Well Being, Aliveness, Energy, Inspiration, Life Force: How do you squash them so you are never really well?

Well Being, Aliveness, Energy, Inspiration, Life Force: How do you squash them so you are never really well?

About 50% of my site’s new visitors come in search of a miracle way to get well.

Another 30% come to find a way to love and the good feelings it gives you. Mostly they were disappointed in Christie Marie Sheldon, the love or above lady I write about.

The rest come to learn about muscle testing, vibration, and other stuff…

In this email I mainly address the well-being issue, because there is a book I’d like you to read.

No, I didn’t write it. No, I don’t get a commission… lol.

The book was written 100 years ago, and it is still more valid than any and all books written on health, including the Healing Code book by Dr. Alex Loyd.

Why would be that so? Because Wallace D. Wattles got most of the Original Design correctly.

Wallace D. Wattles was a down and out church person (someone who works in a church) and he could barely provide for his family.

At around 50 years old (typical for a man, by the way) he accidentally connected to Source and downloaded the whole Original Design, like a blueprint.

He started to write, and write, articles, more articles, then they got published, and then he wrote his three famous books, he is know for, The Science of series.

Once he wrote out of himself all he could glean from the Original Design, he died. That is very frequent as well: when your work is done, you are ready to go home. If you are clinging to life, in spite of your misery, that is a dead giveaway that you haven’t even started your life’s work.

He lived, and breathed the new science, the science of the Original Design, and created an abundance for his family, and a rich body of work to us, a century later.

Accidentally, Wallace D. Wattles was the first influence I had that guided me on MY path… it took me six years and a lot of zigs and zags, but the guidance was invaluable.

Now, about the title:

I get a lot of emails. I also, sometimes, talk to people. I also get to watch others not in this program, from time to time.

One of the most striking similarities among people is how they relate to their discomfort or dis-ease.

They want to find out all about it. They want to understand it. They want to explain it. They force you to understand it. Exactly. With painstaking details. With carefully chosen adverbs and adjectives, dramatic pauses, and carefully placed inflections in the voice.

They tell the chiropractor, they tell me, they tell the massage therapist, etc. etc. etc.

Let me tell you something, any self-respecting health professional is only interested in restoring you to health… the ones that work for money, the money-respecting health professionals charge you handsomely for the time you spend to bore them out of their wits.

Where do you think your attention is when you think about your health? If you guessed on what’s wrong with you, you guessed right.

And if you know the Law of Attention, you know that it says: where attention goes, energy goes: and it is a self-regenerating cycle.

The context of everything you do, because of this law, increases what’s wrong with you. Seriously.

You live in the context of disease, and you get deeper and deeper into that hole.

The book I just re-published, The Science of Being Well, teaches you how to get of that merry-go-round and start living. Instead.

Oh, one more thing, instead of looking for compassion (i.e. listening ears of people that will commiserate with you) and calling me names because I am not interested in your story (I am not!) start generating health! Shut up! Tape your mouth if you must. Now!

You will thank me later.

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