astuteness of your decisions will depend on your clarity score.

Now, let’s see how I went about getting distinctions in the area of soul correction.

This is ground breaking research, by the way. No one has done any work in this area, so I am on my own, except for my ability to get guidance from Source, encouragement, and feedback. But, believe it or not, this is new to Source too. This is the first time, ever, that humanity is attempting to play by the Original Design, and thus get interested in how to earn the Light.

The question is: have we made any headway in this area?

Yes and no.

We have, so far, distinguished (the verb of distinction!) a few tools that could work:

  1. fairy tales
  2. your animal. or the animal you feel you are most similar to (please refrain from going to the Shamanic tradition’s animal guides! that is going to be utterly useless, in fact damaging!)
  3. your soul correction ‘script’
  4. your cornerstone Bach Flower Remedy (character flaw) (Get your Bach Flower Remedy profile in the sidebar. I’ll help you find your cornerstone Bach Flower Remedy from that and your soul correction writeup)
  5.  your fundamental frame or pendulum that limits what you can see.

That is on the side of the yes. That we have made some headway.

On the side of the no, the biggest issues are

  1. being able to see who you are being as distinct from who you are. So far people are not getting the distinction
  2. being able to see behavior that can be altered and earn you light vs. needing to change who you are (immediate resistance, 100% of the time)
  3. weak ego, too small desire, no energy.

Of these, I have only found, so far, one way to do something constructive:

We have started the Trinity Meditation:

  • strengthening the ego,
  • strengthening the soul.

So far I have seen some results with two people… about 25% of the group, not enough, but promising.

And, of course, we have the Heaven on Earth Remedy in a bottle, and now the Water Energizer.

I plan to develop all these tools to full blown tools in upcoming articles. They all will be in this same category, Soul Correction.

By the way, the expression “Soul Correction” is a misnomer, I borrowed it from Kabbalah, and this is one area of Kabbalah that is misguided and low vibration.

The Correct expression would be something like: Your moves to earn the Light… eventually we’ll have a concise expression, until then we’ll call it Soul Correction, OK?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Can you complete your soul correction in a lifetime?”

  1. Ok, by me calling it a Soul Correction until the terminology becomes clear!…

    So will I get my cornerstone Bach energy included in my next profile?

    I read through the different animals in the article, but one did not stick out for me?

    Am I one of those two people with 25% improvement???

  2. You are part of the 25 % with improvement… do you see the difference between what you asked and what I answered? Precision, my friend, precision! lol

    Look for an animal that 1. gets scared easily, that has little self-confidence, doesn’t get how powerful he is, and values business over results… As your friends, co-workers, bosses. It’s easier for others to see. Write it down even if you hate it. It will trigger something useful.

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