“Sell dreams, not products.” said Steve Jobs. Most purchases stay a dream only, a disappointing one at that

the dream of not being stopped by fearIf you are like me, if you understand the title of this article, you are terrified, dismayed, disgusted… Feel cheated, duped, bamboozled… But chances are you have no idea what the title says. You keep buying the stuff and get no results whatsoever. This article may change it for you forever.

Imagine this: You are listening to a sales video. It’s amazing what you could have if you just bought that course for X dollars… That book, that video, that audio, that gadget. That pair of designer jeans, that dream house, that dream car.

Now imagine: You go to a 3-day event. By day three you feel you can climb mountains, you can make millions, you are talented, beautiful, worthy… Wonderful, but a day after you go home: it is all gone…

the dream of being a winnerHow many percent of people that attend an event will be able to hold onto the dream as something THEY can do, and start doing it, holding onto the state of mind they were in when they were at the event?

The number is between zero and none. Or about 0.01%

What is special about that one person per 10 thousand? They have been able to hold onto the new state. How come? It is a matter of training, it is a matter of building a path.

Let me give you an example from chiropractic.

Chiropractors move bones. The move, let’s say a vertebrae that was out of alignment, back to alignment. But it hurts. The longer the vertebrae has been out, the more unnatural it feels for the body, the faster the muscles will pull the vertebrae back to where it was: the wrong place.

After your first adjustment, by the time you got home, you are back to where you were. Next time, if it is within days, the adjustment will be easier, and you’ll hold the adjustment, meaning, the correct position of the vertebrae, longer that last time.

If you go back about seven times, each time less than a week between appointments, your body will accept this new position as “normal” and won’t fight it. You’ll be cured… unless…

Unless you do activity that pulls the vertebrae out of position, regularly. Unless you tighten up when you feel threatened, unless you resist, unless you …

So, what does this have to do with mindset? Everything.

the dream of being powerful in lifeEach time you get present to a possibility to accomplishing a dream, truly, fully, wholly, will count as an adjustment. It could be because of a conversation with a coach, or other highly skilled person in presencing possibility. It is not the easiest thing to do. Most people want to jump right into the dream, but that doesn’t work.

Instead, each time you need to go through a whole range of emotions, including despair, so you clear the deck for possibility.

Unless you are willing to go through something unpleasant, you can’t have what you really want.

And more importantly, you can’t change your state of mind… you can paint it, decorate it, embroider onto it, put a pretty bow on it, but it will stay crappy with a bow on it.

Your dream cannot be accomplished with your current mindset, your current state of mind.

And no one can do it for you. No energy treatment, energy cleansing, voodoo, or other nonsense.

Energy remedies can help mediating the bad feelings, the unpleasantness, but you do have to go through them, because that is how it works.

It is how it works on every level of vibration, by the way. I need to have several unpleasant, telling the ugly truth conversations every single week, to be able to stay where I am and be effective, productive, and happy.

returning to the vertical selfI had the privilege to observe high level transformational leaders who needed to have a conversation every 2-3 hours to stay in a high, effective for leading state.

And they had to protect their state… because the horizontal plane has a way to pull you out… and your family and best friends are the “best” tools for that…

I have been testing and testing and testing, and I see that nothing outside of taking you through the clearing of the deck actually works.

So now, I am contemplating creating a regular weekly session of clearing the deck sessions, for a nominal fee.

No schedule yet, but if you are interested, I’d like you to comment below. Emails will be ignored… can’t follow instructions? Unwilling to go public? You are not a good fit.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

12 thoughts on ““Sell dreams, not products.” said Steve Jobs. Most purchases stay a dream only, a disappointing one at that”

  1. Today’s Playground was very uncomfortable and has me feeling despair, but I want to clear this crap out. Please sign me up.

  2. the truth has a way of hurting until you see that it’s not that big a deal… so you did what you did… now that you know, you can have a whole different future. Without seeing it it would be just more of the same.

  3. Hi Sophie, This sounds exactly where I need to go
    I get pulled away, I can forget what it is I was looking for so fast, I get dizzy! Yes! Please, Sign me up!

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