Curses, Attachments, Dark Side, The Evil Eye

curses, evil eye, dark side, attachments Curses, Attachments, Dark Side, The Evil Eye: Desire to receive for the self alone

It’s nearly six months that I haven’t written anything about this topic. On a certain day, sometime in July, I think, the Dark Side got eliminated.

For a few months life was sweet (for me) but then the Dark Side started to rebuild itself.

The Dark Side is made of the “Desire to receive for the self alone,” and I want to relate to the three “moves” that grows the Dark Side, and possibly sends you over to the Dark Side.

  1. The first one is curses. Curses are not 4-letter words, they are a wish expressed in words, uttered or not, that direct bodily harm to another.Some cultures have more affinity to Dark Side than others. The culture I was born into, Hungarian, has a huge affinity to the Dark Side. People habitually wish each other dead, limbs lost, fortunes lost, etc. Other cultures, like American, are really tame in comparison. I used to be a typical Hungarian in this regard, I used the words dead, death, kill many times a day. I took after my mother: she was like that.

    I expressed displeasure by cursing people: it cost me an arm and a leg. I didn’t mean literally what I said, at least not all the time, but people, especially fellow Hungarians, took it dead seriously.An architecture firm owner, my employer, fired me on the spot when I responded with a curse to something he told me.

    I didn’t change my behavior and my thinking until I realized that words are not cheap, and that I may wreak havoc and bring bad fortune to people, and because cursing is pure “desire to receive for the self alone” I also bring misery to myself.

    This was quite a difficult task, giving up a habitual relationship to others… but I did it. Some people I know haven’t, or haven’t realized what their words and thoughts bring onto others.

    I have a person, quite close to me, who has been wishing me dead, or something darn similar. How do I know? I have been dragging myself around, like a sick bird. My intellectual faculties are impaired, and the pain in my chest (emotional) is constant.

    When I get curious and start to muscle test where this is all coming from, it all comes from this person.

    I bet they are unconscious about it. I bet it is habitual. And I bet this is basically how come they feel so bad about themselves as well.

    Curses are like boomerangs: they wreak havoc twice.

    Get conscious. Please…

    the evil eye desire to receive for the self aloneThe second is The Evil Eye. This is basically a version of the curses, but it is almost strictly limited to good fortune, good mood, success. The active person: who is giving the Evil Eye wants to pull back the recipient and want them to lose their good mood, good fortune, or success.Not for any other reason, but to make themselves feel better in comparison: if you can’t get better, if you can’t grow: at least you want others to feel bad about themselves. Relatively that will make you LOOK better.

  2. Pure, unadulterated “desire to receive for the self alone” and Dark Side building… and to some degree we all participate in it.One move is that wants to put the other person to where they should belong: less than you, is the move of the Evil Eye.Judgment or criticism without the willingness to help the other person to overcome their difficulties belong here.

    Advising another to make them feel less than you. Helping another to make them feel less than you. Gifting or feeding another to make them feel less than you… all Evil Eye actions. After all, if you are the giver, then they are less than you.

    People who surround themselves with people they can patronize belong here.

    What is underneath is an unwillingness to do the work, whatever the work is. Instead of doing the work, the attention goes to other people. Given that without work there is no growth, the relative growth climbing on the top of the heads of the destroyed people is what you get.

    The job is to tell the truth: you get what you earned. You want more? You want to shine? Work more.

  3. Attachments. This is a little sticky topic. The challenge is to stay in the world of the Tree of Life, instead of unwittingly slipping into the world of Tree of Knowledge, or the Fourth Plane of entities, spirits, witches, shamans, gods and goddesses.So how do you explain attachments without going there? Especially if the attachment doesn’t come from a person, like in the case of my Romanian friend who lives in Spain? It’s not easy to see, but when you play with fire you can get burned.

    When you play with a seductive modality that likes to own you, that says they have the truth, the only truth, like a cult, like a religion, you can get “claimed” by the energy of that modality, and get marked, attached to, just like in some science fiction movies.I located and pulled an attachment from this woman this morning. It was a lot like a worm, it was about 6 feet long, and it resisted being pulled out. It was eating itself into her, deeper and deeper, slowly damaging her internal organs, her spine, her nerves, her whole body. It was also using her life force for his nourishment: you don’t even have enough for yourself, let alone share it with a hungry parasite.Is this parasite real? Yes, it’s real. Is it physical? No, it isn’t physical, but the damage it causes is exactly the same as if she had a physical worm in her body, entering it through her spinal column.

    I have removed attachment from people, including myself. It is an unpleasant job, but it has to be done.

  4. self inflicted attachment: a curse reboundAnother way to get an attachment is self-inflicted. Your curse can rebound, and then you are really screwed!Do some soul searching and see if you have unwittingly or intentionally wished someone ill, and revoke your curse. Make it serious, and mean it. It will remove your attachment.

So, there you have it. Three major ways the Dark Side is around us. Sometimes we are the victim, more often than that, we are the perpetrator.

Be mindful. Words are not cheap. The build or they destroy. Use your words to build.

PS: I won’t exempt myself: I will also look what I might have said/thought that caused a curse (unconscious) to rebound. Taking responsibility for what you can is your access to personal power and well-being.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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5 thoughts on “Curses, Attachments, Dark Side, The Evil Eye”

  1. Sophie, you have stated before that entities, angels, guides do not actually exist but in this article and several others you speak of the dark side with great conviction that they do exist, as you stated in another article that 5 year old and 2 year old child you worked to remove entities from and extract from the Borg. Can you clarify please?

  2. I found this article very interesting, I never knew someone could get an attachment from saying bad things when they are mad at someone, I definitely have alot of work in removing those mean words. Thank you

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