The Last Effort… Are you a starter? Are you a finisher? Do you have unfinished projects by the dozens?

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The Last Effort…
“The last effort is always the one that matters. So in whatever you do, never give in until it’s over as you’ll never know – you may just turn the whole thing around.” – Jasper T.

My notes: many people are good starters but lousy finishers. They have tons of projects they started. Starting is exciting. It gives you that good buzz.

It gives you bragging rights. But it gives you nothing more.

There are 7 stages to any project, and starting is just one of those. Though it’s an important stage, once it is done, you need to take the project through the stages where heartbreak, worry, anxiety, resistance, yours and the world’s come to break your stride.

Who you are going to be in the face of resistance, stagnation, mistakes, failures, disbelief is going to decide LISTEN UP!

  1. The quality of your life
  2. And the success of the project

People who are starters and never finish a project are miserable wretches!

Now, truth be told, each of us is more suitable to be a starter or a finisher, very few of us have a talent for both.

If you are a starter, team up with a finisher!

Don’t forget, each of the seven stages need to get started, otherwise the project is stuck in that low stage! Your finisher partner won’t even realize it.

So you need to stay with the project to help it through the climbs from stage to stage. Life is a continuous dance between starting and finishing.

Instead of putting all your starting efforts into new projects, bring new life to projects that are ongoing. Inject enthusiasm and creativity in them as they go.

You will have a spectacular life, with Life written all over it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The Last Effort… Are you a starter? Are you a finisher? Do you have unfinished projects by the dozens?”

  1. Great article as usual!…I am in the middle of a project now, and the excitement of starting it has waned, thanks to the advice here I am now motivated to finish it!

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