Excited about tomorrow’s webinar? I am. It’s at 4 pm EST


Dear Sophie,

Read your love article– excellent- again, makes perfect sense

I’m exactly halfway thru the Wattles book, 1 I expect to finish it sometime tonight-

I saw that you have a webinar tomorrow/Saturday at 9 p.m. EST – yes, I remember the instructions about getting on early for downloading the software etc. so I can be on time-

You have a lot going on over there so some specific guidance for getting started would be much appreciated.

For example: is that the best place for me to start with you? The 2nd Phase Activation thingie looks juicy and I’m a beginner with your terminology and science of mind so maybe. I believe that’s the arrangement that costs money (which is fine and I’m glad to pay) and I just need to know what the time commitment between class and homework ? would be. Is there homework? I’ve read so much now it’s a bit fuzzy. Also, your Bach Flower Remedies– how much would you recommend I start with? Am I looking at a 2 month commitment? 3? Ad infinitum? Need to know both for time and $ budget.

Whenever I do a program (or SYSTEM- I LOVE THAT- I’m a System (not computer) gal all the way) I do it 100% or not at all. Please advise the way you feel is best for me to engage

Thank you Sophie- I’m really excited/hopeful about this



coming to the webinar tomorrow is wonderful. But please note: the webinar is 4 pm NY time, 3 pm Chicago… the 9 pm is a regular connection call. There will be 3 webinars this Saturday, 2 connection calls and one special webinar: What is the Truth About You? I definitely want you to come to that!

The second phase activation series is a great place to start: it builds a strong foundation to be in alignment in your concepts and in your feelings with the Original Design.

Time commitment: it seems that this is what I am going to do:

Three regular sessions in the middle of the afternoon, and a redo of all three on Sunday nights (for about 20 weeks).

You can do the afternoons or you can do the Sunday night, or all 4. Homework: just awareness: mindfulness, finding the feeling that was downloaded, finding it in yourself and on others. And finding the opposite.

Often knowing what it isn’t is very helpful.

Heaven on Earth: be prepared to take it for a lifetime. It is in the drinking water now, very weak, but it’s there. So once you got “cleaned out” maybe even just the drinking water can do maintenance, but life may throw you curve balls, so you need to have the “real” thing at hand.

I am lowering the price by giving a larger quantity that is enough for 60 days: I am experimenting in this April special with regards to price. I am not sure yet, grab the April special if you can. It’s two for one.

I am happy that you’ll be on tomorrow’s call/webinar.

Looking forward to working with you.


PS: I’ll find a new time slot for the Mental Calisthenics class that is currently on Sunday

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