You need to ask this question: Are you Frank or Matt when it comes to your Self-Actualization: Becoming all you can be…

Frank and Matt: the two types of spiritual seekers

I am republishing this article from four years ago… because even though it doesn’t say “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset” it is about that…

Frank and Matt… the two archetypes of seekers in all areas of life. relationship seekers, weight loss, prosperity, mindset, spirituality… seekers are seekers!

I got an email in my inbox from a marketing teacher of mine today.

I liked the subject line. I followed the link. I found a fascinating article.

It is about marketing, or better said, two types of marketers, two types of seekers of success, one is “Frank” the other is “Matt”.

Frank and Matt are two different types of marketers. But…

The idea of Frank and Matt fits “seekers” to a T. Seekers are exactly matching the two types, they are like Frank and Matt: grabbing for a quick fix or building a path… so I want you to put aside your distaste for marketing and business, and I want you to go over to that site and read it. I mean read every freaking’ word on it. Map it on yourself. See yourself. Get justified or find out how and why you have been mislead.

Then come back here and help me by posting a comment.

I want to duplicate that page with lots of real examples of “right on the path” and “stumbling through trying everything” path. I won’t call them Frank and Matt… I’ll probably call them Mihaela and Chyanna… or Aaron and Alex… based on real students of mine, matching exactly the two types. Or maybe I’ll make up some names… lol.

Please: be of service and help me. We’ll all benefit from it. You: because you’ll gain some clarity. And clarity is the first step on a long road to heaven.

Others because they will find out that they are not the only ones making wrong steps. Their anguish and shame will lessen and will be able to become Matts, finally.

And me: because I will know more about you: who I am talking to, what you are dealing with, and all that lovely stuff.

The more I know about you, the better I can serve you.

OK… here is the story of Matt and Frank from Andre Chaperon

Read the pictures too, much info is there. Don’t get distracted by not knowing what the words mean: pay attention to the behavior and the mindset…


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

14 thoughts on “You need to ask this question: Are you Frank or Matt when it comes to your Self-Actualization: Becoming all you can be…”

  1. Sophie… I am overcome with powerful feelings due to this article and your other article today about your brother.

    I think these articles are linked – they mean so much to me when read together.

    My ego and my soul are both reacting to these articles in ways I couldn’t have imagined and would never have known if not for you teaching us about the ego and soul.

    In response to being a “Frank” or a “Matt”, I have been both. I’ve been a “Frank” in my business (I’m self-employed – not a marketer), in my “efforts” to be in good physical shape, even in my music – a “Frank” most of the time and on rare occasion a “Matt”.

    It all seems to boil down to having a point of focus and not deterring from it (Frank has a “throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and see what sticks” approach and Matt had a fixed point of focus while still being flexible in operation.

    And from the other article – I could have intellectualized what Gary Cooper is talking about in the movie clip but would have never really understood on a deeper level without the ego work we have done.

    I heard it with new ears.

    Right now I am excited and a little afraid and … I’m not sure what else. I do know some serious undeterred FOCUS and a lot of trimtabbing are what’s called for right now… for me.

    Thank you so much for being the Pathfinder for all of us.

  2. Chyanna, what I like about your comment is what I hear and is not said: that you got touched on the non-verbal, no-mind level. I intend to effect there, of course there need to be people who can hear me there. Thank you for being one.

    With regards to Frank and Matt: at this point changing the actions is the most important task: just read the pdf I posted in the membership site: really powerful about the habits and the past and the wheel of karma: perfectly applies here.

    Your sugar cravings and your fixed way of behaving is what prompted it: you see how useful sharing your Achilles heel can be?


  3. This is really interesting stuff, Sophie. If you replace the business stuff with self development, then there’s no doubt about it – I am a Frank (or at least, I was until I came across you!). Always trying the next “magic pill” that came my way, then abandoning it when it didn’t give me the quick healing fix I was looking for. Easily lead in different directions, because I didn’t have a clue where I was going – no real goal, no real path. Just hoping to stumble upon something, anything, that would “fix me”.

    Now I’m getting clearer and more focused on where I’m headed, and what I need to do – I’m becoming more a Matt.

    This pretty much says it all for me (just replace “building a business” with “transforming your life”) :
    “A Matt knows that building a business is a process, not an event. It’s something that gets worked on, continuously. The road ahead is not easy. Hell no. Not one little bit. It requires pigheaded discipline and determination.”

    Doing examples like these is a great idea Sophie!

  4. Debbie, that’s exactly what I intended, that you replace business with what YOU are working on.

    Good work.

    You made me feel good that you said that I helped in turning you into a Matt. Thank you.

