The 40th Bach Flower Remedy: The Peacock: The Soul’s Death-Grip

The Peacock: The Soul's Death-Grip The 40th Bach Flower Remedy: The Peacock: The Soul’s Death-Grip for Soul Correction

I knew there were more Bach Flower Feelings, there were more Bach Flower Energies, I just didn’t know what, which, how, and when.

Yesterday, on the afternoon connection call, a woman from Sweden, brand new person came to the call with that particular pain. Smack on the top of the Seat of The Soul… mimicking angina attack, very strong, very painful.

It didn’t respond to the Heaven on Earth, so I knew it was new. I also knew I had experienced it before, in fact I had it for years, until the time when I started to do my soul’s work, in earnest, a few years ago.

You don’t really experience it until your vibration hits 300… that is why it has never been present on the calls.

What is this energy, and why do I call it The Peacock?

Himalayan-monkshood-Aconitum-ferox The Peacock: The Soul's Death-Grip It’s really the energy of a poisonous plant from the Himalayas, Aconitum ferox 3 is the Latin name, (Indian Aconite) and it’s a plant with lovely blue flowers resembling little hoods, therefore the common name, monkshood. It’s beautiful except that it’s poisonous. And peacocks love it. They eat it and transmute the poison into beauty.

We can’t talk to anyone who has taken it, because they are dead, but I bet they felt that excruciating pain under their left shoulder I felt last night, and feel when I look at the flower. 4

There is not much to say, really. The soul is your partner, the soul is your fellow traveler, but if you don’t do its work, and you could, it can make you suffer.

Doing your soul correction is counter intuitive: you need to act like the peacock: you need to be willing to eat what hurts in the moment, but on the long run it performs your soul correction.

A friend of mine needs to catch that he wants to justify everything: noticing and catching himself makes him feel wrong in the moment (the pain and the poison of the peacock); getting out of the machine to be peaceful and free is the purpose.

So what is there to do?

  1. First find out what is your soul’s work, soul correction. There is a paypal donation button in the sidebar, I’ll need your date of birth.
  2. Second: Commit to the soul to do its correction. You can do it on one of the connection calls, that’s best.
  3. Third: Start observing yourself having a certain feeling, attitude, behavior that is consistent with the character flaw the soul is intent on correcting this lifetime. Be diligent about this, this is key. You can’t catch anything that you don’t see!
  4. Fourth: Catch yourself when you can, and make correction instantly. Don’t go into grief, don’t beat yourself up, just correct if you can. Be light about it. It’s no big deal, you will NEVER correct it permanently, it’s not how this game is played. You’ll claim back some of your time from the machine that is now 98% owns you, runs you, lives your life for you.
  5. Fifth: Get energetic support by coming to the connection calls often. Do the connections with the recorded calls.
  6. Sixth: Sign up to the Second Phase Activator Series
  7. Seventh: Get your Heaven on Earth in a bottle. It will help you to be more present, less jerked by your feelings… I’ll put this new energy into the bottle from today on. If you’ve had pain like I describe, and you already have your remedy, order a refill asap.

the peacock the 40th Bach Flower Remedy


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  1. Aconitum ferox is considered the most poisonous plant in the world
  2. Now you see why a True Empath has to do this work... just a little self-promotion here... lol
  3. Aconitum ferox is considered the most poisonous plant in the world
  4. Now you see why a True Empath has to do this work… just a little self-promotion here… lol

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