No One Is A Prophet In Their Own Land, Passover And Easter: What Is This All About?

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passover and easter coming, get familiar with the facial expression you will see around you Passover and Easter around, you’ll spend time with family. You’ll see examples of “No One Is A Prophet In Their Own Land.”

You’ll be on both sides… by the way. But if you are one of my students, you will feel that you have something to teach your family: and no one will be interested. Get prepared!

In fact they will try to discourage you from continuing to pursue what you pursue when you spend time with me or my writing.

I’ve been teaching the Original Design for five years.

None of the original participants, that were my friends, are around, except one… barely.

I have been going through hell trying to get why that is, and what it is that I need to see.

It is true that no one is a prophet in their own land.

They were too proud to be taught by one who, in family connections, they took to be their equal or inferior. People always look with envy on those of their own rank who advance pretensions to uncommon wisdom or superior power.

It is a little more complicated than that, though.

I have had this experience before, twice in fact.

When I was an architect and I specialized in houses on very steep hillsides: very difficult issue, and most architects screw it up, and it took me years to get it right.

contempt When friends were working on sites like that, they simply refused to take advantage of our relationship, and preferred inventing the wheel. The fact that I had an award of excellence and expertise didn’t make them want to listen.

When I was a magazine publisher, the magazine always had volunteers: they loved to help out and do different jobs.

Before they applied to be a volunteer, they read every issue, especially my articles. Once they were in, they refused to read any of the articles… they felt that now they knew what I was going to say, because they knew me…

And in this “business” people who knew me as a person before I became a “guru” refuse to accept that I have something to say that has value, that I have something to offer they could not get without me.

contempt So, let us look at the dynamic: it will be useful, especially now, just before the holidays, where you will spend time with your family, and all your accomplishments will be minimized by their view of you: you are just like them, shut up and don’t make waves… lol.

So, what is the dynamic?

We’ll need to look at the aspects of a human being.

The main participant in this “game people play” are the soul and the ego.

The Soul has made a deal with the Creator to get no Light unless it earns it. You earn the Light by being an expanding human being, taking risks, go to uncharted territories, give up comfort for what you want to accomplish.

The Ego is hellbent at staying the same.

So there is an inner battle going on: the Soul and the Ego are battling it out, and the outcome of that battle is quite predictable: 98% of the time the Ego wins: and things stay the same.

Now add to it someone who has empowered their soul to speak louder, and energized their ego, nurtured their ego, commanded their ego to support the human in making changes, taking risks, and accomplishing something, become an authority in a topic.

Do you think that this person’s victory is good news for those that have stayed the same? No way! It makes them envious. It makes them jealous. It makes them angry. It makes them resentful.

How dare you upset the status quo and make something of yourself? You are no better than me, not smarter, not better looking: so how dare you achieve more?

We even start to relate to our bosses, or our politicians this way: they are the same as us, we start to see only what we don’t like about them, and they lose their authority, and their ability to make a difference.

So, what are you supposed to do if you see that you are one of the “stay the same” people, killing life by mistreating someone who could contribute to them, but can’t.

Here comes the timely message: Passover, the ritual replaying of the break to freedom from Egypt, that is a stand-in for Ego to the rescue.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, that for a few weeks before now, it’s been harder to be well? That the ego was overactive, and you were more miserable than normally.

contempt You see, if you don’t see anything to break free from, you won’t do anything. But if you are miserable, and you see that it’s your own ego, you may.

This past week even the Bach Flower Remedy didn’t help much. At least this is the feedback I’ve been getting. I had to double check that the Bach Flower Remedy still has the Bach Flower energies in it… lol, until I remembered that it’s Passover week.

This coming week you have a unique opportunity to make changes, outwardly! Changes that will facilitate this break to freedom.

You see, if you don’t do anything in the real world, you can go back, and stay the same. But if you start something, then you’ve stepped out, going back to sameness is harder, and more visible.

A friend of mine is invited to be on the Dr. Oz show, and they told him to build something that will make his 15-minute fame count for something.

He called me and we set up a plan for him. It’s a big risk, and some work for me, (I’ll do the technical work and writing the content for him.)

He made a binding commitment to make it worth my while by promoting me and Heaven on Earth to everyone on his new site (that I am building for him) and earn his light… after all he is getting a blank check!

And when you cashed the check but didn’t pay for it, Source takes back the Light you got and more… resulting in sickness, misery, poverty, divorce, etc.

I told him this and he got it. He is ready to break for freedom, and I am willing to help.

Because you grow when you make another grow… and then you have earned your light.

And then you won’t have to hate those that accomplished something: you will be one of them. Yaay.

Contempt – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Contempt, not among the basic emotions classified by Paul Ekman of anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise, is a mixture of anger and disgust.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “No One Is A Prophet In Their Own Land, Passover And Easter: What Is This All About?”

  1. Amen Sistah! Sophie you are so right on. The more I grow the more I work on my myself it is very noticeable and difficult to go back and be the way I was. IT IS SO uncomfortable to go forward, but it feels great when I do it. I find that people I have spent my life with not only don’t accept the new me, they continue to think of me as the old me, they don’t see who I have grown into. They make fun of me, they don’t believe in me. There are only two people who REALLY believe in me: YOU and my friend Tanya.

    It no longer matters, I will do whatever it takes to get to where I want to be.

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