Vibrational Reviews: answering readers questions

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What are you talking about?

This is a whole lot of teachers, healers, gurus, etc. who you asked for in answer to my question: do you have the right teacher? Enjoy.

Leonard Orr-Rebirth Breathwork,Arnold Mindell-process-oriented psychology, Buddha, Dr. Jewel Pookrum,Roger James Hamilton, Brendon Burchard,Dr. Maxwell Nartey,Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby,Dr. Shea,John Kehoe,Abraham Hicks, aka Esther Hick,Neal Donald Walsh,Burt Goldman,Craig Hamilton,Willie Gorman,Marisa Russo,Brigit Goldworthy,Wendy Tullis,Sri Chinmoy,Dr Yubraj Sharma,Panache Desai,Brother Ishmael Tetteh,Lilliya Nita Mahalani,Mariam Nour,mary nakoor,Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi),HH Dalai Lama,Ramana Maharishi,Aurobindo Mother (Mirra Alfassa),Kasey, Brad & Julius,Jarrad Hewett,Norm Shealy,Master Weixiang Zhang,Nikola Tesla,Melinda Lee,Swami Sivananda,David Spero,Darren Weissman,Gary Douglas,Dain Heer,Rudy Hunter,Robert Holden,Laurel Mellin,Joe Dispenza,Suze Casey,Pam Grout,Michael Cotton,Mary J. Getten,Steven Russell,Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj,Zaki Chobya,Lincoln Gergar,Almine,Dr. Teresa Dale,Dr. Donna Embree

Leonard Orr-Rebirth Breathwork personal vibration: 120… haven’t even heard of vertical self
Arnold Mindell-process-oriented psychology personal vibration: 190 completely lives in his head

Subscriber says: Buddha is my teacher. My answer: Buddha lived in his vertical self, but NONE of his followers did.

Dr. Jewel Pookrum personal vibration: 150…
Roger James Hamilton personal vibration: 120. can barely breathe
Brendon Burchard personal vibration: 200… currently not doing well
Dr. Maxwell Nartey I have measured him for you
Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby personal vibration: 170
Dr. Shea personal vibration: 120

John Kehoe personal vibration: 150
Abraham Hicks, aka Esther Hicks: personal vibration: 100. when he is on stage, she is 190
Neal Donald Walsh personal vibration: 90

> Burt Goldman never entered his vertical self. his personal
> vibration: is low right now, 130. occasionally he goes up to 190

> Craig Hamilton personal vibration: 170. never even considered
> entering the vertical

> Willie Gorman – intuition by design I can’t find this person

> Marisa Russo attempts to enter the vertical, unsuccessfully.
> her personal vibration is 200

> Brigit Goldworthy: vibration: 210

> Wendy Tullis personal vibration: 120

Sri Chinmoy, I have measured him before, and published it.
Gregg Braden same thing. Please search my site for the reading. His current personal vibration is 185

Dr Yubraj Sharma based in the Uk, founder of School of Shamanic Homeopathy, World of Light clinic, author:

he is not connected to Source, he connects the the 4th plane, wholly human imagination creation.

His personal vibration is 190, the truth value of what he does/teaches is about 10%

I wrote about Panache Desai recently… he doesn’t even KNOW about the possibility of living in his vertical self.
Brother Ishmael Tetteh: personal vibration: 120. lives fully in his horizontal self

1.Lilliya Nita Mahalani that is her spiritual name, her birth name is karen Danrich personal vibration: 100. dominant energy: resistance

2.Mariam Nour, birth name is mary nakoor Personal vibration: 70. dominant energy: anxiety, fear, and resistance

> Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi) I have written about her before,
> but I’ll measure where she is today: personal vibration: 130. lives
> in vertical? never been there
> HH Dalai Lama I thought I had measured him, but I can’t find it… so I’ll do it today (4/9/15) Personal vibration: 200.
> Ramana Maharishi personal vibration: 230. he didn’t live in his
> vertical self, though he “jumped” into it during meditation, from
> time to time
> Aurobindo Mother (Mirra Alfassa) personal vibration: 100. never
> entered the spiritual realm, the vertical

Kasey, Brad & Julius vibration: 130. dominant energy: anxiety and fear
Jarrad Hewett personal vibration: 170. never entered the vertical
Melinda Lee do you mean the food lady?
Norm Shealy personal vibration: 50, dominant energy: fear

1. Master Weixiang Zhang (????, he is a Chinese guy who channelled which he believed as higher form of beings (or extraterrestrial? back in 1980s in mainland China and poccessed great healing ability since then. He healed thousands and thousands of people, sometimes instantly and healed groups. But in that time China was higly highly closed, belief monitored country. Mr Zhang was monitored by government, viewed as fraud by public and i guess he did not live happily in his later life(he died of cancer himself in his late 50s or early 60s). I attached a picture of him for you to identify.My question is:
If possible, who is he channelled with?
Did he connect to source at sometime in his life?
Is his healing power from the Source? or from the beings that he channeled.
What is his personal vab at peak? (i personally did not perceive him very spiritual though) – I’m very curious about Mr Zhang because it is his information and stories/evidence of healed people had led me to a path to spirituality in my early 20s (all of the things are so not-taught or even mentioned in my country/family/ in a communist/atheist environment)

