Attitude Adjustment – is it easy?

Our attitudes are the base of the iceberg… you need to go deep to find them, appreciate them, and change them. No voodoo method, energies, subliminal, affirmations will every change them… just cover them even more, and push them deeper, into hiding.

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How a simple attitude adjustment has made a big difference

I decided, a few weeks ago, to start to take the weekends off… if nothing else, in my mind. It makes a big difference. I still answer emails, and maybe even write an article on Saturday or Sunday.

But the attitude is: I do what I like… it’s my day off… And my favorite things to do are reading, writing, and teaching… so weekends are, now, for the first time in 50 years, for doing what I most like to do… and my experience is that taking time off restores my energy, replenishes my resources… what a difference an attitude adjustment makes… Amazing.

This weekend I also watched some TV series on Netflix…

Where do I find my dramas? TV shows… that’s where… lol





133-Silhouetted-Hand-Gripping-Knife-Free-Halloween-Clipart-Illustration-320x280One of the things many TV shows show is how duplicitous 1 people are.

And my sense is that it isn’t shown with any value judgment: it is presented as normal behavior…

Every time I encounter one of these, I get sick to my stomach, and wish to get off the earth…

I have a sore spot for that behavior, lying for gain, misleading for gain, setting someone up… I find it dishonorable, violating the dignity of both people.

I turn the fingers from blaming to pointing at myself

Every time I catch something that really bothers me, I wake up to the possibility that it is something that I have an unfinished business about. It can be either something that I have done, or something that was done to me.

And most of the time I pick that topic as the topic of the next Playground. I assume that if I have an issue with it, others have an issue with it too.

Except for one session, I was accurate in my assumption…

So, what will we do in the Playground? We’ll find incidents in our lives that fit the topic. For example, years ago I wanted someone to marry me for all the wrong reasons, but I didn’t tell them that… that was duplicitous… and is still sitting on my chest like a weight.

Or someone pretended to help me, but turns out they wanted to take away what belongs to me… that was duplicitous…

We tell the story restricting the telling to reality… so no opinions, conclusions, interpretations, justifications, explanations are allowed. This is that you break up the drama that you have been harboring all these years. Just the facts, madam, just the facts.

The bottom of the iceberg, its foundation, is the attitude


i-can-always-make-you-smileMore of often than not, we get to the bottom of the iceberg, where our yet undistinguished attitudes live, and get to reveal it.

Imperceptibly, without intending, our attitudes change in the process. We get a new clarity about our past, about our future, and life becomes more open, more enjoyable, and people seem to change… as if there were suddenly more light.

This is what attitude adjustment is… imperceptible.

We work on your stories and your reality alters, and with it your attitudes.

An amazing process.

In a small group, so you get to work on yours…

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  1. deceitful. “treacherous, duplicitous behavior”

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