The Heaven on Earth energy bundle and soul correction

The Heaven on Earth energy bundle and your soul correction

The Heaven on Earth energy bundle contains all 38 Bach Flower Energies, the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies.

As I said it in other articles, the 38 Bach Flower Remedies correspond with strong feelings.

what are feelings? Feelings are the reaction to a thought, a meaning.

Isn’t it the other way around, Sophie? Well, yes and no. It is more like a snake that bites its own tail.

You see/experience something. It’s always a trigger. Your reptilian brain searches in its memory banks and spits out a meaning: this is a threat of this kind… and then you feel the feeling. Then the feeling becomes the new trigger. The reptilian brain does a database search again, and gives you a new coping “response” with will be a new feeling or a new action. Those again become triggers… and you can see the merry go round, can’t you.

So, what do the Bach Flower Energies do?

They interrupt this snake biting its tail mechanism: something happens, the feeling comes up and the energy neutralizes it.

Can it neutralize it before it comes up? After all who wants to have 38 different fears come up one time or another?

The specific fear must come up. Why? Could a more evolved person not have any fear? No. Why? Because fear has a useful purpose. Because sometimes you need to act on the fear. The reptilian brain doesn’t want to make you miserable (although 99% of the time that’s what it is doing) it wants to keep you safe.

What does that mean? Let me give you an example:

When I do something new, something I have little faith that will succeed, because of all my previous knowledge, it can’t… I still feel a ding of Gentian or Gorse, the failure feelings. Then the feelings go away.

For a “normal” person who doesn’t take the remedy, those feelings stay and stop the person from pursuing the actions that are deemed hopeless. For a “remedied” person they are just dings, like the computer’s error sound that says: “Pay attention, something is happening.”

Most of those dings are not something to worry about, but some of them signal a virus attack, a failing hard drive, or some other nasty stuff that we need to react and react quickly.

Life is a lot like that. Except that without the remedy everything looks like “the sky is falling” to Chicken Little… and our lives is reduced to little more than a series of reactions.

OK, so this is how the remedies work.

Now, what does this have to do with Soul Correction?

A lot, maybe everything.

The way we earn the Light is very simple: every time we are proactive instead of reactive, we earn some Light.

We don’t quite know what proactive is going to be… it will come later. But reactive: just re-read the first part of this article. If and when you act to the dings of the reptilian mind, you are being reactive. No Light.

There are 38 main ways to react to the world, and some of yours are your “favorite” ways.

I have Impatiens, Gentian, Beech, Vine, Vervain, Cherry Plum and Oak as the remedies I need to learn more about. 1 They are always there, I always hear the ding, I always react strongly, at least for a moment, and sometimes longer. I always feel those from others. They make me brittle, unbending, and sick. Learning more about the triggers, learning more about different ways of reacting will prepare me to become proactive.

The goal is to use the remedies as support instead of a crutch. That is what earns you Light. That is what Soul Correction is about.

But you need to get aware first.

Having your Soul Correction script and your Bach Flower Remedy Profile can really begin this journey for you. But without having the Heaven on Earth remedy as a support, I promise, it is going to be a tough road to hoe (pun intended!) if not impossible.

Come to a Connection Call. Learn to connect, become a student. At this point the remedy isn’t available to non-students of mine. I am working on getting a manufacturer, so you can buy it even if you aren’t a student…

PS: Update: The Yew is added as the 39th Bach Flower Remedy for “desire to receive for the self alone,” and I am searching for the remedy for disgust/superiority… stay tuned. I can’t predict how many individual energies will the final Heaven on Earth energy bundle will contain, but it is not complete yet.

The biggest question that arises: how am I going to handle re-infuse the missing energies into the waters of the Planet… I don’t have an answer for you… Yet.

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  1. I am working on the individual articles of all 38.

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