Panache Desai’s Soul Signature… Dissolving Density Programs and why they don’t work

it-talks-to-your-mindAny program that talks to your mind, the automatic thinking mind, is doomed to fail. But first it will titillate, soothe, much like a lullaby of a mother.

Why cannot they change you, and actually move you up where your soul wants to go?

Because you are stuck on low levels, young levels, and to unstuck you from there requires work… work that may not be pleasant, but unless it’s done, you are stuck forever.

The teachers you follow, the teachers whose products you buy, have one thing in common: they can sell ice to an Eskimo.

And you, who buys their product: you have one thing in common: you hope that life is going to be easy, and that by some miraculous way you can wish yourself out of the deep hole you live in.

That leaves, for real life, real work, the work of a human being, less than 1% of the population.

Most of them don’t live in the country you live in. So statistically speaking, the chances that you know anyone who is like that, ready and willing to do the work, is between zero and none.

All the people you talk to, all the people you read, listen to, are in the same boat as you: wishing it were different, to no avail.

Panache Desai‘s 1 vibration is 200. On an evolutionary scale, it is a level where, if he were willing to do the work, he could start evolving… but he probably won’t. Why? because he needs to maintain the pretense, the appearance, that he is the teacher.

when it makes sens, it is talking to your mind. when you get it... no mind is involvedIt is a trap that entraps a lot of people… and keeps an invisible ceiling above them: you can’t grow without exposing your ugliness… if to no other, to yourself. Preferably to a coach who has been there, who knows how to unlodge you, how to expand your cone of vision, how to step out of the mind, how to look at the world not from your own eyes, to see you and others, and your thoughts and your emotions for what they are… not that important, not the center of the world.

Some companies, like Landmark Education, successfully touch the surface, but their trained staff is so small, that you end up sitting in the audience, alone in the midst of hundreds, left to your own devices. No personal attention is possible, and the chances that all you get out of that “work” is mind candy, bragging rights, Tree of Knowledge, and no return to growth mode.

How do I know? Even their seminar leaders is a bunch of knowledgable stuck people… with vibration under 200… so how could you get what you need from them.

The same can be said about consultants, therapists, and such. The authors of the technology of ACT and the books, bestsellers, Steven Hayes (personal vibration: 190), Russ Harris (personal vibration: 170) teach what needs to get done, but cannot often do it themselves.

In my Playground program you get to look at your beliefs, attitudes, stuck moments in a forgiving, playful environment. It is the tiny steps method that allows your body and your psyche to adjust to the new, expanded view, every week, twice a week… however often you choose to come.

It’s limited, because, at this point, I am the only person that can lead it. And it’s work, poorly paid work I might add, and I am only able to do so many sessions a week. And it must be a small group therapy, because hearing others speak won’t do a thing for you, or I can’t guarantee it.

To get unstuck, YOU need to be the speaker who speaks the world differently.

Why I call it Playground? Because for children the playground is pretty much the only place where they can try out their muscles, try out their ability to play with others, without being graded, without having to compete, without being monitored closely by their parents who don’t know what they are doing.

A gentle tug here, a gentle tug there from me, and you start growing as a human… potentially into a human being.

That is my purpose, and if you share that, I welcome you into my programs.

PS: if you buy Panache Desai’s program, I’ll get a commission. So it’s a win-win: you are not an ideal student for me, but I get paid for sending you to the lullaby person… Good luck.

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