Before it’s a mindset, it’s a skill… if you don’t build skills, you can’t change your mindset

poster134bigBefore it’s a mindset, it’s a skill

With that said, please understand, that no one can give you skills. Therefore no one can change your mindset. Your beliefs. Your stored memories. Your misery. Only you can. All those people that do voodoo, thought shifting, energy whatnot, chakra healing, and other instant b.s. are liars, cheaters, fakes, frauds, and impostors.

The decline of humanity, I think, began or was accelerated when people thought that because they understand it, therefore they can do it, and do it at will, do it well, keep it up, etc.

Everything requires skills, and skills need to be built. With practice, over a long time. Just look at crash diets: you lost the weight but you built no skills to eat correctly, to redirect your urges, so you will pack back the pounds and more… No skills, no slim body… very simple.

Let me use an example: Happiness is a function of accepting what is… goes the saying. The key is accepting. Accepting is a mindset. And it is also an action, consistent with accepting.

Accepting is totally counter with today’s mindset: today’s mindset is “it’s wrong and it needs to be fixed, or at least resisted”.

It is arguably the hardest thing to practice and become good at.

But even before you can practice it, you need to be able to notice it. Everywhere, all the time.

Noticing is a skill that has atrophied, because you cannot notice that you are looking at from the “wrong” place.

Unless you manage to move your vantage point to the Observer’s position, which is outside of the physical, emotional, and mental you… you won’t be able to notice your own state.

If you asked a fish about the water it is swimming in, it would say “what water?”

It needs to be outside of the water to see it.

So you see, a simple skill, accepting, has a pre-condition: you need to be able to move yourself, and stay consistently in the Observer position before you can even practice accepting.

Unless you are aware that you are resisting, unless you are aware that you are forcing, unless you are aware that you have an agenda, that you think you know better, unless you notice that your context is the something is wrong and needs to be fixed, you can’t practice accepting.

People contact me because I am an expert at raising your vibration. They ask: shall I set a goal to raise my vibration to 500 by Christmas?

That question tells the story clearly. The person thinks, because this is the current cultural paradigm, that raising your vibration is an energetic phenomenon: someone gives you energy, and you rise.

Or that it’s a meditation: you sit and your vibration rises.

Or that you buy an audio of mine and your vibration goes through the roof.

In a culture where you can get a diploma in a year for a profession that even after five years of study, skill building, nightless nights of doing the skill-building homework, most people are still clumsy at, it is not surprise that someone asks a question like that.

The ability to accept everything, to not resist anything is the skill you would build in the university of raising your consciousness. The whole year. eight hours a day, five days a week.

Then comes the skill to establish your authority to use WORD to create. Create what? Being. Beingness. Your own, of course. You can’t create the being of another.

Then comes the skill to act consistently with the being that you spoke into existence, the being that you created.

Then comes the skill to create and take the steps that reliably take you to the future you created with your WORD…

And somewhere in “pre-school”, before you even start this University level education, you need to develop the skill to speak ONLY what’s real, and not what is an interpretation, concept, generality, so you can rebuild your past… and thus change your future. This is what I call the “Playground”.

Enough skills to master for you?

If I limited the number of students to people that are willing and able to undertake a project like this, that are willing to commit to practice while they are doing other things, I would have, probably, no students.

So I work with the ones that are here… testing and refining the technology so when you get ready, it is completely ready.

skillBuildingModulesYou want instant? Go to the best-sellers. They will make you believe that they are doing something for you. They are lying. They will charge a lot of money for it. If I were in the cheating you business, I would too.

Here, you pay little, but work a lot. Because nearly everything I do is immaterial, irrelevant, unless you do the work. The right work. Skill building.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Before it’s a mindset, it’s a skill… if you don’t build skills, you can’t change your mindset”

  1. It seems that in order to be with the way things are, I may need to give up my habitual way of looking at the world, and at my life and my plan for fitting in. I have a certain “itch” that I am working on scratching, but it does not go deep enough, or so it seems.

    Some people know what they want, and they go for it. I would like more of that. I hereby give up the escape hatch of fake spiritual transcendence. I would like help in setting up a context for my life, coming from nothing wrong, nothing to fix. From growing, playing, training, contributing…

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