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Turning points: I want to get really good at this!

As an Expanding Human Being, you NEVER arrive… Expanding Human Being is not a destination, it is a relationship to Life. An attitude. Learned to the level where it is undistinguishable from inner nature.

I am an Expanding Human Being, sometimes I grow like a weed, sometimes, for months, I languish… hibernate.

With regards to growing my business, I have been a wannabe forever. Trying this and trying that, but never actually doing it.

About five minutes ago I heard myself whispering to myself: “I want to be really good at this!” meaning a business growing method I bought almost two years ago, but abandoned it because I didn’t quite had the energy to even understand how to use it properly.

MEMEI dusted it off this week, and, surprise, I still don’t know how to use it properly… but something changed.

That whispered sentence… OMG… that is the beginning of committing to mastery, to actually doing the thing until you get good at it… and beyond.

Now I know what was missing… committing to the doing… instead of a result.

Committing to the doing vs. committing to the result

Now, when another offer comes to my inbox, when a friend suggests something new and exciting, I can say with a light heart: “No, thank you, I have my hands full with what I am doing.”

I think that this “I want to get really good at this!” is missing for most people. Pipe dreams abound, talking about mastery, talking about getting to places, making a million bucks, and such are now a dime a dozen, I hear them so many times.

In one of the “itch” conversations, a potential for the “itch” item was “being important.”

My understanding of who is important or not is probably different from yours, so I asked my student: Tell me who you consider important?

I want to be important… like Richard Branson

He said: Sir Richard Branson, billionaire.

Not a millionaire, but a billionaire… No path, no method, no expertise, no knowledge, no product, no idea, straight to billionaire.

This is not personal to my student: that is, probably, most of you. And it was me, in the area of business building, until today.

And you won’t conquer the world in one fell swoop 1

You are going to conquer (or not!) all areas of life one at a time. I have become really good at many things, and yet, I didn’t know it was missing in the area of building a business, in the area of marketing.

If you NEVER say “I want to become really good at this”

But if you never say “I want to become really good at this” ever, your attitude to it, even if you do it a lot, will be: I have to do it… and you’ll never experience mastery, because you never aimed at that.

And you’ll probably quit as soon as you can find something else to make the same amount of money with… or that is more fun, or that has the newness, or that promised that you can be on the top of the world with no effort.

That: getting to the top of the world with no effort is one of the most vicious enemies of becoming an Expanding Human Being.

In the three most important questions, once you answer them, look at your answers and see if you have fallen into this trap… yourself.

And if you have, you may want to start getting coaching regularly to be returned to Earth, to be returned to a path that works, that takes you there, and gives you what you really want.

Why not go it alone? Because what you can’t see, you can’t see, that’s why!

what you can’t see, you can’t see

A friend of mine is one of these “I want to be like Richard Branson” people. He has been supporting his teenage son to become a hockey player, driving him to practice, and games all over the place. He knows that’s the only way: the boy needs to become really good… One would expect that it rubs off on him, but there is no “translator”, he has never seen that everything worth achieving needs to FIRST to become really really good at it.

And I could say that about just about anyone I know.

They have many friends, mastermind groups, maybe even mentors, but no one has said it in a way that they (YOU) would hear: you want to want to become really really good at something. That is the beginning of anything worth building.

Magical thinking is a paradigm that’s OK with children, when you learn in school, so you are learning whether you decide or not…

But for you, it is time to become an adult. It is time to know that there is no magic, no one is coming to rescue you, no miracles, no magic bullets.

I remember when I first realized that “mother isn’t coming.” Mother never came even before, but I often found saviors who dug me out of the hole I dug myself into, who lent me money, game me a place to stay, or talked to other people on my behalf.

When I got that it’s my job, I wasn’t happy. But something happened: I have never been NOT WELL since then, and before that I always had that escape: I am not well… doctors, hospitals, coaching, rescue… it’s not my fault!!!

Today I am well, no excuses, no rescue, no illusions: and I am well. And I have become an Expanding Human Being from it.

You need to become an adult.

Oh, let me close with an up note, a joke. A couple returns from their summer vacation. Their friends ask: where were you? We were in Prague, and we flew over another 13 countries… so we were in 14 countries this summer. (One fell swoop)

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  1. one fell swoop (uncountable)

    (idiomatic) One stroke; one action or event with many results. [quotations ?]

    Changing the oil lubricates the engine and removes debris in one fell swoop.

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