Self-awareness: The levels of self awareness… and your financial and relationship troubles

how-accurately-do-you-see-yourselfWhat is self-awareness? Is it feeling what you feel, thinking what you think, doing what you do, and knowing you are doing, feeling, thinking that?

I think self-awareness is beyond that, self-awareness is a positional shift for the self that is aware. Positional meant in a physical sense, in a physical movement of the vantage point.

It is one thing to feel from inside the body, and it’s another thing from observing it, as the body feels what it feels.

If there are words to the feeling, then it is the Mind that is attempting to label the experience… but your Self is NOT your mind, it is not even near your mind. You also, the moment your mind labels the experience, stop feeling, and now consider the word as the experience, instead… Much like eating the menu in a restaurant, not the meal. I have watched people doing that…

stages-of-awarenessMen have a difficult time with their feelings because the connection between feelings and the mind is the words, and words are not a very good translations to what the feeling is like. And that makes men uncomfortable, so they suppress the connection even further and claim that they don’t feel anything.

They do, I know, I am an empath.

Your mind and its automatic thinking, automatic associations continuously comment on everything that’s happening. So, if you live in your mind, you can barely think in the noise that is already there.

You don’t think with your mind, the mind is not able to think it is just an opinionating machine, judging machine, warning machine.

The organ of thinking is a different part of the brain, capable of structured thinking.

So, where is the Observer standing? And what it is really observing?

So what part of you, what aspect of you is able to see all this? See the body doing and feeling, see the emotions moving or being stuck, see the automatic thinking, and see the structured thinking part of the brain doing real thinking?

It is a position that is at equal distance from all, although the position can be moved at will.

An even higher level of self-awareness is being able to observe your effect on others, your effect on your environment. Most financial and relationship woes come from the lack of awareness on this level!

My experience says that the position is outside of the body, and behind it, but when I talk to someone that position moves over to the other person, actually behind their eye balls, so I it can see me, hear me, and at the same time experience how I land: meaning what I say, how I say it, my body language, my facial expression… while the speaking me is informed but isn’t involved in the looking.

I call this bilocation, because it is being at two location at the same time. It sounds like it’s crazy hard. I never thought it was hard until I tried to teach it.

The teacher that taught me learned it from someone else… learned to teach it, but not doing it.

In Landmark, they call this: putting yourself in the other person’s world.

But what they mean is a serious mental consideration, imagining-work or trying to guess the other person’s world… instead of walking over there and hearing it from there.

So, I have never met anyone who could do it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not possible to learn.

Last week I was in a coaching session with someone, who brought “inquiring minds want to know” questions to the call. I flew off the handle.

This is what happened: I put my observer self behind her eye ball while she was asking the questions. I could see there that all she wanted to be is blameless, knight in shining armor, deferring all responsibility to me, making me do all the work, and then taking what I said to her clients.

My ego, now informed about the true intent of the questions, said NOOOOO. My body started to yell… no… waaay!

She, the coaching client, quit, as a result of me yelling at her.


awareness-wheel-2I am sitting here. My observer, my witness, moves attention from feelings (hurt), to mind (it’s my fault!), to structured thinking brain (it was time to cut the crap… and take little red riding hood out of the program, for the integrity of the program, and my own integrity).

Without a functional observer I would probably go through the roller coaster of blame-guilt cycle a few times, and still not see what happened, really.

Without an observer being able to move into the other person’s body, I would have never guessed the real intent behind the questions: avoid responsibility.

Experiment moving your vantage point of observation to different places. Don’t start with the most difficult…

Don’t consider it getting out of the mind: it’s a misleading expression, so leave it alone.

Just move the observer’s vantage point left, right, behind. With eyes open, eyes closed. Practice.

Everyone has the capacity, few people have the skill.

All skills require you to be a beginner first. All skills require you to play like a child first. Success cannot be forced. Just play with it.

When you are in bed, when you watch television, when you play computer games, when you are on facebook.

Observe your posture, your facial expression, but not from the inside: see it. Hear your voice. See you cringing, frowning, smiling… Start with those. Those are a great place to start.

Good luck. Let me know how it’s going. Don’t quit too soon.

The difference between a high vibration person and a low vibration person lies in their ability to see things from a different vantage point… the self-awareness from the outside.

Self-awareness is a spiritual capacity… intimately connected to other spiritual capacities, like bilocation.

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