On this side of the Great Divide even the best teaching

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The Great Divide is what is between being a human, plagued by the incessant thoughts the unpleasant feelings and a HUMAN BEING, a divine being, that has the thoughts, has the feelings, but is largely untouched by them.

What if I could teach you to have your thoughts, have your emotions, have your physical sensations, and still be able to be happy, productive, and well… WITH them, without obeying them, without ignoring them, without fighting them, without arguing with them, without justifying them, without being bothered at all.

What if you could get unstuck by asking different questions?

What if the source of your suffering, the source of your emotional pain isn’t caused by what you think is caused by, but by what you do with it?

These questions, once you are on the other side of the Great Divide… they are easy, obvious, and common sense.

But on THIS SIDE of the Great Divide they don’t make much sense, and certainly there is nothing helpful about them.

I made an experiment: I gave a few books to select students to read. I wanted to know if reading the books, maybe even doing the exercises, without someone doing it with you, make a difference.

So far the results show that they do not.

the-great-divide1On this side of the Great Divide even the best teachings will leave you the same…

Am I saying that you can’t change? No, I am not saying that.

I am saying the learning stuff that is BEYOND the mind’s ability to comprehend, process, approve, is not as easy as reading a book. Or reading inspirational quotes. Or any of the stuff that you do with the mind, the part of your brain that operates with language.

Learning non-verbal stuff requires a whole different way of teaching.

Can energies do it for you? Can you forgo the learning process and just know, non-verbally?

No, I need to disappoint you. That’s why energy courses are b.s., energy courses like Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance course: never worked, never will.

Because unless you non-verbally learn new “tricks”, a new way of being, it can’t work.

Ultimately, we are at a point in our culture, where living is becoming unbearable, and we need to learn a new way of being… but all the teachers are teaching verbal stuff…

Or the “meditation teachers” and gurus… they tell you (verbal) what to do, and of course nothing changes, what you call meditation is forcing, and causes actually more misery than not doing it.

the_great_divide3My divine assignment, as an empath, is to find ways to make this kind of concept, that the mind cannot do, doable, teachable, and I have been working on this for quite a while now…

I don’t know if you have paid attention, but I only do experimental courses… I test and test and test and test some more. And in between tests I tweak, I talk to students…

In the end there is something teachable. Except I never teach anything twice, once it is working. Then I let the recorded course do the teaching.

Why? Because my passion is the development of methods, not the delivery… Almost anyone can do that.

Eventually I will train teachers… this new method is perfect to be taught with teachers.

I am using the ACT, (acceptance and commitment therapy) as a base, and tweak it and test it… it has tons of exercises to teach you the moves you need, that the mind can’t stand, can’t support, and will get you out of your mind and into your life… to end the misery and the suffering from pain, anxiety, fear, and such…

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