What is consciousness, really?

not-the-thinkerI am here, waiting for the cable man to fix my internet. It’s been down since yesterday afternoon.

It is hard to remember what we did with our lives before the internet… for me it’s been 18 years. It is hard to figure out what I can do that does not involve the internet… Finally I settle on writing, editing, and such.

It’s 11:30 am. The repairman was scheduled to be here at 11. I am sitting here, uncharacteristically anxious, contemplating that the man won’t even show up, that he will lie, that I will have to be another day without the ability to work.

It’s excruciatingly painful. I am diligently making room for the bad feelings, including them, breathing normally. Then I have a suspicion: is this mine? I normally don’t get anxious: I take life as it comes.

Turns out I tuned into the repairman: it’s his anxiety. Hm.

Just before this, at 11 I was tuned into this woman for about 20 minutes. She is from Canada, and I needed to test her for all the Bach Energies, so I can prepare a custom remedy for her. 20 minutes of sheer agony.

But to be fair, this is how it is for most people. Anxiety, fear, trepidation, thoughts and more thoughts

So I am contemplating… what if consciousness simply means becoming conscious that the feelings and the thoughts are not you, and not yours. What if consciousness means becoming conscious that we live in a machine, but we have a choice of identifying ourselves with the machine that is made of urges, feelings, emotions, thoughts, or identify ourselves with the one who observes.

What if you can’t get to the woo-woo consciousness without first becoming conscious? What if the videos of famous people on youtube on consciousness that heals, that is god consciousness is not the next step, and therefore unattainable without making the next step: becoming conscious that you are the Watcher, not the Thinker or the Feeler. 1

What is the fastest way to become miserable and low vibration is to hope for a mystical experience, or claim that you had it, and then have to pretend.

Most people with mystical experiences are unhappy, full of anxiety.

Here are a few vibrational readings: Jon Kabat-Zinn: personal vibration: 200. Gregg Braden: personal vibration: 170. Eckhart Tolle: personal vibration: 150.

What if they are both the impostors and the cheated at the same time?

The problem is wanting to jump too high, too soon, too quickly!


Observing drama is very different from being involved in the drama.

Of course, many of you will argue that even when you watch a movie you get all emotional, but you can’t deny that you went from observing into participant: you got pulled into the drama, the high emotions, by the music, the story, and now you are experiencing yourself being part of the story.

Many of us are sympathetic cryers, sympathetic sufferers: those of us cry a lot and suffer a lot.

But most of us are unconscious. Unconscious as in NOT conscious that the drama is not you. That all the internal chatter, argument, judgments are not you: you are listening to them… and if you get all involved, then you become part of the drama: unconscious and suffering.

The same with the urges, the feelings, the emotions: they are happening on a “stage” and you are in the audience if you want to be, or the janitor who never even looks at the stage, just goes about their business.

Why would such a simple move in your attitude towards your role in the drama make such a big difference that “they” would use such a big word for it: Consciousness.

Because that simple move is the Great Divide. The evolutionary divide between, human and human being, the other side of the Great Divide.

And although the move is simple, it is not easy… well, it is easier for some than for others.

Many people are quite comfortable with suffering, living a diminished life, holding their breaths, and never amounting to much.

What would be the benefit for you to make the evolutionary jump?

On MY side of the Great Divide, the human being side, there is no suffering. Their is occasional pain, occasional uncomfortable feelings, but no suffering.

What keeps your vibration so low, what keeps your cone of vision, and consequently your perception narrow and limited, is the struggle you have with the thoughts and the feelings, that human beings have room for, can accommodate as part of living, not as something they have to concern themselves with.

So, on the other side of the Great Divide there is intelligence and the chance for joy, accomplishment, growth, expansion, and true pride in who you are and what you can do.

On the other side there is real learning, freedom, and ease of living. No struggle.

On the other side you have the courage to be who you are, moment to moment. On the other side you take correction when it seems needed: you won’t be in stitches to protect the status quo, your image.

If it’s attractive, they you are a good candidate, so far, for the evolutionary jump course, which is level five of my Brilliance at Will course.

To qualify to actually take it, you have to, at the minimum, do level 4: which is the ITCH process. If you don’t do it, you don’t have what it takes to do the evolutionary jump, sorry to disappoint.

It’s OK with me: as a guide, as a Pathfinder, I am happy to take the ones that are ready. Every great new thing started with one person, than a handful, then a little more…

By the time it becomes mainstream, I will be long dead. And you too… I don’t anticipate this evolutionary jump happen on a mass scale, if ever, in the next six generations.

Why would you want to be a pioneer? You probably don’t… lol, that is why you ask the question.

When I muscle tested there are 80 thousand people on the planet that are aching to find someone to show them the way.

Most of them are not in the Americas… Most of them are in Asia. I hope they have a good translator or they speak English…

You see why I only see that a handful will take the plunge right now?

But if you have friends in Asia, especially in the Caucasian Mountains, the little countries there, and also in China and Mongolia… please let them know about me. Will you? Thank you.

One last thing: Do the energy product help in getting to the other side? Definitely. The energy remedies help making the feelings less intense, and the Avatar State audios help you even feel the you, the real you, the Watcher separate and distinct from the bodymind, the pain, the thoughts, the judgments, the trepidation.

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  1. I have a student whose whole life experience was defined by his congregation, his church pretending to have an experience every Sunday…and, of course, he didn’t. And he felt less than them, and spent his 50 years trying to become like them… not become like himself, building a life for himself, growing, expanding, taking every day as it comes. Finally, he is turning his life around… maybe? You can’t be sure of anything, you can’t be sure of anyone. We’ll see. But no he has a path that is doable, a path that doesn’t expect him to jump straight into heaven.

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