Me: I don’t believe in channeling entities, because I don’t believe in entities

2. can you rate Nikola Tesla? as a I’m a fan of him and thought he is very spiritual person (however I think his way of using technology will not save humanity)

Me: I have reviewed him before, please search the site

Melinda Lee‘s website: her personal vibration is 100. she barely breathes. In that state she cannot connect to anything or anyone.
She blends Theta healing with hands on healing (one hand on the heart,
the other hand on the area to be worked on and the tongue on the roof of the mouth

Swami Sivananda of Divine Life

Sivananda personal vibration: 200. He mistakenly tried to enter all-of-it through the crown chakra, but that is the mind. The mind gives you access to imagination, and Seivananda accessed the imagination of peace, not the vertical self. When you access the imagination, you need to continue imagining, and that is work. When you access the vertical self, you can do anything, no attention is required.

David Spero, his personal vibration fluctuates between 170 and 200
he uses his crown chakra to connect, but what he connects to is mind-generated imaginary. It may be peaceful, but to connect he needs to do only that… that’s why his vibration drops when he is not in meditative mode. he can’t live that way, it interferes with life.

Darren Weissman personal vibration: 170. he connects to his crown chakra that keeps him in the mind

Gary Douglas he attempts to connect (I guess since I came out with the Tangerine Method) but he doesn’t go high enough. He is an empath, so he probably felt where I go, but he is afraid to abandon the mind. His personal vibration is 200 now
Dain Heer personal vibration: 120, he es all about the outside really, he connects to that
Rudy Hunter personal vibration: 100. forceful, almost violent way to use the mind. of course it doesn’t take you to your vertical self… therein the misery. Also, the mind is not really a tool of creation: you have been mislead
Robert Holden personal vibration: 70. He is miserable, anxious, and resistant.
Laurel Mellin personal vibration: 120. impostor syndrome, shame
Joe Dispenza Personal vibration: 70. miserable
Suze Casey Personal vibration: 50. miserable
Pam Grout Personal vibration: 180 bouts of doubt 5-10 per minute
Michael Cotton (Higher brain living) Personal vibration: 50. Utterly miserable
Mary J. Getten animal communicator Personal vibration: 40, the lowest I have ever measured. Needs to pretend for a living

What about Steven Russell, aka “the Barefoot Doctor” Personal vibration: 150, but has been as high as 200 before.

He is riddled with anxiety that he is fighting, so it is permanent. Also his mind is restless, trying to figure things out.

1. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Personal vibration: 170. (forceful and resistant at the same time) Truth value of what he teaches: 7% ( Spiritual teacher his website is

2. Zaki Chobya Personal vibration: 90. Truth value of his teaching: 4%. ( an Author I read his Spiritual books that are available for sale on Amazon, also know him personally a great guy )

3. Lincoln Gergar Personal vibration: 70, phony, forcedly “spiritual” .(has a youtube channel name there is: Channel Higher Self) website: or

4. Almine – Personal vibration: 50, enough said. her website is: Now I am really still on the fence with this one because I just found out about her not long ago I think she might be the real deal or a total fraud. She has written a lot of books but I don’t know how much value is to be received from them or if its all Tree of Knowledge stuff.

(1) Dr. Maxwell Nartey/American School of Symptometry/books&products
personal vibration: 140. Lives in the mind 70% of the time. 80% what
he teaches is Tree of Knowledge, i.e. he doesn’t KNOW personally, he
repeats what other people say. Truth value of his original teaching is
about 90%, combined with the Tree of Knowledge stuff: truth value:
10%… i.e. mostly no truth
(2) Dr. Teresa Dale/ California College of Natural Medicine/books&products
personal vibration: 190. Truth value of what she teaches in
percentage: 20%
(3) Dr. Donna Embree/International College Bioenergetic Medicine/EAV devices like Zyto & Avatar required for classes
personal vibration: 120. Truth value of what she teaches/promotes: 10%

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Vibrational Reviews: answering readers questions”

  1. Wow! These assessments are all very eye-opening!

    Thank you for investing the time to do them and for sharing the information.

  2. Could you please test Anthony William The Medical Medium, Dipal Shah, & Lynn Waldrop? Thanks

  3. I have a review already on Anthony William at

    Dipal Shah… for me to be quite truthful, I need to put aside my personal dislike of someone, like this Dipal. Her personal vibration is 110, her insides are in tension, I would not like to be Dipal: it’s miserable to be her. How accurate is she in her stuff? Truth value: 1%. So 99% are smoke and mirror. The interesting thing is: she knows it. She is the “Indian Guru” who despises you for believing her.

    Lynn Waldrop: personal vibration: 70. Truth value of her stuff: less than 1%. Catch phrase: catapult all the diseases from your body… Ugh. Reminds me of the Gypsy who cheated me out of my salary 40 years ago… gypsies used to do a different racket: fortune telling… today… hey, nothing wrong with that if people want to pay for it! medical intuitive. Only the topic changed, the methodology hasnn’t… Fraud fraud fraud.

    The lucky thing is: people are sick. Nearly 100% of all diseases are lifestyle diseases. Do you think you can just wave them away? If you do, you deserve what these people are doing to you. Deserve it in spades.

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