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I want to address a widespread issue I see in self-improvement with a lot of people.

People struggle, and their results are minimal, nothing to write home about. Or they get a result and then nothing… even what they got goes away.

Part of the reason you struggle, is you’re trying to advance to a level you’re not yet ready for.

Instead of trying to master one thing at a time, you try several things…

… and end up mastering none.

What are the levels I am talking about?

Level 1 is the diagnostic level.

You need to find out where you are, what’s missing, what’s working what isn’t… What are your assets and what are your liabilities.

What is your vibrational level, what is you soul correction, what is the time that you spend attached to your mind and its blabbering…

This is the level most of you want to skip. Why? Because you can’t confront the idea of finding out that you are not perfect.

This, in the face of the fact, that you know you aren’t: you have been beating yourself up for years. But it’s one thing to think you aren’t perfect, and another thing to know that you aren’t perfect.

Consider that the amount of discomfort masks the fact that it is an excellent idea to know where you are, so what you do will actually serve you.

What if, from now on, considered discomfort a guidance: the more discomfort the clearer the message: go that way… in the direction of discomfort.

I am not kidding… not at all.

About 80% of my visitors quit on this level: they don’t like to hear bad news, and they blame me for them.

Level 2 – preparation, filling the holes, getting ready

Level 2 will depend on what you found out on the first level, but regardless level two has some commonalities for most people, except people in acute misery, or people on a really advanced level: I do have some people who come to me on that level.

The commonality: you want to start the energy tools, the activators, the remedies, and the videos that teach you how to connect.

On this level there is no need to talk to me. On this level you want to get to a place where talking to me can make a difference, where you are together enough to comprehend, together enough to commit to some work on your own.

Most people need to spend a month or more on this level. Another 10% quit on this level. It takes trust, trusting yourself, trusting the system, to stay. It also takes a bigger goal than just feeling better. There needs to be a bigger context. Why? Because although you will feel better, feeling better is not as important: it will go away unless you are up to something, unless you’d like more than just surviving life.

I like the quote from Abe Lincoln: if I had six hours to cut down a tree, I would spend four sharpening the axe… most people try to chop down trees with a dull axe, get tired and go to another tree and start over again…


The level of the “real” work… many levels within this level… I won’t go into it now

Level 3: On this level you’ll participate with me in groups, on a one-on-one basis. You’ll do courses, webinars, coaching sessions, meditations, and use them to find the you under the rubble, find the you under the persona, find the false beliefs, find the ways you have corrupted yourself… all, so you can be all you can be.

This phase should last as long as what I teach can move you forward. It doesn’t matter what area of life you want to advance, the person who is doing the advancing needs to be advanced…

One of my teachers, T. Harv Eker said, after he made hundreds of millions of dollars: It is not the millions of dollars, but who you need to become to make them, keep them, invest them, that matters… saying it in another way: most of you, if I gave you a few million dollars, you would not become a millionaire: you would be a poor person burdened with millions of dollars… not quite knowing how to BE a millionaire, because you didn’t earn it.

Same is true about your health, about your relationships… you need to become that person that can have that health healed, that relationship being nurturing.

I know you don’t hear this from others, but you waste a lot of money, lot of heart, hope, dreams, on stuff that can’t work for you, won’t work for you, because it isn’t suitable for the level where you are.

Oh, you think you are on level 6, but stuff still isn’t working?

Maybe it is either because the stuff doesn’t work, or because you are NOT on level 6…

Become more intelligent and find out where you are… it is your best bet.

What is your vibration? https://www.yourvibration.com/measure
What is your soul correction? https://www.yourvibration.com/scpay
How much of your time you spend in your mind, not being present to what you are doing? https://www.yourvibration.com/mindshare

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