Paradigm Shift, Paradigm Jump, what the heck is a paradigm and what’s in it for you? Planetary Ascension, my assssssss.

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 March 4, 2011 I’ve been talking about paradigm jumping as a major tool to improve your life. I have been talking about all kinds of stuff regarding paradigms, but what is it, and why should you care?

Evolution of a species is not linear.

There are evolutionary shifts, we could say paradigm shifts. The fish climbing out to dry land was a paradigm shift. A lot more freedom, a lot more stimuli, a lot more fun… but also a lot more danger… And evolutionary jump.

Humanity is poised to take an evolutionary jump, and by poised I mean: should take an evolutionary jump if it wants to survive as a species on this beautiful little planet called Earth.

Right after I posted the previous article, I had my regular weekly call with Mike. We have been talking every Sunday morning. He is one of the testers.

Our Sunday calls, mainly for the way Mike listens, are the main way I “poke the box.”

As you could have learned, reality has two “paradigms,” the visible and the invisible. And looked at reality in a different way: the current paradigm and a new paradigm.

The new paradigm is really a potential, a world that is there but we haven’t gotten to it. It really gets created for you largely by the poking. The main elements, I think, are already there, but…

These conversations, and my articles are the main way I poke the box.

Is box the same as a paradigm? Yes. But there is also personal paradigm and there is cultural paradigm. I poke both… I poke all kinds of paradigms… lol.

I poke the cultural paradigm given my special role in the future of humanity.

The call with Mike was, mainly, about my frustration with humanity, represented by my seven testers: their job is to allow me to

  • 1. inform Source about the issues that are holding people back
  • 2. test possible bridges, possible paths to the next paradigm in the evolution of human being.

I get a lot of new information for Source, but a big piece of the puzzle came clear today. This piece has the potential of causing a breakthrough… one can only hope, right?

In spite of all my teaching, all my coaching, all “my” brilliance, I have produced a big fat zero result with the tester group, both individually and as a group.

They are not closer to evolving now than they were 5 months ago when they started. Very frustrating.

But the piece that I got today explains why I haven’t been able to produce a result.

Here is the piece I got today: the missing piece is not a behavioral issue: it is a paradigm shift issue.

So, really, what is a paradigm, and why should you bother?

Comparing paradigm to a box is a good start. Just take a big enough box, paint the walls that the box looks like all-there-is: just like in the Truman Show (that’s a movie title!) where the sky was a painted dome… and a much bigger world was beyond it.

Or you can tile the wall with one-way mirrors, where the mirror side is inward, toward the inside of the box, where you live. You live yourself no matter where you look.

The Matrix movie is also a good example: the world is created by a big computer and nothing is real. Neo and Morpheus and the crew are in a bigger box around the Matrix box and can go back and forth… The Oracle lives in the Matrix box, by the way… The people in the Matrix are unaware of a bigger box, unaware that they live with boundaries.

This pretty accurately describes how it is: there are every bigger paradigms, like nested boxes, each revealing a little bit more about all-of-it. The rules of the game, the skills required to live in, and the rewards are different in each.

Outwardly not much changes between paradigms: these paradigms are not like moving from Earth to Mars, it’s more like moving from a 2-bedroom to a mansion: the skills and the challenges change. If you bring your 2-bedroom mindset to the mansion, you are re-creating your own little box inside the bigger one.

But more importantly, from the 2-bedroom mindset you can’t anticipate the world of the mansion, no matter how hard you try. It is not conceivable from your current paradigm.

And this is the issue I have been unable to see. I have been living in the larger paradigm. I wasn’t aware of the paradigm shift, so I thought everyone is in the same paradigm where I am. I was wrong, and it has made me ineffective.

Everything I have been teaching was based on the certainty, that you only need to change your behavior: that you had the capacities of the paradigm I lived in… and that turned out not to be the case.

The two crucial exercises I remember doing, myself, were inconceivable for someone who live in the current paradigm of humanity.

You can’t teach something that is inconceivable. It’s like talking Greek… you won’t understand. I can speak louder, nicer, whisper, talk to you while you sleep, in hypnosis: it won’t make a difference.

evolutionary jump I had a series of clues lately: it has taken me till this morning to get it.

  • Clue #1: people still speak from their head
  • Clue #2: in spite of all my efforts, people are not doing the practices that would flash out their cone of vision (will write an article on this…)
  • Clue #3: last night, on the connection call, a brand new student volunteered to teach another one the way she connects. She was there to be taught by me, but felt superior to me, she felt she knew how to teach another one better than me. As it turned out, her method is wrong. It does connect one, in that regard she is right, but it causes serious damage, not just to the person, but to me… and she was quite certain that her method was the way to do it. Great clue…

So, how am I going to be able to help, at least a few pioneers over the chasm, over the one way mirror, that separates paradigms? They are not any easier than the challenge Neo faced when he needed to choose between the red and the blue pill!

Answer: I don’t know yet.

Not satisfied? Find a better guide! Better yet, volunteer to teach others to do something that you don’t know how to do… like the girl on the call.

PS: March 10, 2019

I am republishing this article because it shows how my thinking has or hasn’t change in the past 8 years… The next article will be published in a few hours… just come back, or better yet, sign up for notifications of new posts in the sidebar.

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