What’s the Truth about You? Do you have the Skill to raise your vibration?

concentrate the sun's rays and make a fire What’s the Truth about You? What is the most important faculty in raising in your vibration?

I am bringing this post forward given that I have a workshop coming up teaching about the same topic… https://www.whatsthetruthaboutyou.com/

  • Is it how good a person you are? No.
  • Is it how many times you come to a call? No.

I hate to be the one telling you this… but what decides your vibration is how well you control your attention.

What operates your attention is either you or everything else.

You are either inner powered, or outer powered, powered by your emotions, powered by your feelings, by circumstance, by the voices, by the memes, by your schedule, by your phone, by social media.

So where is this will/self located so I talk about it as independent of your emotions and feelings? I bet you didn’t even notice that.

One of the reasons human being is so week-willed, and so low vibration is that we are not taught that we have several aspects, and they are independently operable.

  • Let’s look at an analogy of an automobile: the gas pedal operates the carburetor, ultimately.
  • The steering wheel operates the direction of the front wheels.
  • The break pedal operates the breaks. Only.

When it is an automobile, we have no problem seeing that there are aspects of the car that are operated independently.

And so is with a human being.

The most important aspect of the human being is your attention. The attention is a force. It is quite physical, in fact. People can feel it that you are observing them, even when only the back of their head is turned towards you.

There will be a time when we will be able to measure the strength of, or the energy of attention.

Your attention is so lightweight, and so flighty that you need to exercise it to be able to feel it.

What operates your attention is your will. What powers your will is your Ego, yet another misunderstood aspect of yours.

So, on the connection calls we strengthen the ego, and on all the calls we exercise our attention. Especially important are the Sunday calls, the calisthenics classes.

Because we need a strong will and strong, steady attention to raise our vibration, and the vibration of the planet, we exercise our attention like we would exercise our muscles.

  • Meditation is one tool that can do that.
  • Warriors of the East combine bodily movement and exercising the attention to achieve the superior control they need to be peaceful warriors.
  • It is all about control. Controlling the attention.

In certain modalities they say, control the mind. It is valid, but it is not precise. The mind has parts, and therefore the expression “control your mind” is confusing, albeit it is true that if you can control your mind, you are controlling your attention. But the mind, if we go back to the automobile analogy, includes both the steering wheel and the pedals… not useful for exercising: too many moving objects.

the-journeys-of-socrates or how to develop your will and your attention to raise your vibration One of the best descriptions of the training of a warrior I have ever come across is in the book “Journeys of Socrates” in the part where he is in the monastery, and Father Serafim, a warrior turned Eastern Orthodox monk teaches our hero how to fight.

He had learned fighting like a Westerner, and his teacher, Father Serafim is teaching him how to fight, how to move. Then he slows down his action to such a degree that it is virtually impossible to see that he is moving. He controls himself to such degree, that for hours he goes to create one move, from beginning to finishing.

Can you imagine concentrating your attention on one movement that normally takes a split second to perform for hours? No? I didn’t think so. But unless you can, you are not present, you have no idea where your attention is at any one time.

And unless you can control your attention, your effectiveness in life is low, you are at the mercy of all the stuff (and people) that vie for your attention, and you can’t call your life yours, because it isn’t.

You don’t call the shot in your life, other people do.

And your vibration is low, you are a reaction machine, trying to look good and make it till the next day.

That is the baseline of humanity right now.

Unless you inherited a faculty of focus and concentration from your ancestors, or you have, for some religious reason, developed that faculty like Indian meditators, fakirs, Religious Jews, Eastern fighters, you are starting with no skills.

Can you catch up? Yes. Is it going to take a lot of work? Indubitably (without a doubt.) Is it worth it? Definitely.

Being a machine is a state of being that is unsuited for a human being, yet we find ourselves, culturally there.

Does it serve anyone? Yes. Who? The people on the top that are interested in controlling you, living off your work.

If you were a sheep herder: what kind of sheep would you prefer: easy to round up, easy to move, easy to slaughter, sheer, or sheep that has valid arguments for their rights and for the right to exercise their rights?

Of course you want sheep that is obedient, of course. Except that when you are the sheep and you know it, but you have no faculties higher than sheep, then you can dislike, complain, but you will be sheep… until you develop the faculties of a human being: the main faculty being controlling your attention.

PS: The sun’s light can be nurturing. It is diffused. It is innocent. But if you concentrate it with a magnifying glass, it can light a fire in a few seconds… your will, your attention are the same way, as is Source’s Light. It is up to you how you use it… but if you want to create, you MUST concentrate it. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “What’s the Truth about You? Do you have the Skill to raise your vibration?”

  1. Abraham Hicks talks about attention and how much power it has, i’m still a bit surprised of your vibration rating of 300 of them. How do I get on Sunday trainings? What else should I do to improve? Thanx!

  2. w/regards to Abraham/Hicks: talking about flying isn’t… talking about attention isn’t…

    You are already registered to the Sunday call: it is the same webinar as the Saturday ones.

    You should do the meditation also with the recorded ones: they can do the same as the live webinars minus being checked.

    The second thing I would recommend is the color exercise: it is a mighty exercise sounding trifle and innocent. It trains your attention, it trains your connection with both Soul and Ego: it is amazing.

  3. I love that book. It is my favorite novels. It is long, and it plays in Russia: if you trust yourself to be excited by something that is culturally very distant, then yes. To buy it to collect dust: no.

  4. The color exercise is truly amazing, as is the list making in the evenings. I implemented both daily this week with phenomenal results. Two weeks ago, I would have sworn that I was using my time wisely, NOT! I was able to read both your books, Stuck in a rut, and Mechthild Scheffer’s Bach Flower Therapy this week, giving both my full attention. I am ready to start reading both again, pen and paper in hand this time, to take notes.

    My question today is, how do I read in Theta? Am I in Theta just by turning the switch on, or do I also have to be connected?

    Also, are you still doing the Feelings and Belief sessions?

    Anyone participating in this program, who has not read your books, is wasting their time. You lay the groundwork perfectly, all that’s left is to do the work!!!

  5. Forgot to mention, that as per last Sunday’s connection call, I caught myself dozens of times this week. I borrowed Charlies “catch phrase”, and just said, ha, ha, that’s funny.

  6. Congratulations Christine B. Really.

    How to read in Theta? Great question. For high theta, where you can read, you don’t use the eye switch, you just activate the tangerine spot, which puts you on level one connection with Source and high theta.

    Keep thinking to a minimum, put your attention at absorbing the material. Ask both ego and soul to listen in so they know what you are reading. They will help you find how it applies to your life, and what is the fastest and most effective way for you to implement what you learned. I wish more people asked this question.

    By being connected to read, disconnecting thinking, you remove the barriers to learning, remove the resistance, and use all your brain.

    I don’t do the feelings and belief sessions. sorry.

  7. Thank you for your response Sophie. I have one more question. What are the chances of Acknowledging Source in the form of a group webinar? Would it not be considered a healing meditation?
    By the way, I validated you several times during the week. I find your work, your writings, your time, your intelligence, and your devotion, all totally amazing, and much needed. Thank You!

  8. Acknowledging source is different from acknowledging Source. Source doesn’t need acknowledgment. Soul and Ego do. distinctions do.

    Acknowledging source is for you. A group webinar would be of no use. It’s an individual thing, each for what they have gotten. You can’t do that for others.

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