Happiness is simple, attainable, but…

happiness is simpleI first experienced this when I was an architect in Israel.

I had a commission to design a two-family home. The relationship between the clients and myself became strained as soon as I was ready with the design: immediately they showed me who is the boss… they knew everything about designing, and building, and everything, without ever having to go to school for it.

Eventually I left architecture, because I thought that it was the only area where people considered themselves an expert regardless of their knowledge, experience, or licensing.

Turns out that this is the direction the world is going: fancying oneself expert without work

When, occasionally, I visit a website where people talk about their dreams and aspirations, like Mary Morrissey’s dream launch page, I see that every Mary, Tom and Harry wants to be a healer, a nutritional counselor, a coach.

you can learn happiness in 30 videosThe direction the world is going is this: you consider knowing about something knowledge, maybe even expertise… you know everything about everything.

And your inner life, the only life that matters, is getting darker and darker by the day.

Why? Because in the outer world, the horizontal dimension, you can pretend and there will be other pretenders that will pretend to believe you.

Whenever you look at a successful person

Whenever you look at a successful person, successful at anything, business, profession, art, or relationship, health, you will only see the visible. When you try to emulate them, you will emulate what is visible… hoping that you can emulate their results as well.

But 90-99% of everything is not visible. And even when someone points it out, you can’t see it.

In addition to that, if you asked them what was their secret, or what they do, they are probably not aware of all the invisible stuff they “do”, and won’t share them with you.

But even if they did, you would not hear it, or you would hear it from the “wrong” place, from the horizontal plane.

Most of what’s invisible, is part of the vertical plane. The plane of being, context, attitude, intention… all invisible. I just read someone call it your head-game…

Now, if you can’t even see what is hidden, how are you going to be successful? The truth is that you won’t, if your above the surface and under the surface self are pulling for the same thing.

The chances for the hidden and the visible pulling for the same thing are about 1%.

So what can you do?

What you can do is start training your eyes. Start training yourself to know, and to consider, that you see very little, always the same, always what you have always seen.

happiness is simpleIn my Playground program you can ease into the deep end of the pool, instead of always playing in the same shallow water… and start playing a bigger game: get to know your hidden dimension, the part of you that always wins, and learn to synchronize it with your values and your real desires.

It’s a journey. It is not an event. It is like a TV show that goes on for many seasons. It builds you a new set of eyes, a new set of behaviors, a new way of speaking.

It works. It’s enjoyable. It produces some results fast, and real results on the long term.

It’s a very small group program: seven participants maximum. So you can’t hide. What you learn in the Playground is not understanding, it is learning through doing… insight.

It’s also very affordable, given how much personal attention you get.

So, why am I doing it if I only get 25% of my regular hourly fees? I am doing it because unless you grow new eyes, unless you learn to speak differently, you will stay the same.

And my divine purpose is to create instruments for change… real change. Not surface, but inside.

So I am willing to do it for near nothing… if you are willing to come.
One of the practices

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