In nature, seniority doesn’t earn you anything

nagging-louderIn workplaces people earn extra money etc. because they have been there longer than others.

In nature, seniority doesn’t earn you anything. Seniority is a socialistic, communistic notion where what you do, how well you do it, how much you do, does not matter. A sure way to create generations of people who don’t know how to produce, don’t grow, but feel entitled, and in effect they are freeloaders.

Then add the welfare system, the food stamps, the current trend of chanting: take care of the disadvantaged, and we end up with a society where it’s not worth to be good, to be a producer, to work even.

And we end up with a humanity that is steeply declining.

There is another phenomenon, the squeaky wheel: the ones that make the most noise, are the most demanding, that get the attention.

squeaky-wheelThe ones that make the noise do that in lieu of working, growing, learning, doing what they contracted to do.

Humanity is seven billion oak trees that could grow to 100 feet tall, but decided that stopping at six feet is good enough.

Our value system is screwed up.

Today it is not survival of the fittest; it is the multiplication of mediocrity, the feeble, the genetically faulty, the lazy, the moocher, the second hander, because of our value system.

small minority causes all growthSo, what should someone who is committed to personal growth, who is committed to become the best they can be, in oak tree terms, become 100 feet tall?

You will need to learn a few “tricks” so you don’t depend on the opinion of others, that you don’t need to be liked, acknowledged, appreciated, or even supported by others. If you do: it is a trade-off: you sell your soul for it, because “others” want you to stay six feet tall only.

The other “trick” you need to learn is to become someone who is energetically transparent, so others energy goes through you without even leaving a trace on you.

Both “tricks” require you to learn beings, beingness that is beyond most others capacity and comprehension.

I am all for you. I mean that ultimately I do what I do for YOU, not the feeble minded majority. Not the freeloader, second hander, the moocher, the complainer, the squeaky wheel, or the entitles.

I do everything for you, the one that wants to grow. How many are you?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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