Soul Correction: The Big Picture

Soul Correction: The Big Picture

Your cone of vision is so narrow, that you cannot even see that you are not your mind, that you are not your ego, that you are not your body, that you are not your past, that you are not your desires.

In that narrow beam of a pen-light every moment you are somebody different, identifying with a different aspect of you… and there is no YOU… You have no core, you have no substance, you are just a pen light…

We all live as if we could see reality, but we are wrong. We walk around with a narrow cone of vision, never considering the environment, the context, other people’s life, thoughts, history, emotions, we walk around if there were no one else but us, nothing else but what we see.

Everything that is outside of the narrow cone of vision that we actually see, is black and white and all shades of gray: no color. We have no details, and we never look there.

We can’t see the forest for the trees, we never see cause and effect, and we never own up to the fact that we never even attempt to see the big picture.

Result: just look around and you see the result. People are miserable, we are destroying the planet, people are killed, abused, exploited, and terrified.

The first thing you need to do is recognize the different aspects that you identify with, story, body, society, mind, past, etc. and de-identify yourself.

It’s all on the periphery, accidental, and inconsequential to who you are. The way to do that is to say “I am not that”…

You want to be left with a sense that you are a mystery, undefinable, none of the things that you previously thought you were. Good or bad… it’s not you.

Find the Observer position and just watch your actions, your urges, your attitudes, your emotions. Your reactions, your thoughts. Have no opinion about any of it. Don’t try to change anything, allow it to be. Eventually consciousness will awaken, and you’ll be guided by it, but not just yet.

Your job in this life is to do what it takes to open your eyes, and see everything. To notice when you are locked into a certain view, when you are hooked, when you hide, when you run.

It is a job for many lifetimes, but it’s YOUR soul correction, so what can you do?

If you don’t do it, your misery is guaranteed.

The avatar state audio: the big picture activator is your best friend. You’ll need it till you die…

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