How your soul correction predestines you to certain diseases… and what you can do to prevent it

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pretentiousHow being a politician, politics, the attitude is connected to disease, illness, and such?

In very simple terms, the attitude, the context inside which a “politician” lives is that an action isn’t about an action, it is about something else, preferably hidden.

Don’t be surprised if you find that your life is largely the life of a “politician” with a hidden agenda.

Before I continue, before I give you examples, let me explain why it’s important to know.

When I look at people, look at them from the inside of them… as a true empath, I find that they are split. That there is a lot of “space” between their true intention and the intention that they want others to perceive.

That split is what creates illness. The gap between the two realities: hidden agenda and projected persona.







dscn2382The highfolutin 2 intentions of a so-called spiritual person create a bigger gap. The better person you want to appear, the bigger the gap. The happier you want to appear, the bigger the gap. The smarter you want to appear, the bigger the gap.

An expanding Human Being has room for their own humanity, for their mistakes, for where they are in life, and they have nothing to hide, no hidden agenda.

Obviously, that is the opposite of a politician.

Any time you have an answer to the question: this, in order to what? you have an agenda.

If the agenda needs to be hidden for one reason or another, you are a politician… in that regard.

Some people are 100% politician, others less… so it is a sliding scale, not a black and white, pregnant-not pregnant phenomenon.

But just know, hiding anything is an agenda, and it is killing you.

We all have something to hide, more or less… even I have some stuff I don’t want you to know about. So even I have some politician in me… remember, it is not a black and white thing… and yet, if I am not perfectly well, if I am not ageless, etc. now you know the reason.

Your soul correction is your specific brand of stuff to hide… 99% of the people that ask for their soul correction promptly forget what it was… They don’t want to know… very funny, if you ask me. lol.

Some soul corrections want everything for themselves, don’t want to share, and then do… depending what attitude you share from, it is either with an agenda (to be well thought of) or a soul correction.

Some soul corrections have a lot of judgment and hatred and they need to hide it, they develop all kinds of strategies to appear the opposite, tolerant, helpful, etc… but this two-facedness is killing them: I am watching one just getting very ill…

Cancer is a “victim” centered illness. Neurotransmitter diseases, dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s are hate centered illnesses.

The reason the Bach Energies work is this: they remove a lot of the automaticity… so there is less of the victim, less of the hate, less of the impatience, intolerance, or desire to rule, control, possess… stuff or the other.

I only talk about the stuff I can feel… I am not sure, yet, what impatience will get you… I’ll let you know when I can see it.

OK, here are some examples… if you could, add your own in the comments section. No emails, please, I am not your girl friend you can just email when you want!

You are nice and sweet because you want to be accepted.
You promise to do stuff, because you want to be well thought of.
You buy stuff so people think that you are well off, or smart, or educated, or whatever.

You can talk about people you know… you don’t HAVE TO tell the truth about yourself… lol. After all you like being a politician, don’t you?

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  1. (especially of speech, writing, or ideas) pompous or pretentious.
    "you don't want any highfalutin jargon"
  2. (especially of speech, writing, or ideas) pompous or pretentious.
    “you don’t want any highfalutin jargon”

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