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Whatever you resist, make wrong, want to change, fix, and can’t leave alone, hooks you and makes you prisoner.

Now, here is the rub. Talking about flying isn’t. Talking about beingess isn’t.

Beingness is created by WORD, but talking about it doesn’t do anything for anyone.

Werner Erhard talks about beingness, Ron L. Hubbard talked about beingess, the gurus talk about beingness…

Werner and Ron Hubbard knew what they were talking about, the gurus, most of them, don’t.

558279_418589134845272_903729428_nBeingness is not a spiritual experience. Beingness does not equal experience. Example for this are the many people that can’t see that they are arrogant, needy, self-centered, and all the ugly things we humans be all of the time.

Beingness is conscious. It is created, consciously, with the power of WORD. The reason I write the word WORD in all caps, so to indicate that it is not ordinary word, it is word uttered from power.

When I did my first program in 1985 with the company that is now called Landmark Education, I learned something.

The program was called Sadnat Tikshoret in Hebrew, or The Communication Workshop in English. I did my course in Hebrew in beautiful Haifa, Israel.

There was an exercise where you had to say the same sentence from four different places: conversational mode, talking about… forcefully, threateningly, and as a declaration. 1

I laughed at the descriptive language: it was so lame, so powerless, so “so what?”

I was really attracted to the declaration: I could feel the power of word. You project your voice, you reach deep down inside, and you speak with conviction.

When I finished the course miracles started to happen in my life.

The only reason I could see is the declarative speaking, but after about two months, the results stopped. I tried to amp up the volume, the projection, but nothing.

I luckily did the same workshop, this time in New Jersey, again, in 1987. I realized that I was trying to do the “how” of declaration, but the beingness, the power to say, the power of word was missing.

091513_beingness_1It is the beingness that gives power to the word making it WORD.

The declaration underneath that beingess is: I have the power to say…

What do I mean by that? Here is an example: If George Bush (either one) woke up in the middle of the night and whispered to his wife: I am going to declare war on the former Soviet Union… the wife would laugh, or think the husband is having a nightmare.

But if President Obama said that, his wife would start packing to move to a safer area…

Obama has the power, the Bushes don’t.

Being the president of the United States gives you the power to declare a lot of things.

But how do you get power to declare in your life, given that you are not THE president?

You earn it, I say. You earn it by using your word differently and then being true to it.

Integrity, on the beingness level, the highest level, is being true to your WORD.

Most people have never uttered WORD in their life… Most of my students are stuck on the descriptive language level, describing, arguing, justifying, resisting, giving lip-service: no power.

lao tzu quoteIt takes a lot of practice to wrestle the power back from the world, the circumstances, the horizontal plane, the horizontal self. But it’s worth it.

Hubbard did it. Werner did it.

Total of two dozen people in the world, myself included.

Why so few? Partly because this is not taught. Landmark is trying to, but the teachers themselves never learned it, not really. Episodes, momentary bliss, don’t count.

Unless you live in the “power zone”, in your Vertical Self, your word is word, not WORD.

Does anyone teach this successfully? No. I have had some success, but I can’t promise to teach anyone… at this point I can teach some.

87e90de5100fd3fcf1f3a60532dbd90bOne pre-requisite is to be able to look and speak from the Observer position, watch the emotions, watch the thoughts, watch the bodily sensations without getting involved, without getting hooked by them, without resisting them, without trying to fix them.

Until someone can develop an ability for this, through distinguishing and practicing (a lot) I can’t teach you to speak powerfully, to create beingness with your word, because you don’t have WORD, only word.

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  1. By the way, I only remember the two modes, I just made up the forceful and the threatening: I don’t remember what the other two modes were.

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