Activators produce permanent change once they are established… What’s in the way? What’s the difficulty?

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PhotoReading and normal reading produce different results Activators produce permanent change once they are established… What’s in the way?

In several tests, comparing comprehension and the ability to recall and use the information after reading a book, people performed much better when they read the book with the PhotoReading method than when they read it “normally.” The retention, the length of time that the knowledge is available was also multiple of the “normal” reading length.

The tests compare the same person, (as opposed to groups) so the base knowledge, the vocabulary, and interests, (which are fundamentally influencing the results,) are the same in the comparison. Person A, normal reading, vs. person A PhotoReading, got it? If you compared my results with yours, the comparison would not be valid, because we have a different level of knowledge and vocabulary, and interests.

So the comparison is comparing comprehension between two states:

  1. you have a chance to read every word with your conscious mind, look up words that you don’t know, re-read paragraphs that you don’t understand completely, ponder, etc. You can read, at the rate of about 30 pages an hour, and it will take as long as it takes.
  2. in an altered state of mind, with eyes fuzzy and focused behind the pages so you cannot actually see what’s on the page, at a rate of 1 page a second… a normal book takes a few minutes to read this way.

Why would it be so? After all it doesn’t make sense, does it?

1 second per page with better results than 2 minutes per page It does not make sense. If it did, then students would not stay up, highlight, underline, etc. before every exam. They would PhotoRead their textbooks, and maybe activate them, maybe not. In minutes or hours instead of months.

But the tests don’t lie. And my experience with people I talk to, or people I give the activator downloads to show the exact same results.

When a person can get bogged down at a word, they will get bogged down. When a person’s attention can wonder: it will wonder. When a person agrees or disagrees, they will do that… and be taken out of the “content” for minutes at a time, to the degree that they get disoriented, and can’t find their ways back.

This is one of the reasons people don’t read.

What does this have to do with the work we do here? A lot! Really.

The activators are sentences that you listen to while supposedly you are in a deep theta state.

The theta state is a hypnotic state, full awareness but yet the brain waves are slow and allow the thoughts to penetrate the subconscious where you store most of the stuff that keeps you stuck, small, and miserable.

In order for the activator to penetrate the subconscious, it needs to be able to go through the conscious without alteration, without slowing down, without filtering.

Simply, you need to be in the fuzzy eyed state of a PhotoReader, otherwise your conscious mind interferes.

Luckily the conscious mind only blocks the subconscious level: this is why people that get the Unconditional Love Activator (or any other activator!) show results in their offspring, siblings, parents, than on themselves. Because with the history level not blocked, the whole activator alters the blood relative’s whole being, including their subconscious mind.

If you wanted the best results for yourself, you would hire your child or sibling to do the activator so you can really get it… lol.

Why is it so difficult to stay in a fuzzy state? I am not 100% sure, except that being able to just stay focused on your Tangerine Spot and allow the sentences to roll by, is hard for most people. The less trust in themselves they have, the harder it is.

After all if you have struggled with comprehension all your life, it makes sense that you’ll struggle with the activators, right?

Yeah, it makes sense, but it isn’t true.

Whatever makes sense to you is what is keeping the current created reality of yours, your life stuck and unchangeable.

But yet, you will try to fit in all the sentences to what you already know, as if what you already know had value to you.

Does it? No. What you already know is probably wrong, unless you are exuberant, vital, successful beyond belief.

What you already know got you where you are… less than exuberant.

One of the things people say about me, with admiration, is that I am willing to let the whole world know when I find out that something that I have been teaching turns out to be wrong.

Truth is, I check, recheck, and recheck again for accuracy. Then I ask different questions. Then I see the results in the field… in my students. And when at any point I don’t see the teaching to be accurate, I declare it untrue and start to look again for something that is more in the right direction.

It’s a process, but it’s worth it.

Given the influence I have on people, my false beliefs will make more people miserable than just myself: it is my responsibility to stay open, fuzzy eyed, vigilant, and committed to opening up myself every second.

PhotoReading Much like in PhotoReading… lol.

The whole Tangerine concept came from PhotoReading, by the way. That was the first time I successfully put myself into a receptive state, into the theta state, so out of respect, I kept the Tangerine and built the whole vocabulary of connecting to Source consistent with that.

Since the last Sunday attention calisthenics class people’s interest in the activators doubled, I found it important to write this article on the correct state to receive the activators.

At the moment only the Third Phase activators are available for purchase, and of course the Unconditional Love Activator.

I am working on adding the Second Phase activators to the membership site so you can buy those too.

Activators, downloaded frequently and in the correct state, cause permanent alteration of your world, and your life. Guaranteed. Amazing. Nothing else in the world has been proven to do that.

Even the Heaven on Earth is something that you need to do and do and do: like you need to shower, and shower, and shower, from time to time… if you want to be clean and fresh smelling.

But the activators cause permanent change once they are established.

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