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love, that warm fuzzy feelingIs calling that fuzzy feeling, that uplifting feeling, what the love gurus meant for us to be? The love they say god is?

I don’t think so.

I think no person in their right mind would think that god, whatever that may be, is sitting there loving you up… feeling love.

So what does that make you? A person not in their right mind? Exactly.

Now, whether you can see my point or not, I’ll press on. You’ll either get stuck here, or come with me… I don’t really care. Why? Because your behavior is your behavior, and has nothing to do with me or my well being, or really anything.

Now, why did I say that? Because the same “mind” that says that love is a feeling, probably also said that when people love you they stop for you, wait for you, care whether you do something or not.

No. I have a mild preference that you do, mild is almost an exaggeration.

gods-smile-lawanda-bilesI love you and I don’t care. How is that possible? Because the quality of my life is not effected by your behavior. Whether you love me, hate me, like me, dislike me, fight me, gossip about me, resist me… hey, do what you want. My life is undisturbed by your behavior. Mostly.

What was that “mostly”?

Well, time to introduce the machine: the machine (some call it ego, but I am not sure that it is useful to call it ego), the machine is a competitive machine, a survival machine, and it notices and registers threats to survival. Primitive survival machine, by the way.

If what another does doesn’t make it look good, dominate, be justified, win, then it doesn’t want to play with that person. It feels personally threatened and offended.

I have a machine just like you do. I just have more awareness of the machine, its moves, its urges, and I disengage them fast, when I see it starts those moves.

Arguments, fights, one-upmanship, pretending to be better, pretending to know something you don’t, all are machine moves. Don’t serve you.

Signs that the machine is running your life. A simple stupid machine…

Introduce love… the kind of love gurus say god has for you.

god is happy, god complainsGod’s behavior doesn’t seem to change towards you because you are ugly, stinky, stingy, belligerent… but just how it changes other people’s behavior…

God seems to have room for all your imperfections. But god surely loves you when you are pretty, wear your best clothes, go to church, kiss your child… right? No. God seems to have room for all your perfections as well.

God doesn’t care either way. God doesn’t feel love, god doesn’t feel hate, god is neutral. That neutrality is called acceptance.

smile-god-luv-uGod also doesn’t care if your life is going the right way. If you start that business you’ve been dreaming of for decades. If you climb mountains, swim rivers, or become the president. It doesn’t rejoice with you: its behavior doesn’t change with your results… why? Because god doesn’t care.

It, Life, may approve of movement, growth, by rewarding you with more life… but more love? rejoice? No. That is a human machine move… celebrate winning.

God-smilesThe soul doesn’t care either: it just wants to play.

Now, all you advanced, “high vibration” people, who chant that it’s all about love, love, love… blah blah blah… do you think it would have been useful to first examine what your idol behaves like, before you follow him?

The say: god created human to its own image… then you make up crap about how god is. The bible is a lot of made up human interpretation! who, in the book create god to their own image, angry, vengeful, jealous, punishing… no wonder humanity is stuck in their behavior for the past 200,000 years.

Love, the love worth being, is total acceptance. Accepting what is. Accepting how you are. Accepting how another is. Accepting how it is.

And then in that acceptance, emotions can arise, like from a smooth lake. Or actions can arise. Or joy can arise.

And notice, I didn’t say tolerate, I didn’t say put up with, I didn’t say pretend to accept but sear inside… No, I mean accept. Stop any kind of resistance, and accept. Stop any kind of force, and accept. Don’t push, don’t pull, don’t turn away. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Make room for it. A little more, a little more. Yeah, that’s it. Practice. Practice until it’s easy.

smooth lake of acceptanceI promise you a rose garden. A walk in the park. A life worth living.

Did I say there is not love without first accepting yourself? Exactly how you are, who you are, how you may not be, all the things you don’t know, don’t do well, haven’t done.

Create that smooth lake, from where you can create actions that take you to be different if you choose to, better if you choose to, more purposeful, disciplined, creative, courageous, or whatever is missing for you to be all you can be.

And accept yourself every step of the way. There is nothing wrong with you. You are where you are, you are how you are, and there is nothing wrong with it. It may be less than you hoped for, but that is just a distance. A measure. Not wrong.

there is nothing wrong hereSo, you see, the foundation of acceptance, is able to say and mean: there is nothing wrong here. Nothing wrong with me, nothing wrong with it, nothing wrong with you.

And when the machine takes over, you now know where you want to be, and you take your machine there… There is nothing wrong here.

Experience the miracle. The smooth lake. The peace and love only a god can experience.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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