Does The Heaven On Earth Work For People Who Want To Lose Weight?

Does the Heaven on Earth work for people who want to lose weight?

Warning: This is a real long article. And although it only seems to talk to people who want to lose weight, it has principles for life everyone can use, so don’t give up too soon.

Warning #2: This is a stream of consciousness article. I needed to sort out something for myself, and I did it in writing to “poke the box” and force Source to release missing information. It’s an adventure, you can come and poke with me… OK?

This question came up because a friend of mine got invited to Dr. Oz‘s show 1. He is going to talk about Ayurvedic cleanse to cause massive weight loss.

I know he uses it himself to manage his weight: for 5-10 days he eats nothing else but a soup made of mung beans, a kind of lentil, and Indian spices.

If it were just that he eats nothing else but that soup, it would be natural that he loses weight, because there are almost no calories in that soup.

So on one end it’s a starvation diet. But the herbs must do something more than that, because he comes out of it vibrant looking.

Now, while he is on the Ayurvedic cleanse, the mung bean soup diet, he looks like hell, he smells like hell, and he is a chiropractor, so he actually has to spend time with patients smelling like that. But he doesn’t seem to care. Never has.

I, for one, would not be able to do that diet. Not my cup of tea to starve, not my cup of tea to smell like s-h-i-t.

On the other hand, losing weight would be important to me: I like to be trim and pretty, and it’s a struggle. I live a totally sedentary life style, and my base metabolic rate is very low, I only need 1200 calories to stay at ANY weight.

I can do that unless…

And this is where the Heaven on Earth could come in.

I make my dietary mistakes in the grocery store.

When I shop alone, I am fine. I buy what I need. When I am with a friend: I seem to become a different person: I buy stuff I don’t need… and then I get fat.

How come? How come that when I am alone I am self-directed, and when I am with an anxious, outwardly directed person, I behave like them, not listening to my inner guidance?

And the person who drives me to shop has cravings, the size of a mountain. Suppressed cravings: so they are even stronger.

It is because I am an empath. Sometimes unconscious of it… 🙁

So, where would the Heaven on Earth be useful?

Well, one place would be making sure that I shop alone. Or I shop with a shopping list if I can’t be alone. Make the list alone.

Take the remedy with me for shopping!

And take them all day, if needed double the quantity.

Why? How would it help?

  1. It weakens or eliminate the hidden signals that I am going to fail. This is very important, because those feelings can easily take one off the path, and give up. Giving up is worse than not even trying! (Gentian and Larch)
  2. It weakens or eliminates the signals that you are going to go crazy and do something you’ll regret later. This feeling is so unpleasant, and comes up so often when one is dieting, that I would definitely say that this is important. (Cherry Plum)
  3. It allows you to learn a new way of eating and living. Allows you to think differently of eating, and of yourself. Without that, most people have a blockage for changing their ways, changing their mind. (Chestnut Bud)
  4. It helps you to start from a healthy: I am OK the way I am, but I have a preference. When you feel bad about yourself, and that’s why you want to lose weight, you are setting yourself up for the yo-yo diet. (Crab Apple)

There is something that you need to learn about the human machine. It is like a rocking chair: it rocks between two extremes all day. I am good, I am bad, I am smart, I am stupid.

One way the originator of this idea, Robert Fritz explains is through the dieter.

Imagine yourself in an empty room. One wall says: thin and pretty. The other wall says: comfortable, and effortless.

Now, imagine yourself standing in the middle of the room, facing the thin and perty wall. Attach a long rubber band to each wall and loop it around your waist. When you move towards the thin and pretty wall, the rubber band that is attached to the comfortable and effortless wall starts to tighten. No problem. But move further towards the thin and pretty, and the rubber band wants to pull you back to the comfortable position, doesn’t it?

At some point the rubber band is going to be so tight, that it will take more will power to move forward than what you have. You’ve been there. It can come at any phase, for most people it comes in the losing phase, for many it comes in the maintenance phase… where you still need to give up your comfort food, your chocolate, your double latte, and the like. So you move a little backwards (or a lot), your comfort (and your weight increases) and there you go again.

When being fat is again more uncomfortable than it’s comfortable, you start again.

And so it goes forever.

Unfortunately, the body has a tendency to pack on more weight than you lost… so next time it will be more effort, and you developed the yo-yo dieting syndrome. This is what we illustrated before as the rocking chair, by the way.

