How does David Hawkins test vibrations?

One of the things I do as a “marketer” is check how people get to

One of the interests that bring people here is trying to get an answer to the question: “how does Hawkins test vibrations?”

And although it is a good question, an even better question would be: “what does David Hawkins mean by vibration?” so he comes up with numbers so different from mine. Example is Mother Teresa. According to David Hawkins, her vibration is 700. According to my muscle test she vibrates at 300.

I notice that people ask questions that assume something to be universal or unchangeable.

The word vibration doesn’t even begin to express what either Hawkins means or I mean. What do people think when they are asking this question?

Given that everything vibrates, and there is no human being that vibrates actually different from another, what the heck are we talking about when we label a phenomenon “vibration?”

Even the book “Frequency” which I hated (many of my students love it, oh well… lol) is based on a misunderstanding of the world, of vibration, or frequency. Mostly women love it… women with no physics or biology background. It just appeals to them.

The correct “thing” both Hawkins and I measure is consciousness, but that doesn’t say much either.

What is consciousness? It is the attention operated by the will. It has direction, intensity and content. 1

What David Hawkins measures is how true something is in the Tree of Knowledge world view, and I measure to what degree something is in the Tree of Life world view, how close it is in its principles and its practice to the Original Design. 2

You see there is a tremendous gap.

Imagine that one measures the temperature of something, and the other measures the speed of the molecules in the same thing.

They are looking at the same thing, but a different aspect of the same thing, can you see that?

Which point of view is valid? Both.

I measure what I measure, he measures what he measures. The problem arises when we call it the same thing, locate it on the same map. This is why I will need to develop my own map, but I don’t find that an urgent task: it doesn’t make a difference. It’s brain candy. Gossip material.

We both use muscle testing to come to the numbers.

What is the difference in the way we measure is interesting too, consistent with our different world views.

He involves another person, and uses their arms to measure if something is true or false. Even he says, that depending on the “vibration” of the other person, the results will vary.

I measure by myself. I am connected to Source plus I am connected to what I measure (emphatically i.e. energetically), and I use a one-person muscle testing mode, that allows me to not get tired even when I have to make 200-300 tests without taking any breaks. All the other methods tire you out, at least they tire me out.

Holding my arm up tires me out in 2 minutes. I can muscle test my way as long as my attention is willing, which is a few hours.

Hawkins doesn’t have a way to know if he is connected to what he is testing. My muscle test shows that he isn’t. He is connected to his world view, which is the Tree of Knowledge. 3 He is definitely not connected to Source: he doesn’t know how.

What does it mean that he measures inside the Tree of Knowledge?

It means that the morals and the cultural ideas of the times influence him. They don’t influence me because I am not looking there: I am looking to Source: the “father” of the Original Design, because that is what I am looking for: to what degree it follows and honors the Original Design

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  1. We could also say context but that would hopelessly confuse you, so we won’t. Not yet. but it is a world view thing… OK?
  2. Another way to see the numbers is a height from “worm” level. There is the worm level, everything, including vibrational level 200: the worm is in the middle of everything and therefor has only one view: through his physical eyes. Anything above 200 has a capacity, consistent with the number, to jump up a little bit to gain a bit of perspective. The level where you can see another’s point of view as valid, where you can see a context different from your default one, etc. When you can jump high enough, you start to have a choice to feel like a victim or not. When you can jump even higher, you can see that your life is not about your life… etc. But no matter how high your number, you still LIVE on the worm level, and have eyes there. And no matter how high your number, it is always YOUR CHOICE to jump high or not. I still have the capacity to be a victim, I just don’t go there. But it always starts there. Remember the Buddha story?
  3. Just because he had a near death experience as a child, he isn’t able to connect to the Tree of Life knowledge: his world view is heavily Christian, which is mostly 90% Tree of Knowledge.

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4 thoughts on “How does David Hawkins test vibrations?”

  1. I have read somewhere that porn lowers your vibration. My husband reads everyday at least two or three times. I really want him to stop reading it but he doesn’t see an issue with it. He used to read Hawkins and Dyer but not anymore. He has a chronic cough that he says is from the dust in the barn. I think it is from him lower his vibration from the porn. He has always tried to raise his vibration so how can I get him to see that porn is bad for him and our marriage?

  2. I don’t know, sorry. Just like with ANY addiction (porn is an addictive substance, just like any drug or alcohol) unless the person hits bottom they won’t desire change.

  3. Thanks!! I have asked him to stop reading it in the past and he said he would but he didn’t. I am to the point of giving him an ultimatum, me or the porn. He used to be really good at reading my feelings but not now. I have hit bottom on this and I think he has but just doesn’t know it yet. He has NO energy, he could take a nap 30 minutes after getting out of bed… I think it is time for an intervention. Thanks again for your response

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