New topic: how to be able to have sex till you die

old people sexIt’s Tuesday, my “errand” day. I found myself in a great mood today. In fact I’ve been in a great mood for a few days now. Maybe because I am sleeping better since I changed my diet.

Either way, I was observing a guy standing around in a product isle, just looking at stuff. I joked around, and we started to talk.

Turns out that he is Slovakian, and his mother cooked Hungarian… great topic, by the way. You want to talk to someone: food is a good topic… lol.

Emboldened by the conversation I asked if he eats breakfast. “No, no time,” he said. “That’s why you have this big belly” I pointed at the barrel size midsection of this guy. Yeah, he said. “My mother says that I should chase after young women” he said laughing, but if I catch them… and he made a face I could not misunderstand.

“You should make time to eat breakfast…” I said… “I teach this,” I said, to sneak in some ‘authority’… not quite successfully. “Then you’ll be able to do what you want to do when you catch the young women…” I added laughing. “You teach that too” I nodded and laughed… “I do.”



walking-stickIt’s not like me to leave a lie hanging out in the Universe, now I decided to teach that too. And here it is, the first piece of a series: how to live so you can enjoy sex even later in life.

I can’t tell you how many of my private clients have managed to recover this aspect of their lives, successfully.

I used to do specialty coaching: incest victims, frigid women, impotent men, and no sex in marriage issues. Many of my coaching clients used to call me Doctor Sophie… a la Doctor Ruth, the sex guru.

It must be really frustrating and humiliating to have desire but no working equipment, whether you are a man or a woman.

In today’s day and age, with all the two-bit reactionary ways of the medical establishment and you, the patient, medication is the first choice, and the last choice for people: that is what robs you of your manhood, and that is what makes money for the ones that peddle to you.

The biggest mistake people make is in the area of nutrition. I used to be slim in spite of the fact that I wasn’t very active. I had a desk job, a car… not much activity.

But I ate the right foods at the right time.

Then I came to America and it all started to change: I got bitten with the “eating right” virus, and started to eat “scientifically.” That was 25 pounds ago.

I did not change everything all at once, that is why it is not 50 pounds…

What I did is the exact opposite of my eating habits when I was slim.

If you buy the Weight Destroyer through my link, I’ll tell you, as a bonus, what works and what doesn’t. Or you can just buy the webinar and a pdf outright for $25, I don’t mind.

The date of the webinar is November 8. That is a Saturday. 12-2 pm… That is 9 am in California, and 6 pm in Europe. If you have mailed your receipt to me, I’ll send you the registration link as soon as I have a minute…

If there is an interest, I will do a sex class as well… after all, confess, it is an important part of being well.

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