From my correspondence: What did you do to me? Why am I feeling worse instead of better?

From my correspondence:


Good Morning,

I don’t know what happened with the exercise last night but I came away feeling a little drained and
though I am also an empath, the trait is not yet developed. As such It felt like my vibration went down
instead of up.

What do you make of this, and what possible for me to come to peace about this?


My answer:
OK, let me give you my findings

1. you are NOT an empath, according to MY muscle test
2. your vibration went up
3. it is not the meditation that does this, instead the energies I download.
your vibration is currently 160, which is very low. It was 150 on Saturday.
The Heaven on Earth energy bundle removes the top layer of feelings and you start to feel what’s underneath. Hidden poison. You need to go through this process if you EVER wish to raise your vibration.

Your vibration is so low because there are a lot of unhandled shadow side, I guess.

Just hang in there, come to as many calls as you can, and if you can wing 15.50, get your Heaven on Earth in a bottle, (all 38 Bach Flower Energies, the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) so you can deal with this 24/7: you’ll get through this rough patch faster.

When I first gave the Heaven on Earth, I went through a 7 day period of extreme anger, that since then disappeared and even if I want, I can’t get angry now.

Don’t be mistaken, these are very powerful energies, and you have a lot of hidden stuff.

Thank you,

Hello Sophie and happy Sunday to you!

I couldn’t believe how deep the meditation was last night. Wow! I was awake, but in a completely different state of consciousness. Really something!

A question about the Bach flower remedies…

I started taking them as soon as they arrived. So excited! After the first couple of hours, I felt no feelings, which was weird because I’m usually FILLED with worry and anxiety – seriously – besides moments of focusing on work or making people laugh, the rest of my day is made up completely of this (ie, am I doing things right, what does this person think, does my husband love me, what is going on with the kids, do we have enough money, what is wrong with me, blah blah blah…)

Things got really intense yesterday, and I found myself indulging in non productive behavior that I thought I was moving beyond, and it was more intense than it ever was in the past.

I actually lashed out physically, which I have never ever done before. (there was no drinking or drugs involved)

What are your thoughts on this? My husband says just to forget about it and move forward because we sincerely want to move past our blocks.

I know you are not a “psychoanalyst” but I’m just hoping for a little feedback from you if you are comfortable with it. We are doing OK, but I’m kind of distraught about it at present.

Thank you again for your work and meditations.

Love to you! We may be on tonight.


My answer:

The remedy works like a roller coaster: it brings to the surface stuff that is hidden so it can deal with it. This phase lasts anything from a few days to a week, maybe, and then it settles down.

It’s a good sign that this lashing out happened: it was long overdue: it’s probably repressed old stuff.

He had it coming… lol.

You are doing great, and this won’t repeat: no it was brought up and handled by the remedy.

We are not simple beings: we have all kinds of shadow side and it is all good. Just don’t get too excited about it, it’s a “so what” thing, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your husband, or he doesn’t love you.

Thank you,

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