Soul Work – are you doing it?

Goodbyes-are-only-for-thoseMy students say that I am harsh. That I don’t see the best in people. That I’d catch more flies with honey…

Yeah, I know. Flies love honey… but I am looking to talk to people who aspire to go to the next level of human evolution, and those people are not flies. They are not scared away by reality: they know it will take taking a hard look at reality that is not pretty…

I am a realist. Rob Brezsny is an optimist… he has a lot of honey… yet, a realist finds the work in what he says, and loves it. 1

Rob Breszny writes: While walking in San Francisco, I passed the Pacific Heights Health Club. The sign out front said, “Birthday suits tailored here.” It was a witty reference to the idea that working out at a gym helps people get their naked bodies in good shape. I’d like to interpret the sign’s message in a different way, and apply it to you. The time is right for you to get back in touch with your raw, original self, and give it the care and the fuel and the treats it has been missing. Who did you start out to be? What does your soul’s blueprint say about who you must become? Home in on your source code and boost its signal.

soul workThe number of people that ask for their soul’s purpose is staggering. The number of people that are willing to do what it takes to return to their soul’s blueprint can be counted on one hand…

Why? Because the process of returning to your “raw, original self” takes work, and most people want something for nothing… They want the results delivered in a McDonald’s box… cheap, harmful for your health, the satisfaction lasts for about three minutes, and the misery and the craving continues.

There are only two activities a human can engage day after day, for an extended period of time: sleeping and working. I include gamers… hunters, golfers… they consider their pastime work.

At the same time people aren’t willing to expand work for what they want… they are even willing to choose escape activities, hiding, suffering, misery… cravings, anxiety, no results, a life that makes no difference.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

Can you help me out here? If you are not willing to do the work… what is your rationalization?

Please comment below? You can comment anonymously, I just want to know what’s there… even if I can never change your “mind” about working towards what you want. Thank you.

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  1. PS: Rob Brezsny also ask you to do work, by the way. He knows that without work you’ll stay the same, the world will become worse every minute, and life becomes less tolerable. But he manages to dress these assignment in a way that you can just read it, nod and that’s that…
    1. Here are some of the assignments Rob Brezsny (personal vibration: 190) that are appropriate for this time of the year:
    2. Review in painstaking detail the history of your life, honoring every moment as if you were conducting a benevolent Judgment Day.
    3. Forgive yourself for every mistake except one.
    4. Create a royal crown for yourself out of a shower cap, rubber bands, and light bulbs.
    5. Think of the last place on Earth you’d ever want to visit, and visualize yourself having fun there.
    6. Test to see if people are really listening to you by asserting that Karl Marx was one of the Marx Brothers.
    7. Steal lint from dryers in laundromats and use it to make animal sculptures for someone you admire.
    8. Fantasize you’re the child of divine parents who abandoned you when you were two days old, but who will soon be coming back to reunite with you.

    I am convinced, maybe mistakenly, that having a handful of students that are willing to work and actually do the work makes more difference than all the feel-good gooey stuff others dish out… Please argue with me… I’ll answer each respectful comment.

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