The 3 most important questions to ask

As you know, I am a learner myself. I learn better ways to take you to places that serve you, I learn better ways to help you learn skills, life-skills that will allow you to be happy, fulfilled, and have direction in life.

This video and method, developed by Vishen Lakhiani is good. It switches off the mind, and allows you to connect with yourself and answer the three most important questions you can ask of yourself.

Watch the video. And then ask your friends, family, dates the same question. You’ll be able to find better matches for your life than by looks or what they say with their minds, by far.

The video is after you click… you’ll stay on this site…

Download a pdf to make it easier to make your list for the 3-most-important-questions

When I ask people what they want from their life, in their life, I mostly get either silence, or a laundry list of stuff…

These three question will help you look at your life from a different perspective and see things that you can’t see, normally, things that give you direction, that give your life direction.

I surprised myself… I am almost certain you will too… nothing as sweet as that.

Here are my sketchy answers:

experiences: made a difference, felt love and been loved, accomplishment,

growth: crack the secret of eating and living as a human to be able to grow, be confident, and care, love and

learn to teach effectively
learn to ask questions


be the mother they never had: loving, patient, non-judgmental
cause breakthrough to turn fear into success

Do yourself a favor, and share your answers. Sharing makes it more real for you… You can email them to me… it will also help me know your heart better. email it to sophie at

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “The 3 most important questions to ask”

  1. Some three years ago I got on Vishan’s mailing list and I did this exercise then and I remember I couldn’t even make a list. I didn’t know what I wanted in life and from life. Now it was a different experience I couldn’t stop writing my answers. Thank you.

  2. I have Love on all three lists of the 3 Most Important Questions to Ask exercise. It’s a start.

  3. Experiences:
    Rocking and Rolling…playing and singing on a stage with a full band.
    Hot Air Ballooning
    Hiking up a mountain
    Sea Kayaking
    Mastery (of something…)

    Health, better body
    Clear mind
    Being a great artist/entertainer
    Being passionate about something/life
    Be financially independent/wealthy
    Learn to swim
    sing better
    play guitar better
    meditation/connection to Source

    Be an inspiration with my songs and singing
    support freedom of the mind
    stand for social justice
    be a healing presence
    do something useful/beautiful like design a park

  4. Experience: Make a difference in someone’s life; smile and make smiles; play; teach

    Growth: expand and as human being; increase capacities; read two or more books a week; learn Spanish; become more compassionate, honest, faithful, loving, courageous

    Contribution: Touch others; bring joy to someone; become a light-a bright spot; make each day full and radiate that fullness; glow; make connections and share

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