Now, here is the million dollar question: how do you get off this merry-go-round?

And this is, by the way where the Heaven on Earth comes in.

One could say: get off the rocking chair. And although it is easy to say, it is impossible to do.

Why? Because it would involve becoming a human being, through and through, and no human has ever accomplished that.

The best a human being can work towards is becoming more human than machine. Seriously.

Let’s look if it would be good for us to become no-machine? I say no. Why is that? Because life being what it is, you need to be able to let the machine part of you do most of it. Get up, make breakfast, go to work, do the work, go home… etc.

You don’t have enough energy and attention to give it to everything that you need to do. Your machine is reliable and takes care of it.

The problem is that humans are much more machine than no machine, the “normal” is 98%. Which also means that you spend most of your life on the rocking chair.

But you can set a goal to go to town, and take your rocking chair with yourself. Put wheels on the rocking chair, put the rocking chair in a van and get to town…

And have your cake and eat it too. Stating the goal (the town) and acting consistent with that is the conscious part, and while you are doing it, you don’t have to worry about the back and forth rocking of the rocking chair.

I had a profound experience of that a few years ago. Until that point my whole life was played out in a rocking chair: I am stupid/I am smart. They are stupid/they are smart.

I got discouraged every two seconds, and nothing got every done, and more important to me than that: I didn’t enjoy my life.

Then I had a thought: let me look at rich people and see what they are doing. After a few months of looking I ended up with a very important discovery: there are smart rich people and there are stupid rich people. So being smart had nothing to do with getting rich.

I decided that I am going to be a stupid rich person, and started to concentrate on taking actions that didn’t care whether I was stupid or smart. Like selling! Talking to people. Honing my skills.

And it was fun, and it was effective. I didn’t get super rich, but I was making a living at my own terms and had fun. A lot of fun. Every minute of every day.

So, what does this have to do with weight loss? A whole lot. Your fat is my stupid, your thin is my smart.

You need to get that you can do anything whether you are fat or thin. And have fun doing it. And one of the things that you can do is change your diet and your life style to be better matching your needs, your body structure, your purposes.

I need to eat all day, I guess for my blood sugar level: it is chronically low. Which means one meal a day that provides the stuff I don’t eat in my “snacks” is all I need. And a small meal at that. And that works for me. I can be thin and happy. I can be thin and have the energy to do my work. I can be thin and have my mouth chew on stuff when I feel like it.

Of course if I snacked on the stuff that causes blood sugar to peak, I would get fat really fast. So I eat soaked walnuts (I hate them dried), I eat a prune or two, I eat tiny bits of fat cheese. The whole snacking adds up to a meal a day…

And my concern, my attention is not on my weight: it is on my life’s work: it is on going to town.

I train my machine to do the eating style precisely, and I keep my human attention on what is important to my soul: getting stuff done, accomplishing something.

And this is where the Heaven on Earth really shines: training the machine, trusting the machine, encouraging the machine to be willing to change, being able to contain and tame the cravings, the despair, the “I am at the end of my rope” feeling, the greed, the jealousy, the anger, the envy, the feeling like a victim, left out, being alone… all these feelings that normally dominate your day and make the journey hell…

And this is the last point I’d like to make: We have all heard that the journey is the important thing, not the destination.

No one really understands what that means. Our culture, our society gives lip service to this truth, but doesn’t really support it.

I will tell you what it means: when they promise the rabbit a carrot, it will run after it. Is it going to enjoy the chase? No. It runs in order to get the freakin’ carrot.

And this is the culture we live in. Christianity teaches: be good, avoid sinning, so you can go to heaven… freakin’ 70 years of that…. f… that, I say.

In my humble opinion: create a microcosm of new rules, a mini-culture: enjoy every minute of life, while you are moving towards your destination.

My snack-all-day on low-carb chewy natural (unprocessed) food, and eat one meal a day that has the rest of the stuff you need is a great “enjoy the journey” plan. For me. It may not work for you, but it works for me.

My take appropriate actions (towards building a thriving business) that I enjoy and keep my attention with me (not on the goal!!!) at all times, is a foolproof and effective way to build a life that you love and build a thriving business.

So what is the key? In fact there are two:

  1. design your actions for both enjoyment and effectiveness to take you closer to your goal
  2. take the Heaven on Earth that makes you steady and prevent you from making hasty, impulsive actions that take you off your path

Result: a happy life AND results. Is there anything better than that?

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