Wipe The Slate Clean, Empty Your Cup: A New Energy To Clear Your Self-Defeating Busy Mind and the Tree of Knowledge

your buys mind, your full cup: empty your cup and wipe the slate clean Wipe the Slate Clean and empty your cup: A New Energy to clear your self-defeating busy mind

Five times a week we have a connection call where I teach the new people how to connect and then we all do a serious meditation while connected to Source.

A few sessions ago I’ve started to give people assignments.

The kind of stuff that if they don’t know how to do, then they are left with power only on the calls, but not in their lives.

I have given, so far, two assignments: how do you address the Ego, so it knows that you are the boss, and that it will support you, give you energy, give you the get-up-and-go push, and ambition, without which you will continue to sleepwalk like the rest of humanity.

The second assignment was to address the Soul so it will know that YOU finally woke up, understood the Original Design and are willing and ready to do the work of Soul Correction. In return to that, Soul will give you peace, love, and a sense of accomplishment. Sweet.

Great assignments, don’t you think? Yes, except. Except that the results were disastrous: which made me think and made me call an urgent tete-a-tete with Source.

What are we going to do? Why aren’t they getting it? Why can I do it, why can’t they? What are they not getting?

The answer was plain and simple: their heads are full. No new information, no new ways of being, no new concepts fit into the already full heads, the busy minds.

wipe the slate clean so you can write on it new stuff So I asked Source for a new energy to wipe the slate clean. So we can write new stuff on it, so you can learn new ways, so you can start with the Original Design, and build on that.

I will be testing this new energy on the Connection calls and on the Healing Meditation. Once it is tested and deemed working, it will be a premium item, something I am allowed to charge for, no, let me correct myself, I need to charge for.

Why is that? Because unless you are going to fill your new slate with useful stuff, you will now be wide open to the bad stuff that is floating around: so no one with a vibration under 200 will get it, and no one who is not already participating in an activator download program will get it.

Why? because unless I fill your slate with the good stuff it WILL fill with the bad stuff.

wipe the slate clean with energy Let me illustrate it with a story:

You decide to get new living room furniture. So you haul every piece of furniture from your living room to the curb on a Sunday, and you dance around in your now clean, and empty living room. You are ecstatic. You can imagine all kinds of new furniture, and you love it.

But come 6 pm, you want to sit down, and enjoy the evening, but you have nothing to sit on. So you sneak out to the curb and bring back the sofa… just till you get something else. Then you get hungry, and bring back the dining table…

You get the drift? You need to, immediately, put in the new furniture, or new thought, new way of thinking, new ideas about you and about the world, or the old thought will come back and you’ll be no better off than when you started.

We are starting a live class for the purposes of recording the Second Phase Activators, all 60-plus, so later people can do it whenever they please, whenever they have time.

Both the live class and the recording will cost money.

Why? Because money, at this day and age, is the expression of accepting value. Anything that you don’t pay money for, has no value for you, and you will not use it, you will not make good use of it.

empty your cup for the good stuff On the Second Phase Activators live class, in addition to the activators, now I am going to use the Wipe the Slate Clean and empty your cup energy: I am sure that the downloads will go much faster and the need to repeat the downloads will get smaller. That will save you a lot of time.

the less you know the more you understandActivation is much like throwing flower seeds into an already established field of grass. A few of the seeds will produce actual flowers, but most seeds will rot. If you repeat this frequently, eventually the flowers will crowd out the grass, and you will have lots of flowers.

Now, if we added a new step: grass killer, before we seed with the flower seeds, we would get a lot more flowers (healthy ideas and thoughts) and we wouldn’t have to repeat the seeding… right?

This step, the grass killer is the “Wipe The Slate Clean” energy. How clean it will wipe your slate? We shall see, right? The energy is still it its testing stage: but I felt it and it is STRONG and clean.

If you would like to be part of the live class, there are still seats available. You can pay weekly, or you can pay for the whole series and save 50 bucks.

The energies, both the Activator and the Wipe the Slate Clean and empty your cup energy is just as effective on the replay as on the live class, in case you need to miss some classes, you’ll get the results, just like the people on the live call.

wipe the slate clean, empty your cup and begin again on a better note Go and sign up to the live class. There is a 30-day money back guarantee in case you hate my voice, or any other reason, like you want to go back how it was. Like one of the characters in The Matrix, the movie.

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