Is it smart to ask questions?

Global-WarmingPeople don’t ask me enough questions… they just go and do what they always do, with blinders on.

When they do ask questions, (some ask hundreds of questions!) the questions are not good questions. Good questions would guide them, bad questions keep them square in their box.

How do I know? I watch people… I go to my google account and check how people got to the site and start thinking: what would they ask if they were smart enough to ask a question. What would they do if they were smart enough to ask a question.

I don’t mean to put people down, I only mean the state they are in when they arrive. Blinders on. In their box. Mostly in an upset. Mostly fused with a problem, or with a “solution” to a problem.

This is how 99% of the readers of this blog arrive. Arrive imprisoned in their box.




Let me explain what this “fused with a problem” thing is.

In the moment when you are fused with your problem, all of your world is about that problem. Your whole future wellness, success depend on that problem, or its successful elimination.

Much like people who are afraid of spiders: all they can see is spiders, and when they actually see one, it looks sooooo big, so hairy, they can barely hold it together.

The size of a spider is less than an inch, but that is all they can see. There is no room for anything else.

That is one type of fusing, one type of fusion.

… or You may be fused with an opinion

The other type of fusion is with solution, or world view. They come to justify that how they see the world, a person, a modality is wrong (or right).

They can only see what is consistent with what they “know” and can’t see, can’t hear anything else.

The partial hearing phenomenon, or filter.

They are fused with that “knowledge”, with that “truth” and their whole identity is threatened by the world that is outside of that.


Why is being fused bad, Sophie?

I don’t know if it self-evident, that a horse with blinders cannot fight off tigers… he won’t even notice them until they are on him.

I don’t know if you can see, that when you are fused with a problem, a solution, a “truth”, your ability to make intelligent choices, your ability to be smart, witty, flexible, quick, is seriously hindered.

One of the product people want to know about, in large large numbers, is the genius program, or geniuxole program.

Supposedly it will make you smarter, and we all “know” that smarter people do better in life.

Truth: lots of smart, educated, brilliant people are failures, because it takes a lot more to succeed than raw brain power.

Even if that program taught something useful, it doesn’t, its truth value is 7%, meaning: 93% of it is untrue, or misinformation, attitude is far more important than your brain power, and the most important of all is being able to hang back, maker room for the mind’s chatter about you and the world, about the inevitable emotional upheavals, and operate from an unattached, un-fused position.

Can you really get smarter? I thought intelligence was fixed and doesn’t change in a lifetime

There is a difference between potential intelligence and active intelligence. A big difference. You can have an IQ of 140, but behave, under pressure, like a dork… an active, or effective intelligence of 70. I see this on calls all the time. People are so afraid of getting an answer wrong, they literally become moronic.

Can you learn to operate from the position of unfused… where your effective, active intelligence is at least as high as your IQ?

Unfusing is about as difficult to learn as connecting to Source with the Tangerine Method. Not very difficult.

The difficulty lies in two places:

  1. you don’t know how to use your body’s intelligence, and
  2. you don’t know how to un-fuse from your agenda, impatience, result oriented being.

People buy an activator, and then email me every hour to ask if their vibration has gone up… grrrr.

In “real” life, your agenda is a hindrance. It is like wearing a rope around your ankle… or a chain. It limits you, it makes you only be able to move in certain ways.

An agenda is everything that answers the question: in order to what? In order to get/have/avoid/accomplish what?

We all seem to be concerned with our liberty and our freedom, even if we don’t talk about it. What we don’t seem to be concerned about is the limitations we place on ourselves with our agendas.

We think that limitations all come from the outside. Or from some belief. Or from the mind.

Truth is: you can make room for beliefs, you can make room for thoughts, you can make room for emotions. But you can’t make room for your agendas, the context is decisive, and you find yourself inside of it.

agenda: driven to achieve or driven to avoid

agenda: driven to achieve or driven to avoid

Your whole life plays out in agendas… that is why you are so miserable, if you are

Agenda creeps up on you, and runs underneath every action you take. You eat what you eat, when you eat, in order to. You say what you say, you smile, you frown, you rest, you learn, you come to classes, you read articles, in order to.

The Agenda epidemic

Until and unless you learn to first identify your agendas, and then learn to let them go, you’ll be still stuck, you’ll be still wearing blinders, shekels, ropes, chains, and will have no liberty and no real freedom.

When you are successful, you can say, and everyone can see, that you do what you do for no reason.

You will be intelligent, and free. That is the dominion of the Expanding Human Being.

The act of letting go of all the things, all the ideas, all the concerns that narrow your vision, that limit your movements and thinking, I call Brilliance at Will. I could call it Happiness at Will, but we have a lot of baggage around happiness… so I won’t.

I have done three levels of the Brilliance at Will course, the Itch is level 4, and it’s happening now, and the next level, Level 5, learning the art of letting go, making room for, will be happening later this fall… it will be mostly exercises, lots of them.

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