  5. Just read your new articles and feel really stirred up…in a good way. The Frank and Matt Characters both live in me being given more or less energy at different times. The Matt in me is the golden thread of my life. I have always been dedicated to what I perceived as the truth. A lifelong seeker. However Frank has consistently sabotaged solid development by getting seduced into magic bullets, by engaging into too many things at once, by being too easily influenced by internet marketers and by loosing my commitment when things don’t show tangible results.

    I have enough staying power to work through a program, but I have been getting dispersed in too many different directions thus diluting my experiences.

    I have been very aware lately of becoming a self help junkie on the treadmill and felt fed up with it even before I found your site, Sophie. You pulled me into line by emphasising how important it is to become focused and committed if you want real growth. I started clearing my inbox from unwanted subscriptions and set to work.

    I genuinely have lost all interest at becoming sidetracked. The work with you is challenging and real. No magic bullet. My own inner work with an enormous support and guidance from you. I am inspired by your focus and commitment to your truth.

  6. Interesting!
    I really related to what Chyanna, Debbie & Monica wrote… especially Monica.
    And, coincidentally, I too, had cleared out my inbox and cancelled all now-empty-feeling subscriptions!

    While I have elements of both Frank and Matt in me, Frank has been considerably more dominant… I definitely recognize this flawed mindset operating in me. I am highly distractible naturally, and have always been very spontaneous, believing that life would lead me to where I need to be, when I need to be there. If there were too many bumps in the road, I took that as a sign of guidance… that it was time to move on to the next thing, and fluttered like a butterfly here and there. No center/core.

    Through your teaching, guidance and support, Sophie, I now have a center– to do my soul’s correction. I have a focused, hungry drive to do my inner work and have lost interest in the things that used to distract me. You consistently inspire me and light that fire under my butt!

    I also really liked “To The Crazy Ones” video.
    THEY are not afraid to be their authentic selves!

  7. Sophie – for the first time since starting my business in 2007 I saw this distinction clearly in July of this year. I told you I got sick – high fever for 3 days – and then everything was just clear. I have been a Frank thru and thru in all areas of my life and I was just ready and really craving to be a Matt. These of course weren’t my words then – I didn’t have words then but everything was different. It was like I finally finally was ready to earn my way. To do the real day-to-day work. To focus. To measure. To actually look at my half-assed results and feel willing and able to take a whole new approach. Its only been a couple of months but there is no doubt this has been a turning point for me. Thank you for sharing this article. The context is very helpful.

  8. congratulations, Julie.

    I find myself in need of turning serious about marketing my own stuff… Source says I know all I need to know, that I have done it before successfully, so for me it is a return to being a Matt, again, after a two-year stint with being a Frank.

    The first hurdle I needed to go through is catching my mindset which was: nobody wants what I have because… blah blah blah… No one can effectively market with an undistinguished context like that… It wasn’t easy to see that it was a mindset, because it seemed so true…

    Keep on being a Matt. xoxo

  9. Yes and I should also mention that my work with you – the classes, activators, hoe – I believe fully prepared and opened me up to this distinction. Even to the detoxifying sickness. To seeing the water I was swimming in. I think I found you because I was craving for more truth and I am very grateful to you for providing it.

  10. Thank you Julie. The MOST POWERFUL distinction is “acknowledge the source of one’s result” and it is probably the rarest.

    The reason it is so powerful is because if you know what you did that caused the result, you can do it again (or stop doing it if the results are not to your liking.) And it’s rare, because it needs one to be astute… and generous. Obviously you are both.

    It’s been a pleasure knowing you.

  11. That hit me BIG TIME. I can totally recognize how I’ve been falling into the “Frank trap”… and it’s been Frank for about 98% of the time for me, maybe a little less since I’ve stumbled across you blog – that definitely got me started in investigating. I can see the pattern – it’s like a rocking chair you once mentioned. I seemed to be willing to change where I am for a reason, which is probably to feel better, to be normal or accepted (whatever works for anybody) and as soon as I get just a little taste of it, the change isn’t my priority anymore – I get distracted and I get myself off the hook, I suddenly start to expect that it’s going to be wonderful from now on based on the momentary excitement, without having to work for it… and then I’d usually get back into my misery as soon as the day after that. Waiting for the prize and wondering why I don’t get it.

    I can see the Frank pattern nearly everywhere I look: relationships, spirituality, musicianship, sports + it fits my soul correction to the T. I can see the possibility of being a Matt now, and it’s clearer than ever. I feel empowered since yesterday evening, it’s almost as if something “switched” inside me… I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect topping than this article. It’s high time for me to REALLY start keeping my eyes on the ball.

    Thank you, Sophie.

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